A List of 10 Legitimate Data Entry Job Sites

Data entry jobs are among the most preferred online work from home opportunities due to a number of facts. The main reasons why people go after data entry jobs are:

  • There is in fact a huge demand for fresh data feeding or modification of existing data lying around in various systems and formats
  • Data entry jobs can be sourced and executed from any part of the world – even at the comfort of your home
  • It is a job that for even the most unskilled and non-technical computer user can do
  • It’s a job that can be done offline as well i.e. You needn’t be connected to the Internet all the time – meaning low investment (Well, you need a computer for sure)
  • And needless to say, it fetches decent hourly rate when it comes to payment

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Link Maintenance is as important as Link Building

No matter whether your blog has been hit by Panda, Penguin or other pets from Google, link maintenance and related reputation management is critical to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog. A lot of bloggers and webmasters, dedicate a good amount of their online time for link building activities while they forget (or struggle) to maintain the links on a periodic basis.

When it comes to proper link maintenance, the management of all link types – and not just backlinks – is important:

  • Outbound links or links from your pages that point to external sites
  • Internal links or links that originate from and ends with own pages
  • Backlinks or links to your pages from external sites

This post is the outcome of the periodic exercise that I am doing with respect to my own link maintenance – especially after getting hit by some of those Google algorithm updates. And here, I will be talking about ONLY on-site optimization and not managing offsite link issues.
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Tips for Amateur Blogs and Bloggers

amateur blogA newbie in blogging – just like in any other domain – is bound to make a lot of mistakes. While some of these mistakes are correctable as you gain experience, some really do cause long term damage to your blog in terms of its reputation, brand value, search-social visibility and readership.

When I look – several years – back, I realize that I did commit too many blogging mistakes some of which were due to misguidance by other amateur bloggers (whom I thought are my heroes based on their public claims). I thought of writing this quick tips guide so that young bloggers get to focus on what they should.

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Create Your WordPress BLOG on HostGator under 15 Minutes

Blogging is not only a great hobby but also an opportunity for making money online via advertisement, affiliate product marketing etc. WordPress is the World’s leading Blogging Platform and HostGator, undoubtedly, is the Best Shared Hosting Service to run your Blog. A few ‘non-technical’ wannabe bloggers had emailed me on how to quickly create a blog and hence I thought of putting this tutorial together (Originally, I wanted to write an eBook on How to make your blog on HostGator but lack of time limits me to this post which is not a bad idea either)

amysfoodblog sample blog banner

THREE Steps to Make Your Blog on HostGator

Creating a blog is no rocket science and even a non-techie can get started with your blogging on Hostgator today if you wish to do so. Here are the screen by screen instructions to become a Proud Blog owner today!
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Essential WordPress Plugins for Building a Multi User Site

Since the beginning of this month, I have been busy working on a community portal (CelestialGreens.org)for our apartment association. Well, it’s not completely operational yet but I thought of sharing a few tips for building a multiuser WordPress-based website.

Building a multi-user WordPress site – non BuddyPress site, that is – is all about installing a bunch of plugins and services to take care of member management, user capability management, ticket management, forum plug, alerts, calendar plugins/services, gallery plugins, download plugins etc and a bit of customizing of these plugins, the chosen theme and some hooks to hide unwanted screens of WordPress admin Panel.
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Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) to redefine Online Shopping

Google wasn’t exactly the one who envisaged the potential of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). But they definitely are the leaders when it comes to taking the leadership in this form of online marketing which was powered by research and innovation on the SEM (Google AdWords) as well as the Search Engine usability fronts.

Google followed a very logical sequence in promoting their ad formats on the SERPs – Starting with pure text ads on the side bar, then highlighted text ads on top, image search ads and the latest in offer is the Product Listing Ads (PLA) that came in by end of last year.
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SellFire: Instant Affiliate Store Builder for WordPress

I have been searching for a WordPress plugin to build product pages to drive my affiliate sales and I stumbled upon this amazing product called SellFire. 10 minutes is all that I took to install this plugin and build a multi-page product store website based on WordPress!

By the way, my website is not live on this product yet nor have I purchased the paid version of the same. I still continue experimenting with the free version which itself looks very good. I thought of writing this review based on my initial impression (and it’s not any paid review, nor do they have any affiliate program)
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Income Tax Tips for Bloggers and Freelancers

Many budding bloggers who wants to earn some quick money online, may not have any knowledge on the income tax that you have to pay to your respective government agencies based on your freelance income. Paying income tax on any type of income is mandatory for every citizen based on the taxing rules of your country. For example, in India, any income above 200,000 per year is taxable for general tax payers.

But are there any ways to save taxes on your Freelance income? Of course, there are a number of ways and this post is about the same based on my recent experiences with the Income tax department (Please note that you may have to take help from a tax consultant to deal with your specific scenario).
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