List of Countries where Forex Trading is Banned

My regular readers would know that I have been promoting various online and offline money-making products on this blog for the past six years. This includes products in the online currency trading segment (Read our beginners guide to online Forex trading here) as well.

I had also published a post on Forex FAQs to explain a few risks that come with Forex trading which included legality of the same and risk v/s reward aspects. However, I thought of writing this post on countries where Forex trading is totally banned by law so that people are aware of what they are attempting to do before signing up with any Forex trading sites. I thought, I have the responsibility to do so because I still promote these products via banners because I can’t selectively display them for certain countries.
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Top Internet Marketing Advertising Punch Lines (Humor)

Disclaimer first: This post is meant for fun alone! I truly have great respect for those affiliate marketers who possess amazing skills in marketing their money trees and instant profit formula. However, some of these self-proclaimed Einsteins of affiliate marketing are only good enough to get an eBook written by someone else, put a sales page up there (that doesn’t even rank on Google) and takes the ClickBank affiliate route to sell their garbage innovation. This post is essentially about such people.

Our topic today is on those punch lines (with minimal modifications) that make your eyes pop and lure you into clicking these banners.
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How to Get US Visitors to your Website?

Let me have a disclaimer to start with. In this article, I am going to talk about increasing US traffic to only those websites featuring generic or niche content that appeals to all geographies. Hence, if you have a blog that deals with very specific local content (e.g. Local news, local reviews etc) or non-international topics, you may want to skip this post.

Why is web traffic from the United States important?

There are some real good reasons for webmasters’ affinity towards website traffic from US or Canada. Firstly, the EPC (Earnings Per Click) from ads or affiliate banners is much higher for traffic from these big North American countries where the online market opportunity is huge. Further, advertisers would like blogs if they have more visits from this region and many a time it is even an acceptance criterion for your blog to be accepted by many advertising agencies.
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Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2013 – 75% OFF on Hosting + FREE Blog Setup Deal

On this Black Friday (29-Nov-2013) and Cyber Monday we are offering you a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cheapest Hosting + Free Blog Setup deal.

If you always wanted to Own a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog and didn’t know how to create one due to technical limitations, then this Black Friday 2013 Dual Deal is just for you. Yes, you will not only get the best domain and hosting deal but also Get your blog installed for FREE from us.

All that you have to do for a Free Blog Installation with amazing hosting deal, is to complete Step 1 and 2 as explained below:

HostGator BlackFriday to Cyber Monday Sale

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Still Trying to Rank #1 on Google? Time to Relearn SEO!

With all that iPhone 5 and other new brands of smartphone buzz around, I recently started working on a (micro niche) affiliate site to promote certain phone-cases and covers. While generally querying for some of the related key phrases, I got the shock of my life seeing what some specific Google Search produced on its first result page.

Search Scenario #1: High Competition Search Terms

The following search engine result page (SERP) is what I got for relatively high competition search term in the area of iPhone 5 covers and cases.

(Click the image for larger view)
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Curated Content vs Automated Blogs: Where to Draw the SPAM line?

Content curators are thriving! It seems the Internet content producers as well as the consumers have accepted content curation as a mechanism to promote and consume the content in a way that make sense to relevant audiences.

New generation curated sites like, and established (via social sharing means) sites like Digg and Reddit are doing well with the content produced elsewhere but aggregated and presented well.

Now the question is whether curated content is some kind of spam? Why is Google fine with such sites while they are very keen on taking on smaller content creators with minimal duplicate content? Let’s find out.
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How to Achieve Lightning FAST Page Load Performance on WordPress Blogs?

If you were following my tweets, you may be already having an idea about what I have been up to. Yes, I have been trying to nail down the page load performance issues on this blog in order to achieve a page render speed under 500 Milli seconds for the homepage and all other pages under 1 second.

Why is website load speed important?

Firstly, most users will hit their browser’s ‘Back’ button (i.e increased bounce rate figures), if the link that they clicked from a search result or a connected page doesn’t open in a couple of seconds. And the other important point is that Google punishes websites that are too slow by reducing their search ranks … continue reading

Cash in on your Long Tail Keywords using the HitTail Tool

More traffic to a website usually means More conversions and hence More money! Needless to say, if you want to have sustainable traffic to your website, you MUST focus a lot more on increasing your organic traffic (i.e. visits from search engines) than other traffic sources viz. social media driven or referral traffic.

Since search traffic is all about keywords, your success primarily depends on tapping into the right keywords. Unfortunately, top keywords usually mean very tough competition (thanks to Google for making us realize that) and that’s why it makes sense to focus on the so-called long tail keywords. I have been using this wonderful long tail keywords tool called HitTail (check out their website) since last three or four weeks and I am already impressed with what it offers in terms of identifying the right long tail keywords to target and creating action points for my content with respect to those keywords.
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