AdSense: How to Remove Feed Ads?

Update on 03rd Oct ’12: Google has just announced that they will discontinue AdSense Feed Ads from 3rd December 2012. Good decision, I would say

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Well, this is more of a query to the readers of this blog. I have been trying to reduce AdSense usage on my blogs and this include all types of AdSense channels – including mobile and feed ads. However, I do not seem to be able to remove the AdSense Feed ads at the same easiness with which I enabled them.

The Old AdSense interface, as I remember, had an option to remove feed ads and in the new interface, you can only add feeds and not remove them.

Do you have any idea as how to remove feed ads from AdSense?

Common practice of ‘hiding’ the feed ads

When I surfed the web on this topic, I could see only the following workarounds to hide AdSense feed ads.

  1. Opt for feed ads after every four feed item or post (Frequency)
  2. Opt for feed ads for posts longer than 500 words (Post Length)

Both these options can be set from my AdSense account -> My Ads -> Feed Ads and clicking the particular feed ad (as in the picture below). However, they are not totally effective and won’t really hide ads permanently.

disable adsense for feeds

If anyone has figured out how to remove the RSS ad without removing the feed itself, please share your knowledge here.

I am planning to stay away from AdSense for some time and that’ why the question. Let me know if anyone know the secret. It’s really frustrating that Google doesn’t provide an option to disable AdSense for feeds.

Note: My AdSense account seems to be smart-priced and that’s why I am removing AdSense blocks from all blogs. From around $0.55 CPC, it has come down to 10 or 12 cents. I tried a few things but in vain and hence planning to go slow on AdSense for now


  1. Hi,
    Did you figure out how to do this? I am having the same issue. It’s bad that Google don’t provide a way to remove feed ads.

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