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About four months ago I had written about BackType comment aggregator service. Since I came to know the existence of this tool, I have been a big fan of the same and visited it every now and then to figure out where all I had commented as well as to find comments on other blogs about my posts via Backtype connect online query.

Recently, Backtype launched an amazing WordPress plugin to unleash the power of comments and web conversations further. Backtype Connect plugin and widgets now can be integrated to your WordPress blog posts and sidebars respectively where your readers get to see what others are talking about your posts, or where you are commenting at the moment.

Backtype connect aggregation

At the moment, Backtype can track comments about your blog on blog platforms including WordPress, Blogger and Typepad and channels like twitter and friendfeed. So, if somebody had tweeted about your post, Backtype can track and consolidate it whereby the connect plugin show those conversations alongside the actual post comments.

You can download the plugin from the backtype plugins page and the widgets from the widgets page there in. You can see the backtype widget in action on the sidebar here (Note: Removed on 30 Apr 09 in preparation to upgrade the theme). Installing and configuring the plugin is very straightforward as in the case any WP plugin. I however, had a problem with the sidebar as soon as I activated the plugin (This could be my issue as I am still sitting on a very old version of WP and more over, I have modified my style sheets and theme files a lot)

The widget is working quite well for me though I would experiment with the remaining widgets as time permits.

As I have maintained in the past, blog comments have huge potential and many times the concepts and ideas originating from comments go un-captured. Research based start up ventures like Backtype could a lot more to index and reuse these comments which are typically several times in magnitude compared to the actual number of post. Remember, we are talking about a huge pile of intellectual property that is spread out in the blogosphere and social networks here.

For those who didn’t know what Backtype is, I suggest that you visit their website once to get the idea behind the same. And those who tried out the connect plugin may share your experiences here. I want to know if anybody else had the sidebar alignment issue.

Happy Blogging and commenting!


  1. Back type has immense possibilities, thanks that someone come up with a widget, it will go viral for sure.

  2. Thanks for your kind words

    Regarding the trouble you had with the plugin, it may be due to the version of WordPress you’re running, but it’s probably the theme. Although we only support WordPress 2.7+, we’ve heard of people getting the plugin to work successfully on 2.6.

    Another great plugin you can try is the My Comments Elsewhere plugin, or you can use the brand new ConvoTrack button, both created by someone using the BackType API.

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  3. Feeding my plugin addiction, thanks man!

  4. Thank you very much for introducing. me with this plugin. I will try this.


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  5. Cool widget that I was not aware of. Thanks Ajith for sharing. Stumbled

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  6. @Shanker, yes. Blog comments are quite underrated and underutilized right now. Just see how Google used the search channel and indexed pages, images to newer heights to build a huge business around it. Similarly, I somehow feel that blog comments will evolve into something big soon.

    @CG, Thanks… I shall check out the plugin & the button mentioned. Time permitting, I shall play around with your APIs as well. Wish you all the best with Backtype and I hope you guys can take it to newer heights.

    @Dennis, @Nihar, thanks… Let me know if you faced any issue on the sidebar. Probably it’s my theme that’s causing the trouble.

    @SK, thanks for the stumble buddy.


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