10 ways to increase your Twitter followers

In the past one year or so, Twitter has grown from a mere micro blogging option to a must-have social networking route. It is not just for bloggers, affiliate marketers and online service providers anymore but Twitter forms an extremely handy channel for selling your offline products as well.

The success on twitter is directly proportional to the number of quality followers you have. However, quite unlike other subscription mechanisms (such as RSS, aWeber) it is not at all difficult to build a very good follower base on twitter. In this post let me try to talk about a few practical tips to help increase your twitter follower base.

Tips to increase twitter following

The following are the tips to get you more twitter followers in no time

#1 Blindly follow others

The easiest way to get followers is to actually follow others. Initially you don’t need to worry too much about whom you follow but later you can be choosy. You can use twitter search (and tags) to find people with similar interests. You can also keep following your followers’ followers and friends.

Usually, at least a good number (say 20 or 30%) of the people that you follow will actually follow you back! This works instantly if you want to build followers in a matter of days (Note: Beware of a twitter ban if you are following way too many in a matter of hours)

#2 Keep retweeting

I have seen a number of tweeters who build their follower base by just retweeting quality tweets. They may not have anything great to tweet by themselves but they RT 20 or 30 quality tweets from whom they follow and this increases the follower base. However, in order to get quality followers you may have to add something on your own once in a while as well.

Those were your 10 (10 in binary = 2) tips! Probably you could read a few more tips elsewhere like customizing your twitter home, routing your other SocNets to twitter, changing profile pics etc. In fact, what really matters is the above two and it is just a matter of days before you can have 1000s of followers.

Over to you…

Basically, I am not a major twitter fan and I always thought that it is full of spam – twitter itself as well as the directories built around it! I feel that it’s more like the SMS misuse that you can see in countries like India. However, if judiciously used it may help to sell a few percentage more!

Have you got any killer tips to get more twitter followers or sell better via twitter?

Happy tweeting!


  1. Don’t know the reason, but i’m not a big fan of twitter. Have the same opinion as you said.

    But just people going crazy about that. 100’s of supporting came online for twitter. Is that really powerful? But why we are not finding it useful?

    All unanswered questions for me 🙂

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  2. thx for the tips

  3. Richael Neet :

    Studies have revealed twitter to be a rather stagnant community, whereby only the top negligible percent of users account for almost 95% of activity. Further studies have revealed the user to tweet ratio to be well below 1.

    While I am a fan of twitter too and believe that through wise utilization if it, you can bring in a decent traffic figure, twitter is also far overrated.

    To be honest, blindly following everyone does no good. What is the use when people you follow are never ever active?

    Twitter is really effective once you have gain followers just by sitting there. Guess celebrities are a perfect example here.

  4. Hey, that was exceedigly creative. I liked the title a lot 🙂

    Some ways I use:

    1. Tweet out resources that people like to book-mark.

    2. Talk to others, go crazy and viral that people start complaining that you are spamming them.. It works 🙂

    Basically, the first tip, to follow other blindly is a worthless thing (not that your tips wont work, no offense pls). I have over 3000 followers on my main profile @ArunBasilLal but links I post there get very poor response. Where as on my blogs profile @MillionClues I get huge response for every link. Actually having dedicated followers is more important than the numbers.

    But I have some great friends at the first profile, these days I use it to talk with them 🙂

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  5. 10 reason why am commenting on this post
    [1] Great tips up there.
    [2] I like the idea of Retweeating, thanks for giving it.

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  6. Great, so you’re giving advice on a tool you don’t even use much. Outstanding.

    These tips are garbage. The only followers you will end up getting are social media douchebags who will auto-follow anyone to artificially inflate their follower count. So you end up with potentially thousands of followers, NONE of whom are actually listening to you. There are NO shortcuts to building a follower list of people who will actually pay even an iota of attention to you.

    Having followers does not implicitly mean ANY of those followers are listening to you. When you build connections based on these tactics, you’re not providing any value to your followers whatsoever, so they won’t be paying any attention when you have something to say.

    Shame on you for giving out this advice. You clearly don’t have the slightly clue how Twitter works, and by your own admission are not really even quallified to comment.

    Its damaging to the overall health of Twitter as a community, and it , *doesn’t* work, other than to artificially inflate follower counts, which gets you exactly nothing.

    The only way to get quality followers that actually listen when you tweet is to work at it. There’s no quick fix. Bring something to the table for followers to find value in, or go find another social network to pollute.

    If anyone is actually interested in the real way to behave on twitter so that you get and retain followers that actually count, see http://www.twitcommandments.com

  7. I built up around 40 followers last weekend… throughout the day i went on tweeting on activities which i was working on.. with regards to my blog or an other area like Internet Marketing….

    I was pretty surprised myself to see such a jump in my followers list… I guess the more you tweet the more followers you get…. But make sure not to tweet in 100’s in day or Twitter might just ban you…

    Ajith.. retweeting is a gr8 idea… Need to try this one out!


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  8. I have a twitter profile and twitting (but very less). I joined it because all are doing it.

    I still don’t get any traffic from twitter by twitting.

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  9. Actually I don’t keep following people but I do just follow some of them because I don’t think it helps in expanding your business if we blindly following people. But if you just want to increase your follower, these might work well. Anyway, I’ve not retweeted any msg before, seems that I could try it out too. 😀


  10. @Lax, I am not a huge fan of twitter either… However, since I installed this little tweetmeme thingie, I have started getting some traffic – not too much yet – from twitter as well.

    @Richael, I agree that the cream layer on twitter is a very small percentage and probably they are doing great. As for blindly following people, it is just for the heck of getting the initial follow-back count up. People have this affinity towards high numbers and are likely to follow somebody who already has a big fan base 🙂 As I mentioned later in the post, you have to unfollow all those spammers and inactive members at some point.

    @Arun, good point on tweting the resources that might get bookmarked. Basically by retweeting I covered that part, I guess… What I meant is that even if you don’t create ideas, just propagate them to get some fan following 🙂 As for blindly following, please read my reply above.

    @Shanker, LOL you have a binary reply…

    @snipe, I was talking about how can one get an initial follower base and then clean it up later. As for me, despites the commandments and rules, twitter and twitter based directories are still spammy in nature.

    @Sandeep, great to know that your follower base is rapidly increasing

    @Nihar, even I do not use it much…however, I see there are some visitors to my site from twitter as well. Need to see if it’s something countable yet. If not, I might as well keep away from tweeting

    @Lee, agree… see my replies above 🙂

    Thank you all for your inputs 🙂

  11. That was a googly 😀 10!!

  12. RT works but I’ll give you another one which really works too is to TALK of other tweeples.

    When you talk of someone they feel sort of happy and important lol. Use the @ before their name so that they are alerted that you said something about them.

    One thing however avoid using it for the Over-Proud-Too-Popular-Bloggers… as they dont even look at their tweets lol.

  13. I will agree with above two point but I have a different perception here. I will rather love to add a real human rather then a bot and that’s where a real profile with a nice background and profile information comes into handy.

    The point 1 is very effective, Twitter has a limit of following 1000 people in a day. Follow 500 a day for next 3 days and then after 2 days use any massunfollower tool. And see your Twittter follower growing.

  14. @Kurt, that is an excellent tip buddy. I should try it myself 🙂 Basically, I should use my commenting style here on twitter 😆

    @Harsh, there’s no point in following bots. The follow back or blindly follow strategy should be revisited after you hit a certain # of followers.

  15. I agree. Ihave already tried doing this and I know that it works.

  16. i dont’ think twitter increase our page rank, because i think now a days mostly spammer using twitter, they only post links, but don’t click any link. we can say, peoples make twitter as world of spammer.

  17. aarti kapoor :

    today twitters has become a part of life. It is creating the same magic as by facebook and orkut. the only difference lies in the fact that twitters are mostly accessed by business persons and it is very important for them to increase their fan following but keeping in mind that they wont follow blindly. this would mean that their following is definitely accessing them. Only those should be followed who have similar tastes and preferences.

  18. this is real fact that if you follow others than others will follow you

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