Are you a BlogTrotter?

This is a little survey post. I had part of this post in my drafts for quite a while and at the time of saving this draft I even proudly believed that I coined the term ‘blogtrotter‘ – arrived at flipping ‘globetrotter‘ a little – myself. However, a dig on Google today, I got to know the following meanings for the term blogtrotter.

1. A mildly insulting epithet for an Irishman
2. A person that loves cake and is capable of eating it in large quantities
3. A person who lives in or frequents bogs

Now what I had in mind originally was the third one of those definitions (Sorry, friends from Ireland and cakelovers all over the globe)

Who’s a BlogTrotter?

In my blogssary (blog glossary) a BlogTrotter is a person who :-

  • wanders around in the blogosphere and reads 100s of blogs per day
  • has a few hundred RSS/Atom feeds in his/her feed reader
  • prefers to live online most of their day and has very little social interaction offline
  • finds not much time to blog for yourself as ‘just browsing around’ is the main activity in life
  • takes pride in following famous super bloggers
  • delivers dozens of tweets and retweets per day
  • interacts with close friends and family via online tools rather than by phone
  • aims to take up blogging as their career

Over to you…

Are you becoming a BlogTrotter or already one? How many hours of your daily time do you spend online?? Have you already taken up blogging as your fulltime career or intend to do so in the near future???

Happy Blogging!


  1. Cake!

    I spend a lot of time online. Most of it working though. But I don’t spend that much time browsing and reading blogs. I read and comment here and there but am usually researching if I’m browsing. I send quite a bit through twitter on some days but that only takes 2 seconds.

    So, I don’t think I’m a blogtrotter but I am online all the time.

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  2. All the items you’ve listed as blogtrotter doesn’t suite my style and taste.

    Ramesh Natarajan´s last blog post… The Ultimate Guide to Create Users in Linux / Unix

  3. The word “Blogtrotter” is new to me. In fact, I’m not a Blogtrotter and not going to become Blogtrotter too. I have to continue my full time career as a Quantity Surveyor for my whole life, blogging will be my part time.
    I spend about 3-5hours per day in blogging, blogging tasks including read others blog, writing article, checking stat, and etc. Anyway, I enjoy blogging and will not stop doing this, at least for now. 😀

    Conclusion is… I’m not a BlogTrotter! 😛


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  4. Oh boy, I felt like I read my auto-biography, totally. Thats exactly what happens, less offline interaction and more online chat 🙂

    Hmm, So I am a BlogTrotter 🙂

    Arun Basil Lal´s last blog post… 10 Out-of-Syllabus Lessons To become a Better Salesman

  5. Good idea to post this Ajith.

    Including my office time i spend almost 14 hrs a day online. For blogging i spend 5 hr a day.

    I’m not full time blogger..but planning to be..but it will take 🙂

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  6. My job eat 12 hours of my day, six days a week, left with only four hours a day to “Read Write Web”. not a blog Trotter for sure.

    Shanker Bakshi´s last blog post… How to Become a Blogger?

  7. Great post again!

    I am not a blogtrotter. I don’t follow lot of blogs. i don’t do social networking also.

    Nihar´s last blog post… Download / Watch Heroes Season 3 Episodes via Torrents or Online!

  8. Richael Neet :

    Hehe Ajith, I guess you intertwined a bit of humor in this post too. Although you did not coin the word BlogTrotter, I guess you did that with blogssary and it also rhymes with your surname. 😉

    On topic, although I read 100s of blogs per day and aim to become a internet marketer one day, I still prefer an offline lifestyle that is full of adventure and excitement, and does not involve sitting in front of the computer whole day. May be I am a BlogTrotter, but not a geeky one 😀

  9. I do frequent a lot of blogs, and a great deal of my world view is constructed from the information I glean off these blogs, so I like the blogtrotter word. Time for our language to be modernized some more!

  10. Considering I work around 60 hrs a week, i would not consider myself as a blog trotter

    But would love to make a living of the internet… Hopefully someday, after all the world lives on hope 🙂


    Curious Little Person´s last blog post… Focus your Efforts to Make Money Online

  11. @Kim, are you a cake lover?

    From your consulting profile, I can understand that you have to do a lot of research – perhaps more for learning (for consulting?) and less to blog. Probably you are not really a blog trotter because you must be using your time more productively

    @Ramesh, I presume that you are a highly organized person when it comes to time management! You post strictly once per three days and I guess do not spend too much time just for blogging or reading too many blogs! Good balance!

    @Lee, 3-5 hours is a good time to spend on blogging and ‘related’ activities. I used to spend 4-5 hours on blogging earlier but now strictly about an hour a day max.

    @Arun, you are one! and most people in your age group are blog trotters as well 😛

    @Lax, 5 hours is a good amount of time to spend! However, do you get at least half of your main job’s salary via blogging? (Unrelated but trying to understand if you are blogtrotting or actually making good returns out of it for spending that much time)

    @Shanker, four hours a day is quite something for blogging. You must be getting good returns 🙂

    @Nihar, I agree that you are not a blog trotter.. your commenting profile is not really huge and I don’t see you too much on SocNets 🙂

    @Richael, so we have a non-geek blogtrotter here 😀 Good luck with your ambitions of becoming an internet marketer…but be what you are…enjoy your offline lifestyle!

    @Jacques, great to see one more blog trotter here 🙂

    @Sandeep, Good luck to you to make a career out of blogging/internet 🙂 60 hrs a week sounds like me during the initial stages of my career!

    Thank you all for your views!

    • I don’t get half. But getting 1/4 now….

      I took it as a long term commitment and investment. But i believe it will help to earn double the full job salary 🙂

      BTW you didn’t told how much time you spend and how much you get 🙂

      TechZoomIn´s last blog post… Downloading Themes from 3rd Party sites? Be careful..!

      • These days I spend only one hour per day on blogging 😉 and every third day or so probably two hours (when I post)

        Basically, if I post today, I moderate comments the following day and reply to comments only on second day. As for the money part, it is not much… I make only about 150-200 dollars per month. ~60 from private ads, ~60-70 from AdSense and rest from paid reviews, referral links etc. Basically, when I was spending 5 hrs a day on blogging, I was getting much the same…then I thought, why spend time unnecessarily without much returns 😆

        At the moment, having a secure job in IT is a difficult thing and it needs more attention so…

        • That’s true…But believe we spend good amount of time in building the blog into good shape. Then it will earning 🙂

          It’s my opinion 🙂

  12. I am almost there… eeks… sounds scary, but I am almost everything you have listed down 😐

    reading through all the comments posted here, so many people hoping to take up blogging as their career… ummm… its not easy money people, even if it is, its surely not a safe job

    • @Raju, I was one and I intentionally cut down the time spend online and on blogging. However, whenever the work pressure reduces, I might spend more time blogging 🙂

  13. I usually reserve a specific time for blog networking building per day. Usually its between 1 to 2 hours where I read all new updates and what bloggers and commented at replied etc. Just like am doing right now 😛

  14. Okay, yes, I’m a blogtrotter. Luckily, though, I leave most of my blog trotting for later in the evening, when I feel I’ve earned some kind of break for putting in a long day.

    That’s why I’m catching up on your blog this evening. lol

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    • I know you read and write a lot… I have come down on reading and time spend on blogging mainly due to the demanding job and responsibilities at home… the kids are still too young so.

  15. Ah, you have kids, whereas I do not, so my nights are mine,… well, except for the little time I spend with my wife lol

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