Advantages of Blogging

Many recent (and older) corporate HR surveys have revealed the fact that the salary is not the prime reason for most people for leaving a particular job or organization. Until recently, I believed that blogging is majorly inspired by the monetary benefits or the blog income but now I realize that I was wrong.

There are numerous benefits that blogging brings to your life than just the money part. If I list ten of those advantages in the order of priority, my list would look something like the following:


Advantages of blogging (in my theory)

(1 = top benefit or priority, and 10 = the lowest priority)

#1 Satisfaction

It gives me tremendous pleasure when my thoughts and ideas are of some inspiration to my audience – both budding bloggers and others. Yesterday I stumbled upon this new blog whereby the blogger (Tushar) has mentioned that he was majorly inspired by DollarShower to start new MMO blog. To be honest, I felt happier than the day when I got my first AdSense check (just relating to another aspect of blogging)

#2 Change the system

The power of your ideas and the ability to question the system can actually change many people’s lives. There are a number of bloggers who actually brings out issues like social injustice, crime, malign politicians and governments’ wrong doings (e.g. Kurt, our friend from Mauritius who authors island crisis)

#3 Educating your readers

Blogging is a free flowing means and free to consume mode of educating your readers. Just like the bloggers write at their paces, the readers have the freedom to choose and learn the stuff that he/she wants. Hence, providing free education is the next most important benefit for me.

(This is not just about the literature in the form of blog posts, but includes the free consulting help that you give via email, twitter, IM etc)

#4 Monetary benefits

I would be lying if I do not mention the money aspect at this point in the priority list. In fact, for many bloggers who make a living out of blogging, this may be the top priority as well. Monetizing the traffic via blog ad spot sales, affiliate programs and PPC ad networks are the typical patterns here. Alternatively, you may be able to put up your website for sale and generate a lump sum to start your next online venture.

#5 Networking (online and offline)

Blogging is not only about the engagement between blogger and the blog reader anymore but provides great opportunities to interact with a wider set of people via social networking, offline gatherings, blogger meets on a certain topic and other related events. Whether it is a low profile bloggers’ get-together or a mega event in Playboy mansion or a cruise vessel – they all serve the same purpose of networking.

#6 Writing skills

The online writing gives you the shortest possible turnaround time to become a famous writer or to continuously improve on your writing skills as compared to the print media. The instant feedback mechanism and the viral nature of the web content are the main reasons behind the instant success. Moreover, when you blog you are actually publishing more often in lesser quantities that helps you to assess and improve continuously.

#7 Reading habits

In order to become a good writer, you have to be a greater reader. As I have maintained many times in the past, it is like 80% reading and 20% writing that provides the right balance (not considering other aspects in a blogger’s life)

Great bloggers are those who read a lot and do a lot of research before publishing their ideas and hence reading is definitely an advantage or byproduct of blogging.

#8 Technical improvement

Fortunately or unfortunately, blogging is not about content publishing anymore. Most bloggers wear the hats of a webmaster, SEO expert, software developer, advertiser, affiliate marketer and web designer etc during his blogging life – apart from the main job of writing. This multi-role job definitely helps bloggers to become better technical people as they do more and more blogging. As a matter of fact, many of them have become good consultants in various disciplines after or during their successful blogging careers (e.g. our friends Kim and Harsh)

#9 Discipline

Blogging adds certain amount of discipline to a blogger’s life, at least I believe so. After I have started blogging and deciding on how much time I have to spend online and on blogging, my time management has become better and I consider this as another great advantage of blogging. However, if you are the one who spends most of your valuable time online and surrender your real life activities and responsibilities, it can lead to serious indiscipline!

#10 Blogging keeps you busy

Many people – especially those who are leading a retired life or have no other major hobbies – find blogging not only as a serious pastime but a means to keep them busy as well. Blogging can help to get rid of boredom in life and that’s my last point on the virtues of blogging.

Over to you…

Now could you tell me the greatest benefit that you derived out of with blogging? Do you agree with my priorities??

Happy blogging!


  1. This is a great list of advantages on blogging. i would like to add one Blogging can be taken as a hobby and if anyone loves to spend time on web then he can adopt blogging as a career

    • @Vivek, thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s inline with what I mentioned in point #10. It can be a hobby and can keep you busy…and a career option too if you are an avid writer.

  2. Great article. I am just about to start up my own blog so this article was useful as has given me the final push to get me going. thanks

    • Nice Post Sir,
      As I was going through your blog I found the strategy you use to make your readers comfortable is really awesome.I am also getting addicted to your blog. Your posts are really goog.Blogging is nowadays changing lives of people.All the advantages you discussed are correct and worth reading.

  3. I started a blog just for nothing and don’t make sense blog, I didn’t even boasted it to my friends.
    Then now I realized that blogging makes sense. I have to start create a blog again and value it.

    Those advantages and tips listed above gives me the urge to continue what I started.

  4. From 4 to 7 are mine and I am still blogging that way 🙂 Thanks for listing other things to think about

  5. Good Day Sir, though i am Still a low profile blogger, but i totally concur with you….blogging is good especially when you have target….THANKS IN A MILLION.

  6. For me blogging is just like dairy writing I write the solutions of difficult but useful programming code which I need for future reference. It is work like a reference note.

  7. For me Blogging can be a troubleshooting platform wherein we can post resolution of a technical issue and people will find us via Search engines and get their issues sorted as well as blogging gives a person branding online.


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