A look back at 2009 and Blogging Objectives for 2010

During the month of January last year, I jotted down some exciting blogging objectives for the year 2009 and later provided two updates (March update & Septemer update) on how I was doing with respect to those goals.

Instead of providing a point by point update on those online goals (and their revisions), I thought of writing this postmortem report on what went well and what quite didn’t during the last one year. A lot of unexpected things happened in 2009 which, I thought, have forced several bloggers to quit blogging.

The year that was…

The following were some highlights of 2009 as far as my online activities are concerned:

  • Successfully conducted the SEO Challenge ’09 competition which was quite some experience for me and the participants
  • Launched two niche blogs and a blog directory
  • Self-wrote 117 posts (or one every three days) on this blog. I did not write elsewhere, nor did I really encourage guest posts here during 2009
  • Established a decent online income stream whereby four-figure numbers were hit for three months
  • Moved this blog to a better host
  • Moved to a self developed WordPress theme
  • I could not really do anything to improve the traffic to this blog. It is standing at pretty much the same numbers (or a little more than that) as last year
  • Reduced the post frequency and time spent for my online activities
  • Did not really concentrate on the social media – social network route to traffic and building communities
  • Due to time constraints two of my WordPress plugin projects were delayed and I could not release the DS Premium theme for public use yet
  • The ongoing recession impacted a few income streams and still not very clear as to what innovative routes to take
  • Though AdSense was never a major contributor here, getting banned by Google AdSense was really the worst thing to happen last year. I also dropped my niche blogging projects due to the same

Online Objectives for 2010

Since I have already reduced the time spent on my online activities, I do not want to be too specific in terms of measurable objectives this year. However, I would like to:

  • Complete the WordPress plugin projects that I started with
  • Experiment more with affiliate marketing as I expect the market to pick by mid of this year
  • Conduct the SEO Challenge ’10 at a convenient time (not in the first Quarter for sure)
  • Stop worrying about blog statistics as I already proved this year that some of these numbers hardly matter if you can really exploit the contextual traffic

I would have loved to set these goals as more measurable and specific but I really do not know if I will be able to spend a lot of time this year on blogging. After all, my software job demands more focus this year as most companies have hit the bottom and needs accelerated revival.

Over to you…

Have you already set your online objectives? If so, please share the same.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Why were you banned from AdSense? I have read the forum and know how Google is often irrational and harsh!

  2. Bangaloreloka :

    What type of aff marketing are you into? I hope to see you successful.. have a nice time.

  3. The SEO Contest part was really awesome. If it was me, I would be happy even if every other objective but that one, failed 😉

  4. Good goals. I like the last one . We should not worry much about stats, just try to make it better.

  5. I am waiting for the SEO contest and also the WordPress Plugins…

  6. I think you did fine, Ajith. It’s hard to keep up a pace when you have other things going on. And look, you had 3 months of four-digit earnings; I’m shooting to just get half of that right now. And your rankings might not have gotten better, but they’re not bad now. I think it’s a great report, Adsense banning notwithstanding.

  7. Still you can make authority blog projects and try other income streams. Infolinks will be great alternative for Google adsense.

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