Article Spinning to promote your blog?

Article spinning is not a new concept – it has been around there for a couple of years now. For the sake of who are not aware of the same and want to promote their blogs and improve traffic overnight, I am writing about the same.

What is article spinning?

Article spinning basically refers to the process of submitting an article and 100s of its variants to a number of directories or blogs in one shot so that a large number of references or backlinks are created to your blog. It is one of the easiest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques though not always ethical and nice.

Creating several variations of an article can be both manual and automated processes. In the case of manual creation basically the author or a human has to rewrite an article by changing the content a little bit here and there or restructure it so that for a search engine spider it looks like new. But this is a time consuming process as one could as well write new articles altogether for the time they spend. However there are automated mechanisms like wordpress plugins and article spinning software that can take an article input and spin them into 100s of variations by replacing a number of words with their synonyms and equivalents. The spin does not happen on the content alone but on tags as well. Some software may even add similar tags or remove some. There are also a number of sites that offer free and paid services for article spinning. Though I have with me a number of such sites, I am not publishing it here as personally I am not a subscriber to the idea of spinning articles.

When you spin an article using automated systems, there are several side effects. Basically, the word replacements may make an article sound really stupid as the grammar and usages may not be appropriate. If you want to spin your own articles and put your name there as the author, you may not want to see a number of grammatical errors appearing in thousands of sites around the web!

Bad ethics!

Spinning your own articles has the merits and demerits but that is relevant to you alone. But there are a bunch of lazy bloggers out there who steal others articles (even copyrighted material) and publish in their own name after spinning. This is a real bad thing and they can get punished (see below). Even if they don’t, it is ethically wrong to republish somebody’s stuff without giving credits to them. If a blogger wants to post others’ article on their sites, they should ideally use trackbacks and even mention the author’s name.

Possible consequences of article spinning

As I mentioned earlier, the article spinning is done with the sole intention of getting more visibility with the search engines (and some referral traffic as well). However, search engines like Google does not quite like to see some site getting popular overnight and hence would penalize them once caught. Those who are promoting duplicate content will definitely loose their search ranks or page rank if they get audited for duplicate content or sudden rise in backlinks.

The genuine long term readership can have a negative impact if your audience sees your ‘spun’ articles with mediocre quality elsewhere. This is the biggest side effect because as a blogger you want the patronage to be maintained over the years.

The other issue is that the spun articles may be posted on various sites that you don’t even know for their content and quality. Some of them may even have rated content or related to warez or have legally banned material. This can really spoil the goodwill!

If you opt to spin others’ copyrighted material, you may even end up in jail according to the US Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA). Refer this site for more details.

Better alternatives

If you genuinely want to build backlinks and reference traffic, one of the best ways is to become a guest blogger and post your genuine articles at a higher PR site that you know. The spun articles may give you 1000s of backlinks but many of them may not be from high PR (page rank) sites. So the better proposition is to post one or two articles at a very high PR and good quality blog.

Commenting – with genuine interest and after reading the content thoroughly – on other blogs is another great way to increase your link popularity as well as your knowledge. The comment kahuna software that I recommended sometime back will be of definite help here as long as you are truthful in your approach.


  1. Cannot agree with the concept. Nothing adds value to a blog like unique content and all such SEO ideas might help in the short run, but never in the long run. I for myself never bothered about SEO or anything like that. Concentrate only on writing good blogs and everything else will take care of itself.

    • I share the same thought and this is one route that I never took as I intend to build my links and traffic organically by providing good content, visiting good quality blogs regularly, reading and commenting there.

      And as you stressed, Content is still the king for me as well!


      • For you OWN blog, yes I agree that article spinning is not recommended. However, if you are in internet marketing or if you wanted to build backlinks to your numerous web properties – nothing beats spinning the articles you’ll post in your sites. When I said spinning, though, it’s not meant to be the kind of spun articles where the output is incomprehensible. There are those who have been doing this kind of writing perfectly that you wouldn’t even notice that they’re using spun articles for content.

        Check out and tell me if you notice that the contents are spun articles.

  2. I agree with you, Ajith. Article spinning is indeed VERY POWERFUL, if done right. I once heard someone saying article spinning is for the lazy folks. Well, as strange as it might sound, article spinning is actually for those that are NOT lazy.

    But of course, I am talking about the RIGHT way of spinning your articles. There’s the wrong way and the right way. The wrong way is when you just automatically use the synonym replacement aspect of article spinning software to spit out completely unreadable gibberish, in the name of articles. That’s just junk and no one can read even one sentence from such junk articles.

    But if you really want to get the best from article spinning, then a great deal of effort is required to put into the original work. By a lot of effort I am talking about investing several hours or even days to get one SEED article or a group of SEED articles rewritten with different phrases, sentences and paragraphs. If done right, just one SEED article can be uniquely spun into hundreds or even thousands of copies that can escape the duplicate content filter!

    One of MOST POWERFUL article spinning tools out there that is completely free is PlugAndSpin Article Spinning Software .

    Fred Myson

    Fred Myson

  3. I still can’t understand why people (blogger) go for such software. May be it it powerful, may be it can give you few backlink but at what cost.
    I prefer my blog to grow naturally. It is a natural process. Blogger needs to understand that blogging is a process and it can take some time to build reputation.
    Evenif you use article spinning software and get some backlinks, I really doubt the quality of those links. It is better to become a guest poster at high PR site. It will also help you to meet new people.
    I guess my comment is becoming boring ;).lol.
    Happy blogging!!

  4. I did some analytics on my site recently and found a number of inbound links that were unfamiliar.

    When I investigated I found that several of my articles had been lifted and used by others on their own blogs. They included a link back to my site, but I was appalled to note that some of them had been “translated” into virtually incomprehensible gobbledegook.

    Now call me vain, but I pride myself on the quality of my writing and I found it quite depressing that this rubbish was being published in my name.

    Authors manually rewording their own articles to avoid duplicate content is in my opinion fair enough, but I like to think that those who abuse it by using low-quality automated spinning will get found out in the end.

    • @Mark, I share your concerns as it is pretty much the same case with my content as well. The moment, I do a post it’s first scraped almost instantaneously and then found spun in other places a bit later. It’s really irritating.

      The other way of controlled spinning is to have your own base content written and manually modifying and submitting – that’s not too bad I think, as you own everything.

  5. I make use of article spinning, however I do this manually all the time and can end up spending hours on just one article. Thereafter I submit them to no more than 30 different sites.

    I do make sure though that those sites I submit to are relevant in subject to my own.

    What I do not do though is use those same articles on my own site. I keep my own articles as unique as possible. I prefer to remain the only blogger on my own site.

    Doing this has kept me safe from harm and it has in fact help improve my position in SERP’s with the backlinks I get from those articles.

  6. I was not so aware of the article spinning and I recently purchased an seo backlink builder… not even a week ago.

    But after reading that I had to spin my article I decided to google this article spinning as I was unfamiliar. And yes you guys are totally right I have seen my articles published on places I dunno and doesn’t look so ethical to me.

    I think if you are blogging your passion then the backlinks should be gotten the old fashion way.

    Thanks for sharing this post!! =)

  7. “it is ethically wrong to republish somebody’s stuff without giving credits to them.”

    No, it’s an illegal copyright violation even if you give them credit.

    You can ONLY republish someone else’s stuff if they have given you permission. Otherwise you should link to it on their site.


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