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Scott Blanchard

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On September 29, 2011
Last modified:January 28, 2014


Publish your SEO optimized, fast loading, Ads ready Product landing page or Product affiliation sites in two minutes with ClickBump Engine and ClickBump SEO. Extremely suitable for Sniper sites

In the past few weeks, I had several reader queries – on Facebook and via Email – as how to build those Google Sniper sites or a 4-5 page WordPress blog pretty quickly and run it for life without any further maintenance effort. It is time to reveal all those secrets and this post is all about that.

As I have mentioned before, the Secret formula to Success with Sniper sites is to have an appropriate domain name (which itself is a proper search phrase) and extremely fast loading AdSense Affiliate Themes. Let us talk about ClickBump Engine in this context with a sample blog that I built recently on ClickBump Theme)

AdSense Affiliate Theme based site in a Click?

Well, that’s exactly what the Click Bump Engine does? The ClickBump bundle has the following things packaged within:

  1. ClickBump Jump Start
  2. ClickBump Themes
  3. ClickBump SEO (I do not use this much)

Now, all that you need to do to build a sniper site is to install WordPress on your domain, copy JumpStart to your plugin folder and just activate it. That is all. The CB Engine creates all the settings (and content) that’s required for a SEO optimized blog for you.

To be more precise, the following is what the ClickBump JumpStart kit does:

  • Removes the defaults – filler posts, comments, categories etc and updates the right WordPress settings
  • Creates pages such as about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer with content and ONE sticky post for you
  • With the ClickBump theme enabled, it sets up the most SEO optimized blog for you automatically
  • All FREE ClickBump themes are highly SEO optimized with the right kind of internal linking and positioning of the meta tags
  • Creates the best AdSense and affiliate ready WordPress publishing system
  • There’s a possibility to add product images (Even before the post title) that is linked to the affiliate
  • All that you are left to do is to write a 400-500 word content for the sticky post and update any pages (such as Contact Us) if required

In fact, it does a lot more than that and there are numerous other features as well!

Learn more about ClickBump Engine and ClickBump Bundle

ClickBump Theme based Sniper Blog

The following is an actual website of mine that was built using the sniper methodology and using one of the free fast loading ClickBump theme that comes with the ClickEngine Bundle. Needless to say it ranked on the first page of Google for certain keywords from day 1 itself.

[By the way, I must admit that I didn’t pick the best domain name for this particular sniper blog]


(Update: The above site was discontinued due to keyword changes. Here’s another example WordPress site implemented using Google Sniper and ClickBump Engine combo. It works and there’s another one which is making me money as well – I don’t want to disclose the URL here. The ones I closed down recently are and the pencil portrait website mentioned above. Overall, the hit ratio with ClickBump – Google Sniper Combo is 2 / 5 or 40% which is not bad at all)

The ClickBump bundle keeps updating itself with numerous free (and paid bundle too) themes that you can use for all your landing page or product review themes needs. All their themes are compliant with the system and hence you can change your themes or upgrade landing pages at any point of time without any issue.

Happy Blogging!

Publish your SEO optimized, fast loading, Ads ready Product landing page or Product affiliation sites in two minutes with ClickBump Engine and ClickBump SEO. Extremely suitable for Sniper sites


  1. Praveen Rajarao :

    Ajith – This is a nice one, very interesting and hopefully useful. I have one question though – does this license hold good for multiple domains? Any idea?

  2. ajith i made a website with wordpress for the frist time i am new to all of this and just would like people to take a look at it i signed up with gdi but the site builder suck’s the wordpress is great tho if you have some time take a look

  3. Hello Ajith….

    I’ve been using Scott’s products for 2 years now and consistently see the best results with his products…especially his highly optimized themes.
    Great review!

  4. Dear Mr Ajith Prasad,

    Please guide me how to earn online, I will be very great full…


    • Devajit, All the methodologies that I use to make money online is described here – not necessarily in a logical order. You may read through the ‘Make Money’ page (linked on top of this site) to get some initial ideas.

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