– Estimated traffic figures

Starting today, I am adding a new category titled ‘Cool Websites‘ here. This section is not necessarily to write detailed reviews about websites but to talk about some of the handy websites or cool web services that I stumble upon. is one such site that I came across this week. In fact, they don’t have too many things to offer there but one simple service that provides estimated traffic for the past months. This service shows the visitor count for the past one month alone and a bar chart for the past six months from which you can derive the trend. … continue reading

Work-from-home options: Transcription

I should say that work from home option definitely gives us the benefit of no traveling, no outdoor meals and no flashy clothes to be bothered about. A little bit of surfing around the Internet helped me bump into transcription jobs. I was amazed to see the number of opportunities available online. I can list a few of them here, though not personally verified the authenticity of all of them. … continue reading

Which Social Networking site do you like the most?

Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Flickr… the list is growing every day! Social Networking – personal as well as business – has been the most successful form of Web 2.0 implementations for the past three or four years. There are few Internet-connected people who have not signed up with one of these social networking sites.

There may be a particular reason why you ended up signing with a particular site. In this survey post, … continue reading

Launching today!

After a month long development and initial content creation we are opening this site to public today 🙂 It’s a great relief that the baby is finally out but the greater challenge of bringing it up is right ahead!

In the past one month a couple of friends have been supportive to play around the beta site and give invaluable suggestions. Our sincere thanks to them!

Dollar$ is not just another blog for online moneymaking. We have spent tremendous amount of time to develop the content and tools that will help our readers to pick and analyze the money-maker product of their choice. We apologize that while these tool developments were undergoing, the frequency of posting came down a bit but hopefully that has not affected the quality of what we promised to deliver. We are already working on the next set of tools to automate the entire moneymaking process.

Thank you for your readership and please shoot any feedback or suggestion for us via the contact form.

Offline money making – Data entry jobs

Though I don’t want to focus too much on specialty jobs here, I am writing this post to logically complete what I discussed in a very old post on this site. Also, check out a more recent post on legitimate data entry websites.

Online money making is for everyone! But there are a number of jobs that you can find online but can be executed in either online or offline mode – Data entry jobs are one of those categories. In fact, the amount of money one can make through legitimate data entry jobs is as good or even better than many of the permanent data entry jobs.

What does it take?

All that you need to have to find a data entry job is to have an Internet connected PC and a valid email address. … continue reading

Which is your favorite blog platform?

As you know we are hosted on the wordpress platform which has increased its usage by a whopping 200% in the past one year. However, there may be a number of bloggers out there who have opted for blogger, typepad or other services to host their blogs.

Please provide your comments on which is your favorite blog platform/site and why. Let us share our experiences, merrits and demerrits of each.

How do I make my blog better?

Though I am not an extremely experienced blogger I have the following tips for beginners on how you go about improving your blog in terms of looks, contents and your way of communicating and interacting with your readers.

Basic building blocks
A blog must provide its readers and easy way of navigating around the contents. So the minimum expectations include ‘Categories’ or ‘Topics’, post ‘Archives’ and ‘Recent Posts’. Everything else comes next – that includes your favourite links or blogs, recent comments etc. Another important feature to have is a sitemap which is a page that lists logically organised navigation links to all posts on your blog. Sitemap creation plugins or widgets are available for all blog platforms. … continue reading

Get paid for displaying ads

I wasn’t quite sure whether to post this article here as I had touched upon this topic very recently under ‘How Do I’ category. However, I will mention a few other things here for the sake of continuity.

Online advertisement business has been spreading at an alarming pace for the past few years when Google revolutionised the whole concept. Though there were many players before that it was Google all the way once it started realising the potential of search engine results into huge money. The term ‘Search Engine Marketing’ (SEM) and ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) are almost synonymous to online ads now.

Difference between ads and other money making mechanisms
As we had discussed earlier, we have get-paid-to (GPT) read email programs, GPT blog, GPT do surveys etc. … continue reading