50% OFF on OIOPublisher, Upto 60% OFF on HostGator Hosting, 25% OFF on Thesis Theme – Festive Discounts from DollarShower!

Update on 01 Jan 2012: The offers on HostGator and Thesis are no longer valid as it is against the ToS of the respective affiliate programs. OIO Publisher 50% OFF discount is still valid as described in the post below. For HostGator, please use the max discount coupons & link below


It’s Thanks Giving & Diwali month and here’re some exciting offers on OIO Publisher, HostGator hosting and DIY Thesis theme exclusively from DollarShower. Through out this month, for all purchases of the above products via our referral links, I am going to refund (Email-in-rebate via PayPal) you most of what I get as referral commission.

The products that I am promoting are the best in their respective categories and now you can get them at throwaway prices! It is just my Diwali or Thanks Giving gift to all readers of my blog. See below for the details of these offers (valid till 31 October 2009)

#1. OIO Publisher for $23.50

Here’s how you can get your OIO Publisher Ad management plugin for $23.50 (original price $47) or 50% off.

  • Purchase your OIO Copy by clicking on the affiliate banner below. This gives you an immediate discount of $10 via coupon code ‘TERRA-OCTOBER
  • Contact me via the contact form with your OIO Publisher User ID and PayPal email address
  • You will receive a PayPal refund of $13.50 on the same day!

oio publisher coupon

#2. $21 and $41 discounts on DIY Thesis Theme!

Thesis is undoubtedly the best coded WordPress theme ever but one could argue that it’s priced a bit high! Well, not any more!! You could now get $21 off the Personal edition (originally priced $87) and $41 off the Developer edition (Actual price $164) by following the instructions below.

  • Purchase the Thesis theme by clicking on the affiliate banner below (You might want to clear the browser cookies)
  • Once the order and payment is completed, contact me via the contact form specifying your Thesis theme Invoice ID, theme edition type purchased and paste the PayPal invoice details
  • You will receive a PayPal refund of $21 or $41 (as applicable) within seven days, once the referral details are verified
  • Please note that the referral logic is not always foolproof mechanism. If you had clicked Thesis banners elsewhere before, chances are you bought your theme through them. Please claim your rebates from those referrals in that case – most people these days give you a cut of their referral income

diy thesis theme offer

#3. Upto 60% OFF on HostGator and How?

Update on 16-Aug-2010: The HostGator affiliate program has warned me against promoting their products using cash back offers. Hence, unfortunately the PayPal rebate offer has been discontinued.

DollarShower runs on HostGator and it is the best in the shared hosting category in terms of excellent customer support, max server up-time and low pricing (if purchased via a deal like ours). Here’s how you can get the best possible deal on Host Gator hosting!

  • Signup with HostGator by clicking on the affiliate banner below (You might want to clear the browser cookies)
  • Use the hostgator coupon code ‘AUTUMN‘ without quotes to get an immediate 20% off on your first invoice. This coupon has to be entered before you complete the order
  • Once the order and payment is completed, contact me via the contact form specifying your HostGator Transaction ID, Domain name for which the hosting plan was purchased and also paste the PayPal invoice details
  • You will receive a PayPal refund of $25 in 61 to 90 days if you are verified as our referral
  • Just in the case of any referral purchase on the web, if you have clicked on other banners for purchase, you may not be a valid referral of mine

hostgator deal from dollarshower

Example scenario:
Assume that you sign up for a hatchling (cheapest plan) hosting product. This costs you $4.95 per month and hence 12 x 4.95 = $59.4 for one year. Due to the standard coupon code ‘AUTUMN’ (available for all by HostGator) you get a 20% discount ie. $11.88. You get an additional $25 rebate from me and hence instead of $59.4 you end up paying only $22.52 for one whole year! – i.e a whopping 62% OFF!!

Please note that it is better to sign up for at least one year because the 20% OFF discount is available ONLY on your first bill and not for renewals!

In the case of HostGator, we need 61 to 90 days to process the rebates, because in some cases the first month of hosting is free and HostGator pays me after two months! But I guarantee you the rebate if you are a valid referral!

The Hatchling plan ($4.95 per month) by Host Gator allows you to host only one domain per account where as the Baby plan ($7.95 per month) allows unlimited number of domain names to be hosted within one account! If you are moving your blog hosting to Host Gator, they will help you to move it for free!

Enjoy your OIO Publisher, HostGator service and DIY Thesis theme!

PS: Some of my offers may be valid beyond the month of October as well. I have moved all HostGator coupons related information to my new hostgator coupon codes page.


  1. No affiliate banner if someone is interested in the deal 🙁

    Forgot or what?

  2. Woooow, looks like you passing on your affiliate commissions, good.

  3. Glad to see that you are offering this to your friends. I will try this offer once I am going to purchase a new hosting pack for me.

  4. It’s nice that you are passing commissions. Regarding OIO Publisher, till when is it available? I am looking to buy but after 2 weeks!

  5. seems attractive offer, thanks for sharing.

  6. Great deals! I have been using hostgator for ages now, and highly recommend them.

  7. Great stuff. I just got OIO publisher which is a fantastic plugin. And thanks for the rebate. 23.50 USD instead of 47 USD is a steal.

  8. I purchased the Thesis Developer’s Option and received a rebate from Ajith – all within 24 hours. I’m really loving the Thesis theme! Thanks so much, Ajith!

  9. @Denis, @Stella, you are welcome 🙂 Enjoy your OIO Publisher and Thesis copies respectively…

  10. Ajith, we just bought Thesis and received your generous rebate! This is a great offer for anyone ready to buy or invest in this revolutionary framework. Many thanks for making it possible and getting us off the fence. I personally appreciate your forwarding the rebate so early. I know there were affiliate accounting glitches beyond your control. Great doing business with you!

  11. Just bought the theme and I love it. Received my rebate with no problems at all… thanks so much! This is by far the best deal on thesis by far!

  12. Hey Ajith,

    I maybe interested in the hostgator deal. Contact me through email within a week and i will give this a shot 🙂

  13. Just bought OIOpublisher for my site and Ajith had the rebate sent through within an hour or two for me.

    Many Thanks Ajith!!

  14. @SBA, @Jeff, @Andy, You are welcome!

    @Dave, I have contacted you not to receive any reply yet…

    Two more days until the offer is closed 😛

  15. Well done. Best deal on Thesis I have seen.
    Prompt turnaround, thanks.

  16. Great offer. I have missed it 🙁

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