Chitika to launch CPM ads product

The well known blog advertising company Chitika Inc (famous for Chitika eMiniMalls) will be soon launching a CPM graphics ad product. The new product will complement their existing suite of CPC products.

According to Ms. Karla Escolas from Chitika Customer Relations, the new product will be intelligently optimized in a way that CPM ads will be displayed only when it can get paid more than the CPC ad in the same slot thereby increasing the earnings potential of blog publishers.

While adding another product to the suite is a good move, one might wonder why Chitika has to venture into the already packed CPM market where there are many established players. Let’s wait and watch!

Ads and affiliate compensation methods

Once you are an active publisher of ads, your main worry is to select ad or affiliate programs that are more profitable. At the end, the money generated via your blog depends on conversions or sales per user visits, page impressions or clicks. The ad or affiliate networks bank on time-tested compensation models to decide on the paying schemes. In this post, I am talking about the same.

Compensation models for ads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Also known by the name Cost Per Click (CPC), PPC is one of the most widely used compensation methods and pay per click advertising became famous after leading PPC programs like Google AdSense. In this method, the advertisers are charged at a fixed rate per click (click on the ads by users). … continue reading

Make money using affiliate programs

Affiliate programs offer more money making opportunity than most other programs, including ad publishing. Though both are in a way related there is no apple-to-apple comparison possible here as the compensation method is totally different.

Affiliate marketing – How does it work?

Like in the case of ad marketing there are three parties here as well. The ‘vendor or merchant’ (e.g. DELL Computers) is the person who wants to sell his products via web-based marketing. He has the opportunity to place ads but that alone doesn’t fetch too many results. So he goes the affiliate way of marketing whereby he signs up with an ‘Affiliate Network’ (e.g. Commission Junction) who has in turn signed up … continue reading

Ad categories and genres

Online ads come in various shapes and sizes. Regardless of the appearance aspects they can be broadly categorized into two – Contextual ads and Non-contextual ones.

Contextual ads
Contextual ads are the ones which get displayed on your pages based on the context or content of your page. For example, if you are writing an article or post about ‘cake baking’ it is highly likely that the contextual ads that appear on that page (via Google AdSense or other ad networks) may contain ads of ‘Cake recipes’ sites or ‘Birthday cake’ vendors etc. Content link ads – where the actual words on the page itself forms ad links – is also considered contextual ads.
… continue reading

How do I put ads on my blog or site?

Note: Before reading this post, you may want to check out DollarShower Product Finder tool that can help you to pick the right ad product for your blog.

Having a blog or website is a great thing as you can freely voice your opinions and thoughts. But how about earning some money by displaying some advertisements on your blog? Let us talk about the same in this blog post (Also read one of the previous posts on Different ways of making money). Again, my knowledgeable readers may please excuse as I am with beginners here in this series.


What are online ads?

Online advertisements are a piece of marketing or commercial information that appears on a web page. It can be in the form of a simple text link, an image (animated or otherwise) link, a pop-up/pop-under, an audio clip, video clip etc. … continue reading

How do I setup my own homepage or website?

In the last post, I talked about how easily you can create your own blog at one of the public blogging sites. But isn’t it more exciting to have a blog, homepage or website in ‘your name’ rather than the one with an unwanted last name such as ‘’? why can’t you own ‘’ itself which is a matter of pride as well as convenience?

Three simple steps to have your own website

1. Register a domain: To own your own domain name such as ‘’ you need to register the same … continue reading

How do I create my own blog?

I am sure there are hundreds of posts and articles available out there on how to create or set up your own blog. For the sake of completeness of this site let me talk about it here as well.

What is a blog?

A blog (short form for web logs) is the piece of space on the web where you share your thoughts, opinions, events, inventions, photos etc with fellow Internet users. A blog – compared to a formal website – has more personal touch and it is more interactive. Though blogs and blogging culture has been around for a while, it has really picked steam in the past two or three years. Moreover the readers are finding it easier and more convenient to read a blog than anything else.
… continue reading