Avoidable Google Adsense ban

The other day, while browsing through some Orkut groups I hit upon a few ‘Adsense’ groups. Though the group descriptions said that they are Adsense support forums, soon I realized that they are nothing but ‘click-exchange’ groups. Though my Adsense account is somehow not functional (though valid clicks are there and account is active), I thought of subscribing to one of these groups.

In no time, I received some mails in my inbox and more than 100 requests in my Yahoo Messenger from interested click partners. The requests are like this ’10 refreshes and couple of ad clicks’ or ‘A few refreshes and one Google custom search using certain keyword’ etc. Many of them claimed that their Adsense account is adding good amount of money each day through click exchange programs while they didn’t have genuine traffic inflow.

Reality bites…

A couple of weeks down the line, I started receiving group messages from the same people cursing Google that they got AdSense banned. The heartbreak is also due to the fact that they got banned just before reaching the $100 threshold or minimum first payment amount.

Making online money fast may be a genuine intention but one should take genuine route to get there. The best way to improve your advertisement revenue is to improve content and hence traffic. One-page sites may get you an Adsense approval but never the kind of money you want. The following are some tips from my own personal experience!

Adsense usage ethics

. Never click on your own ads – Google has the industries best tracking mechanism that has intelligence on each click and its origin. It also analyses the intention, sequence of events and hence 90% of their bans are pure click frauds.
. Discussing on Orkut or Blogger (both Google products) on click exchanges will only attract blanket ban of the group itself.
. Never ever try to build applications or automation – that is shared by groups – that pops up links to click for the day etc. Google developer is much smarter than you and I have known many such fellow programmers who got banned along with their applications πŸ™‚ Use your development expertise positively for other things.
. Do not use display too many Google adblocks on your pages than your content.
. Most of the time, there’s no point in communicating to Google after a ban; you might never ever get a reply.
. Prevention is better than cure; if you happen to click your own ads for testing or whatever, send a mail to Google explaining the same and projecting yourself a gentleman
. Create your content, Drive your traffic and patiently wait for results than trying to make quick bucks
. Never go for those ‘Google cash keys’ or ‘Google secret keywords’ campaigns and products, most of them are not going to get you there

So please add sense to your Adsense approach to avoid permanent ban…

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  1. Really an eye opener. thanks for such a nice article on adsense.

  2. hi friends, your is true, the google people can easily find fraud on net with thier adsense misuse.. good article to read and thanks for posting

  3. Thanks for your comment, Surendar. In fact, click fraud is proliferating at an alarming pace that even great technologies like Google’s tracking is unable to tackle the issue.

    Best Regards,

  4. thanks al ot, I really liked this blog =) its just funny how those click exchange group still exist.

    • Appreciate your comment mitoman and keep visiting (or alternatively subscribe to the feed at feeds.feedburner.com/dollarshower.

      I visited your new blog and got to read some traffic generation tips.


  5. That’s a huge scam… If you observe them, they are just blogspot blogs with only copied content. They dont have google visitors, all are just click sharing visits and nothing more…

    Pavan Kumar’s last blog post…Great List Of Dofollow Blog Search Engines

  6. @Pavan, thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, I get to see many of them on different forums and groups… Some even email and ask for click favors πŸ˜€

  7. I bet this was bad when adsense first started, I must admit since I started I have put in tons of hours with very little to show for it. I’m on my 4th month now and almost reached the $100 mark I just wished adsense would payout at $50 so I can see something for my work.


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