Amazing Google Tools that you probably didn’t use yet

For the layman, Google is only a Search Engine who also have a Web browser and a free email service (and of course it’s the Youtube and Picasa company). For bloggers and online entrepreneurs, it is an organization to help earn money online and market their products via tools such as AdSense and AdWords. And for the geeks it’s all about Android, Google code, Gears etc.

google-sketchupHowever, Google is much more than that and it’s getting bigger and bigger day by day. Check out the following free applications and tools which is only a small subset of what Google Labs has today (Sorry for the illogical grouping of desktop apps and web tools)

#1 Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is a free download program that you can use to build 3D models. It is in fact the scaled down version of the Google Sketchup Pro that costs $495 per license. For most home and personal usage the Sketchup free version would be sufficient. Another important feature of this cool application is the online 3D warehouse that allows you to share, view and use the sketches built by other users. Google owned this product after its acquisition of Last Software in 2006.

#2 Google Building Maker

Google Building Maker is originally part of the Sketchup tool but used more as an addon to the Google Earth plugin. This helps you to draw your own buildings on top of the surface view rendered by Google Earth.

#3 Google Sets

I have talked about Google Sets in the past. This is an extremely handy tool to create a set of related items from examples provided. For example, if you provide AdSense and Bidvertiser as sample set and when you ask for a ‘Large Set’ it provides you a huge list of PPC advertising products. This is particularly useful to do comprehensive research on certain things (e.g. before writing review post about a product, find related products)

#4 Google Web History

Google Web History is part of your Google browser toolbar but people rarely use it. It is an excellent mechanism to remember and catalogue your entire web browsig history. Well, it sounds cool but it can also provide additional intelligence to Google on millions of people’s web usage and this might really help them to start their next business. As such products like browser toolbars are encroaching into your personal browsing space and if they archive your history how could they potentially use it in the future?

#5 Google Flu Trends

Well, Google seem to be feeling responsible for social causes as well and they were quick to react to the Swine flu (and may be other types of flus as well?) pandemic situation. The Flu trends by Google org provides a heat map of the flu spread based on the search intelligence. Not sure how accurate this is but it’s an interesting way of using the search data.

There are several other Google applications and tools such as Google Website Optimizer, Google Gears, Google Moderator etc that are highly underrated and probably need to be talked more about.

If you haven’t yet bookmarked yet, the Google labs is a great place to frequent to understand what might be the next big thing coming out of the Google stable.

Happy Googling!


  1. You should have included Google Squared. 🙂

  2. I agree, I would vote to add Squared too.

  3. Google legit powers my life, I wake up to my Android phone, I check my Gmail account, go through my Google Calender for the day, and send a text message or two through Google Voice, and that’s just my morning

    Anyway, nice little list. I’m sorta ashamed to say I’ve never heard of Google Sets and it sounds really cool, but I bet my Google Wave account makes up for that.

  4. i have never heard of these google tools…nice work Ajith….i wonder if google flu trends will be useful

  5. @Nimil, frankly speaking, I hadn’t used Google squared yet. I tried to use it after your comment but never figured out what kind of a value-add it has.

    @Radu, could you or Nimil explain how can one make the best out of Google squared?

    @Ardit, You are a Google man for sure 🙂 By the way, how come you aren’t active on the blogosphere of late? Did you start any new blog other than blogict?

    @Tushar, there are a lot more like these apps/tools. Yep, Google flue trends is an innovative stuff but may not be as widely used.

  6. I used the last two Google flu trends and Google web history but first two are like alien to me.. 😛

  7. Ha ha. Have to agree I spend a lot of time with Google. These days I’m heavy into Google maps and GPS tagging. Cannot wait to lay my hands on my new Android mobile which is yet to launch here.

  8. Thanks Ajith, these are new to me.

  9. @Harsh, there are a lot more in the Google stable that are alien to all of us. Google just keeps popping more surprises 🙂

    @Rajiv, cool buddy. I knew that you are a mobile app freak. As for Android, we (my dev team) did a business application prototyping on Android using SAP mobile technologies once and it was highly appreciated.

    @Anish, you are welcome.

  10. Yeah you are right. they have lots of products that every body don’t know.

    They are always on the lookout of new innovative products. if they find one they try to acquire it and add it to their portfolio.

  11. Interesting google tools…thanks for sharing these details ajith


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