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backtype com twitter for comments and comment aggregator is a comment aggregator web service or even known as the twitter for comments. It came in to existence only a couple of months back and in my effort to find newer traffic generation mechanisms, I thought of taking a look at it and write about the same (Those who are experienced with BackType may find this post boring but please provide your experiences with the same)

What exactly is BackType?

As I mentioned, BackType aggregates all your blog comments – not just the ones on your blog, but other places as well – and keeps them indexed based on tags and in chronological order. Then they present it in a nice way that people can see this comment catalogue and can even follow comments, subscribe to alerts, reply to comments right there etc. They can even see on how many blogs you have been commenting on lately.

Now, even if you are not a member of BackType chances are most of your comments are already available there – thanks to your social media/network presence. But by signing up, you can do a one time import of comments from various sources such as all your blogs and social accounts by providing the links there.

The also provides the feature of getting tweets on your twitter account (or email) on the summary of your comment activities on a case to case basis, daily or weekly. This way you know who is tracking and replying to your comments. I figured out that there are quite a few people who actually follow others’ comments. Many of them have a few hundred followers. This may not be a big number as compared to your twitter followers but still it has great value because they are listening to your comments and not rubbish tweets.

Good things about BackType

The following are the plus points that I see about BackType:

  • It can increase the reach of your comments and blog posts
  • You can establish your brands further on this aggregator service
  • You can let people know what are you doing now in the blogosphere (much more friendlier to browse than technorati etc)
  • Possible additional traffic generation because permalinks to your posts are available below the comments
  • Spying on the famous (and others as well) – I mean, at any time I know where all Darren Rowse is active


  • Lost privacy? Or is it already lost with so much of social media/networks such as twitter?
  • Yet another thing to follow for people around you though your job is done with one-time sign up
  • You yourself may not even remember about your BackType profile after sometime as it is passive aggregation

Beyond BackType…

It is just amazing to even imagine how many hundreds of thousands blog comments are being generated in the blogosphere every day. While posts are getting indexed well by the search engines and blog search portals comments are usually remaining unutilized mostly. Though comment feeds are available there with every blog, how many of us actually subscribe to them?

Constructive and creative comments on well-tagged topics are always great source of information and opinions. If well-indexed and utilized it can be an enormous knowledge base by itself. Probably, this is a research project for some of us. Any other ideas?

Just in case you want to follow me on BackType, please click here!


  1. Blog for Bloggers :

    Thanks for the share, I like the idea behind it and the fact that I can see where other people comment is awesome. It gives me even more blogs to read 😛

    Blog for Bloggers’s last blog post… How Much To Post: That Is The Question

  2. BackType is a great tool to see all your comments at one place, i was very excitied to find it initially but never went to see my comment page again after joining it. There are so many things to manage.

  3. I guess I’m just not sure why I would need to see all of my comments in one place. =)

    Gerald Weber’s last blog post… Round Out Your Social Networking Portfolio…With Your OWN Social Network

  4. Thanks for the writeup. I hadn’t heard of BackType and I’ll definitely be checking it out to see if it’ll be useful for my purposes… Although, I don’t know that I’d really like ALL of my comments to be grouped together…

    Shirley’s last blog post… Lorem Ipsum… Blah, Blah, Blah

  5. There are lots of social media sites coming out all the time and BackType is just one of them.If you want to see all your comments at one place, then BackType is the way to go.

    Tom At The Home Business Archive’s last blog post… How To Become More Creative

  6. Alright, I’ve returned with my assessment:

    This site is pretty useful. It’s a great way to find blogs that you’ve commented on and liked, but forgot to bookmark. And it is also useful for finding other interesting blogs if you ‘cyberstalk’ other bloggers you know, and see what they are reading.

    Thank you SOOO much for sharing. 🙂

    Shirley’s last blog post… Lorem Ipsum… Blah, Blah, Blah

  7. I kept forgetting to sign up…in the process now, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  8. Seem a cool one. However even I am not so sure to like all of my comments grouped together at one single place. But its a good way to know what other bloggers are commenting and what blogs they do read too. Easier as its all in one place and you simply visit the post of the comment conversation that interest you.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Ashesh on Blogshot With Kurt!!

  9. @Ardit, Yep, chasing other bloggers can get you into new un-ventured areas (sometimes even to nice hig PR do follow pages where you can comment 😆 )

    @Shanker, it’s just not about your comments if you use it judiciously you can even add any URL there from where your online presence can be aggregated.

    @Gerald, of course we may not be interested in seeing our own comments at one place, but others are (see my reply above). At the same time, once in a while if you forgot that one great blog where you commented, you have a chance to dig it out as well.

    @Tom, you are absolutely right. It’s all about how to collaborate and network not just people but the related entities such as their online creations, images other activities and what not. This is what I can see happening in the new era of social networking! Probably, one can argue that we are all loosing privacy…but by your choice.

    @Shirley, thanks for coming back with your homework done 🙂 Yep, a little spying on others is an exciting consequence of having such a site 😆 I always had problems with other aggregators to digg out.

    @Dennis, give it a try and let me know if it helps at all… Anyway, it’s not a paid service and this is not a paid review either. I just wanted to get more ideas on how to tap this stuff.

    @Kurt, it’s indeed a cool idea…the point is how can you utilize it more effectively… some thoughts are already provided by other commenters. If you just want your own blog comments, you can aggregate them via any feedreader. The point is where all you comment and track them in one place, if possible at all.

    Thanks everyone for your views.

  10. @Ajith Great write-up — thanks!

    @Everyone Thanks for all your comments

  11. @Chris, thanks for your visit and good to see BackType co-founder here. I am following you as well as Mike Montano to peep into your activities – in the Blogosphere – via BackType 🙂

  12. Thanks for the review. This looks really useful. I’m going to try to check it out. I like the idea of increasing my reach. And personally I think very little privacy is left so I’m not really concerned about that.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… 5 Unpopular (Anti) Social Articles

  13. And an excellent idea it is. I figure a commenting fool like myself might benefit nicely. 🙂

  14. @Kim, I had responded to yours and Dennis’ comments but got deleted by mistake.

    BackType may be useful in many ways and if what I saw today in my Google Analytics is any indication of its potential, it can generated decent traffic as well. I received 9 visits today from BackType (off which 3 or 4 where Shirley’s or her readers experiments I guess, it was via VelvetBlues as source it read. Another one was from Kurt’s blog – rest looks natural traffic). Yep, privacy seems to be the last priority if you war social networking 🙂

    @Dennis, check it out… You have to be open for newer ideas to continuously improve 🙂

  15. Perhaps you misread me? Indeed I’m always open…already signed up as stated above. 🙂

  16. @Dennis, nope I did not misread… I just reflected the same opinion as you 🙂

  17. I’m a member and it *is* pretty cool.

    Ron Bailey’s last blog post… Calendar Dec. 08


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