10 Great Blog Logos that Highlight Brand Identity

Logos play a huge role in the branding aspect of any corporate. When it comes to a website logos, they are little more than brand identity material. Since the logo is one of the first to appears in the page header, it might as well be crucial in creating a good first impression and hence a big bounce rate deciding factor.

Since we are discussing more about blogs here – than generic websites – let me share with you ten blog logos that I found very effective (in my personal opinion) in branding. At the end of this post, I will be talking about a few uninspiring logos as well – despite them representing hugely popular blogs, that is.

Top 10 Blog Logos – My List

(Please note that I just tried to pick the best logos from some of the blogs that I follow or seen. Also, the list is not completely in the right order of preference)

1. Engadget logo

engadget logo
My first choice is the Engadget.com logo. This one being a hugely popular blog that deals with mobility and gadgets, I believe that it’s one of the best logos for a blog. What do you think?

2. Hotair.com logo

hotair logo
In my opinion, Hotair.com logo goes very well with the hot topics such as politics that they handle on the site. They have got a pretty cool domain name as well that’s good for a blog or current affairs site.

3. Smashing Magazine logo

smashing magazine logo
Well, the smashing magazine logo seems to be facing some resizing issue on the blog layout these days. Nevertheless, in its original size, as given here, it’s one of the best logos for a blog.

4. QuickSprout.com logo

quick sprout logo
Neil Patel’s neat blog has got a really impressive logo. I like its overall theme, logo and the favicon – all of them highlighting sprouting ideas.

5. Joystiq logo

joystiq logo
Well, most people must be aware of this popular gaming information blog. I particularly like this logo among all gaming sites primarily because of the custom font used for this logo which stands out and reminds of multiple gaming peripherals.

6. CopyBlogger logo

copyblogger logo
CopyBlogger blog has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time now. I like their simple logo that reminds me of old style news papers (and hence copy editing). Needless to say, this particular blog has some great content for wannabe content creators.

7. Yoast logo

yoast logo
Well, Yoast.com is not exactly a blog anymore but a blogging related site that I frequent. And here I am talking about the old Yoast logo (which has been replaced since I first drafted this post). I used to like the old Yoast logo because of the ‘Y’ character that is shaped like a little spanner and hence the tweaking aspect there in. They still have that little spanner on the favicon but the logo is gone.

8. BoingBoing.net logo

boing boing logo
BoingBoing.net is not exactly a site that I visit a lot. However, being a popular blog I was somehow attracted to its logo which animates on mouse hover. The pressure pumping lady animation pretty much means ‘boing’.

9. TutsPlus blog logo

tutsplus logo
Well, although I didn’t quite understand what Tuts+ blog logo stands for, I believe that it looks like high class stuff – May be I am attracted to its orange and charcoal combo.

10. FrugalRules logo

frugal rules logo
Since I write a lot about Make Money Online topics, it’s only appropriate that I pick at least one good logo from this space and my choice is the Frugal Rules logo. I kind of like the little frugal family represented in this particular logo though the color combination there in is not exactly my favorite.

Uninspiring Blog Logos

Now, what about some uninspiring logos?

Well, most of the highly popular blogs have pretty bad logos. Perhaps they don’t need a great logo anymore as they are already established and way ahead of others.

Some of those big blogs that sport poor looking logos (personal opinion) include Huffington Post, Mashable, Tech Crunch (used to like their old logo), John Chow.com, Steve Pavlina.com etc.

Over to you…

So which blog (not necessarily from my list) according to you has a great logo to boost its brand image?


  1. Oh you are so correct, a good logo can help make your site really stand out. I haven’t created one yet and that is probably one reason why I am struggling compared to other blogs who are not as good as mine but have a nice logo.

  2. Simplicity is the best 🙂

  3. Copyblogger would be #1 in my list

  4. I guess you are right, after I checked some of the popular blogs… need to work on the same.

  5. Tech crunch logo is worst !

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