12 day old baby

As we enter 12th day of our ‘public’ operations, we just thought of thanking our readers and RSS subscribers for listening to us. Though, we started building this blog and related tools almost two months back, it was really the last couple of weeks where we picked some momentum – post pilot testing by preview readers, that is.

The summary of the last 12 days (Apr 14-25) can be expressed by the following numbers :

Number of unique visitors: 314
Page views: 2250
RSS Subscribers: 9
Link Popularity (As per seocentro): 1580 (Includes some links that came along with the reuse of expired domain)

While some of these numbers look good enough for a starter, a few things are still remaining un-tackled. First of all number of people who subscribe to our feed is not good enough. I would have expected at least 10 percent of the visitors to access the blog via feed, which is not the case yet. Another major challenge is to get some visibility in the eyes of Google. Though some search optimization was done due to poor page ranking, we are nowhere visible in the first search page. This is something that hopefully gets fixed in a few weeks time when the link popularity or number of inbound links increases.

We hope to continue our work and build more tools and services in the near future. (This week, though, we have been out of station on a short vacation and hence unable to post anything new. Just punching in this short update using a very poor datacard connection)

Thanks once again for your readership 🙂


  1. Good to see that the baby is slowly picking up momentum. Keep up the tempo:-)

  2. Thanks Saji, In fact from being an infant to toddler is no easy job 🙂 I am already feeling the heat. Trying to toddle first…


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