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There are a number of free sites and SEO tools to check the backlinks or inbound links to your blog or website. I had recommended a few such link popularity checking tools in an earlier post on post blog launch activities. However, most of the link popularity check tools will show only the total backlink count along with some sample URLs which may not be sufficient to understand your backlinks and act.

Today we take a look at two free backlink checker tools for getting all your backlinks in a single page. is a single-service site where you can enter your page or site URL and retrieve all backlinks to that URL. It is a time taking process – sometimes as much as five-six minutes for larger number of links – but it also provides additional information such as total number of outbound links from the particular backlink and REL flags (dofollow, nofollow) etc. restricts the total number of displayed backlinks to 1000 though it gives the actual total count. The main advantage with this tool is that it gives the links irrespective of the search engine where as most other link popularity check tools rely on a particular search engine data.

Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster Tools allows you to download the entire set of backlinks to your main URL and/or sub URLs in one single excel sheet. You can do this via Links -> Pages with external links option in your Webmaster Tools account.

The downloaded excel file from the Google Webmaster tools or the displayed links from can be useful to analyze for details such as multiple occurrences for single entry, dead links or links from expired domains etc so that you can take necessary actions to build good quality backlinks. can also be used to analyze your competitior URL data as the information is publicly available.


  1. Will check out BacklinkWatch. Use Google Webmaster Tools, but its not quite comprehensive enough and does not include my Yahoo backlinks in it.

    • Rajeev, it is not that is that exciting, but i didn’t find other backlink checker tools that lists all sites together. All of them shows only a sample.

      Btw, yhou are right about Yahoo backlinks not being shown on Google WM Tools. That’s expected anyways 🙂


  2. I can see that backlinks really have an effect on page ranks…

    qarla’s last blog post… Katrina Halili on Hayden Kho

  3. I think BackLinkWatch is better than Google Webmaster. It shows 928 backlinks to my Home Page where Google Webmaster shows only 347.

  4. But it hardly matters what links Yahoo may show. If Webmaster Tools are not reporting a link, chances are, Google isn’t counting it- so what does it matter how many show up for you on Backlinkwatch? But, it is a good tool to analyze competitors.


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