Black Friday – Cyber Monday (2015) Hosting Deals

Here are some cool hosting deals for this Black Friday (27th November), Cyber Monday (30th November) and going forward. I have chosen to promote the following hosting products that offer huge deals on this Cyber weekend either because I am using them (e.g. HostGator VPS and Shared Hosting, Digital Ocean) or they offer significant value in respective shared or premium category.
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Heads Up – DollarShower Blog Competition 2009 – Need Sponsors!

blog competition 2009We have been planning for a blog competition for a while now and we thought there’s no better time than this New Year. Wait! Not everything is fine with our plans yet because of a small issue. We need to find a few more sponsors and that’s why this post.

Sponsor this event and how?

Here we are talking about a blog competition whereby we would like to set the prizes (cash and/or equivalent services) at a minimum of $500, $300 and $200 respectively for the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-ups respectively. Of course it can go further up. So far, we have managed to find a couple of sponsors for roughly $400 worth services … continue reading

Help us win the Blogging Idol 2!

Dear Readers,
We had written about the Blogging Idol 2 competition three weeks back. The Blogging Idol 2 competition is conducted by Daily Blog Tips whereby 125 participants compete each other to win the their esteemed readers and visitors. … continue reading

Blogging Idol 2 competition starts today! Please support!!

Blogging Idol 2 DailyBlogTips‘s Blogging Idol Part II competition is kicking off today! Last episode of the Blogging Idol was in the month of July when was too young to participate. However, this time around we are taking part in this competition 🙂

The competition runs through out the month of November. The goal is to increase the readership of the participating blogs and in particular the RSS subscription as much as possible in the next 30 days! We need your whole-hearted support here and hence we request you all to subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates from us (What is RSS?)
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Open Mic – Talk about you, your family, hobbies, halloween shopping,…

Namaste‘ is one of the most powerful words from the Indian sub-continent! It is used to greet each other with deep respect and the literal meaning of the word is ‘I bow to you‘. Usually the spoken salutation (and the gesture with both hands as in the picture) is accompanied by a bow of the head and/or body. In Hindu, Buddhist or Jain culture, this gesture is also used while praying god, meditating or doing Yoga.

NamasteSo, what has ‘Namaste‘ to do here! It has been six months since this blog was launched and several thousands guests visited us in this time frame. However, only a few hundreds of them voiced their opinions here. (Some of them are regulars from Day 1 and we do know them well too). To know majority of the others better, we thought, it is a good idea to dedicate this weekend to greet and know each other thereby improving the interaction levels here.
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