Are you a serious blogger?

Well, that’s a question I keep asking myself from time to time. A lot of people start blogging mainly because they were introduced to and inspired by certain blogging idols or super successful bloggers. Some others do blog because they think it’s cool and the rest do it for other benefits such as online income.

However, too many bloggers ditch blogging half way through even before giving it a whole-hearted attempt. This is mainly because they did not originally have the ingredients to be successful in online writing. So what does it take to be a successful blogger who takes blogging as a serious hobby or even as a profession?

#1 Writing skills

Blogging is first about writing! Unless you possess decent writing skills – even when writing about technical topics for that matter – blogging is not meant for you. Having writing skills alone won’t be sufficient if you do not enjoy writing.

#2 Creativity

So you are good at writing! But people will soon get bored of glorified rubbish unless you are creative and innovative with your ideas. Most successful bloggers already know the next few topics they are going to write about. Many times those who do a lot of research and online/offline reading always have enough innovative things to write about.

#3 Originality

When was the last time you wrote or read something very original on a blog? Many upcoming bloggers perish because they depend on other feeder blogs for ideas. The most successful bloggers are those who have the most original ideas to write about. It is acceptable if you promote inspired or stale ideas once in a while but more often you should ignite your own new ideas in order to become successful in blogging.

#4 Networking Skills

The main difference between online and offline writing is that you get your readers’ feedback instantly in the case of online writing. This is mainly because of the collaborative nature of blogging as well as the capabilities of its supporting paraphernalia (social media, social networking, subscription etc). Hence those who network better, open to feedback and work on their shortcomings will become successful sooner or later. The online networking skills enables a blogger to build a community around his topics and ideas not only to get accepted at the first level but also to become the evangelists of the same over the web.

#5 Sustainability

Finally, to persist with any hobby, passion or profession you need to have a lot of drive within you. You should be very good at time management and engage yourself – on a continuous basis – with all aspects concerning blogging. This includes understanding the trends and adapting accordingly, have self-defined goals (in the positive direction) and work relentlessly towards achieving them with focus. It is the persistence that makes a blogger a real super blogger!


There may be ten or fifteen other things that one can define as the qualities of a serious blogger but I believe that the above five are the major points. Now let me ask you bloggers :

(1) Are you putting serious efforts to become the next big name in the blogosphere?
(2) What are those two or three things that you do with respect to your blogging to sustain for long term?

Happy Blogging!


  1. Yes, I am 🙂

    Thanks Ajith for the Post. i am hardworking to live, 20 hours a day working in-front of my PC to manage all my sites, forums,blogs.

  2. I think just being yourself is the one thing that will help most with long term blogging success. People don’t want copy cats. If you are original and posting consistently I cannot see why you wouldn’t succeed.

  3. IMHO, your marketing skills matters most in order to become a successful blogger.

  4. Ajith,

    I have sent you an email couple of days back. Please let me know if your mail address has changed.

  5. I am Serious about blogging.

    I love the fun and information sharing part of blogging.

  6. @Anish, man.. 20 hrs a day is a bit too much. You need to de-stress yourself a bit – it’s not a healthy thing to spend that much time in front of the computer. I hope that you are also reaping benefits in terms of online income for that kind of effort.

    @Tom, content originality would be definitely the key to success but as @Nimit says marketing skills also matter – though not always can help unless there’s good content and/or unique services

    @Sita, sorry for the delayed reply man. I am super busy…

    @Deepak, good to hear that man…and thanks for your comment

  7. Good stuff, Ajith. Sustainability is probably the biggest thing with me as it pertains to others blogging. If you can’t write beyond 10 posts or so, don’t even start.

  8. Great post.

    I think i come in between serious and non-serious blogger 🙂

  9. great post i have been writing for almost 2 years now and wrote about 60 posts, i main problem i am facing is that i dont get vistors to my blog and neither i make money from it so i feel sometimes depressed

  10. I dont know if I am exception or not. But I think having consistent and good quality article at constant pace did help me get a dedicated readership with lot of unique everyday visitors.

  11. I am serious blogger..Who is working seriously for my plans and trying to execute it.

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