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Online shopping affiliate programs

Online shopping in India is still not as big as it was projected to be but there are a few areas where there’s some momentum. The following are some of the best online shopping mall affiliate programs in India.

5. affiliate program is a premier online shopping portal for books, music-movie-game CDs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. They provide a very reliable affiliate program that is easy to join and track. Here are the details of this program.

Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 1% to 6% per sale (1% for mobile phones, 4% for CDs/DVDs and 6% for books)
Minimum payout: Rs. 250/- for Flipkart gift cards and Rs.2500/- for cheques
Payment modes: Cheque, Gift cards
Payment schedule: 60 days holding period for a particular month’s sales – i.e. paid on third month
Promotion channels support: Any

Click here to join the FlipKart affiliate program

6. IndiaTimes Shopping affiliate

Affiliate network: Shoogloo Network
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 10% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any

Join IndiaTimes shopping affiliate program

7. Ferns n Petals program

FnP is India’s leading flowers, sweets and gift delivery portal. They do have an awesome affiliate program as per the following details.

Affiliate network: DGM India
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission:15% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any

Learn more about FNP affiliate program

There is a lot of potential other niches (e.g. Career portals, Archies gifts/cards) to start their own affiliate programs but many of them after initial experiments and/or failed campaigns have closed down – for example, had an affiliate program till last year but it doesn’t seem to exist any longer. You may also recall that the eBay India partner program was discontinued in India sometime back.

Top affiliate networks in India

When it comes to affiliate networks in India, there aren’t many that provide huge number of products to market. As of today Clix Galore and DGM India are the leading ones while a few others have closed down. Also, none of the affiliate networks or programs in India offer a multi-tier affiliate programs and that is not good for people like me.

Some of the ad networks in India (e.g. Komli, Tyroo) are focusing more on direct ad campaigns for brands rather than passing the bounty to affiliates who could promote it. Hopefully this trend will change soon.


Please note that though I have signed up with most of the programs mentioned above, I am actively marketing only one or two of them. Based on my experiences, I shall probably write individual reviews about them later. At the moment, my campaign expenses are on the higher side as compared to the commission received from these programs. However, generic websites with huge traffic must be earning a lot out of these affiliate programs that are India specific.

Happy money making!

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