Best Affiliate programs in India

Online shopping affiliate programs

Online shopping in India is still not as big as it was projected to be but there are a few areas where there’s some momentum. The following are some of the best online shopping mall affiliate programs in India.

5. affiliate program is a premier online shopping portal for books, music-movie-game CDs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. They provide a very reliable affiliate program that is easy to join and track. Here are the details of this program.

Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 1% to 6% per sale (1% for mobile phones, 4% for CDs/DVDs and 6% for books)
Minimum payout: Rs. 250/- for Flipkart gift cards and Rs.2500/- for cheques
Payment modes: Cheque, Gift cards
Payment schedule: 60 days holding period for a particular month’s sales – i.e. paid on third month
Promotion channels support: Any

Click here to join the FlipKart affiliate program

6. IndiaTimes Shopping affiliate

Affiliate network: Shoogloo Network
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 10% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any

Join IndiaTimes shopping affiliate program

7. Ferns n Petals program

FnP is India’s leading flowers, sweets and gift delivery portal. They do have an awesome affiliate program as per the following details.

Affiliate network: DGM India
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission:15% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any

Learn more about FNP affiliate program

There is a lot of potential other niches (e.g. Career portals, Archies gifts/cards) to start their own affiliate programs but many of them after initial experiments and/or failed campaigns have closed down – for example, had an affiliate program till last year but it doesn’t seem to exist any longer. You may also recall that the eBay India partner program was discontinued in India sometime back.

Top affiliate networks in India

When it comes to affiliate networks in India, there aren’t many that provide huge number of products to market. As of today Clix Galore and DGM India are the leading ones while a few others have closed down. Also, none of the affiliate networks or programs in India offer a multi-tier affiliate programs and that is not good for people like me.

Some of the ad networks in India (e.g. Komli, Tyroo) are focusing more on direct ad campaigns for brands rather than passing the bounty to affiliates who could promote it. Hopefully this trend will change soon.


Please note that though I have signed up with most of the programs mentioned above, I am actively marketing only one or two of them. Based on my experiences, I shall probably write individual reviews about them later. At the moment, my campaign expenses are on the higher side as compared to the commission received from these programs. However, generic websites with huge traffic must be earning a lot out of these affiliate programs that are India specific.

Happy money making!

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  1. I just signup for Flipkart hope I will earn some money , btw very nice post I never knew about Indian Affiliate’s:)

  2. Tyroo is a confirmed fraud, legacy of third-class BPO companies from India that need to be wiped out.

  3. Vivekm :

    Hi all…
    I want to make online money ..i hv searched a lot but im not able to get a genuine site…plz help me so that I can also make money like u all…
    plz help me…

    • Vivek, Not all of them who claim to make money actually make a lot of money :) However, there are 100s of Indians who made it big with AdSense. As for affiliate programs, I do not know much about others but what worked for me has been mentioned in this post. Also, Amazon affiliate program works well on one of my other blogs.

  4. abhinav :

    please give me information on how to start affiliate based work without having a website of my own….searched a lot on internet but not able to choose one to start with…….guys please do reply…..

    • Usually no affiliate program will approve without having a website because they want to know how you will send traffic. In principle, you can make money via affiliate program without a website but approval is the problem. I suggest that you build a website OR show a friend’s website to get approved. After that you may even sell via AdWords etc.

  5. Ujjwal :

    Very good list but I think weebly, yola and jabong also providing good opportunity to make money online from blogging by using their affiliate programs

  6. Hi Ajith, we produce toys in SriLanka for export and I am looking for affiliate network for gift and toys to e/sell in India. I have a Magento webshop ready to go.

    Any chance…..any tips….

    Thanks FS

  7. Very few in india can you suggest me is there any affiliate program for online recharge company .

  8. is indian gods, guru, saints and mahatmas wallpapers, images, pictures, articles website. I want to earn from the website. Please suggest me affialte or CPC or CPM which one should i choose.

  9. aashish dhiman :

    Don’t use such affliate programes i think google adsense is the best. They have very rich ads.

    • Shivshi :

      Google Adsense isn’t as great as it looks like. For some niche it works pretty great but for some it’s noting more than few hairs left on a bald man head. I had a blog which had 8-10K daily pageviews but Adsense was not able to give me even $2 a day. I tries all placements and ad types. So Adsense ka gungan har jagah mat kiya karo.

  10. I have tried before but I didn’t get chance to redeem as I didnt reach the required amount.

    I am planning to go for travel stuff as the amount we get in that per booking would be high… I agree that the no. of people doing booking from our site will be very very less but if at all we just get few that will do.

    Thx for this article…


  11. pushpa :

    Hi would like to know about affiliate marketing, totally ignorant about this..Can u guide me? Do we have to have a website? Can I as a individual join? How do we start? Pls revert as would like to start earning a few bucks..

    • Pushpa, yes individuals can join as affiliates to either affiliate networks (e.g.,,,, etc) or affiliate programs of specific products (that are not under the networks mentioned above). In either case, you have to decide which product to market based on what kind of web traffic you have. E.g. if you have a blog about health and beauty, you have to pick related products to market. The other option is a to spend money on email marketing or PPC advertising (e.g. AdWords) to drive traffic and potential buyers to your site and landing pages.

      In all cases, as an affiliate, you get a certain commission for all sales triggered by your site traffic (i.e. someone clicking and buying the product from your links)

      Also, you have to choose products based on where you get your web traffic from. That’s why, here I have explained some affiliate products that are for the Indian traffic.

      • john :

        Do they allow foreign affiliates? Last time I checked, I think it was Flipkart, commerce with India was very strict, we have to have an Indian social security number, right? very depressing…

      • Ankit :


        I am looking for email marketing affiliates as i am an email marketing expert. can you guide me with these kind of programs available in india? i tried to search for it but did not find much.


        • Yest there are plenty of option, you can join different affiliate programs available in India
          like OMG, DGM, Tyroo, Komli, Trootrac, Shoogloo etc.
          You can choose one or all of them and many more are their.

      • ashwin :

        I just want to know that how much one can make in affiliate program in dollars by doing affiliate marketing of USA or UK products have u ever tried any ..did u find it profitable..

        • Of course, it’s profitable. However, trying them via Google Adwords may rip you off. Best thing would be to write reviews on your blog about such products and place their banners and attract organic traffic.

  12. PRADEEP :

    pls send me more details. my mobile is 9250650627 and 9910826582

  13. Nikhil :


    If I have affiliation of affiliate program or BharatMatrimony affiliate program, MakeMyTrip affiliate program or Yatra affiliate program then can I promote it on free classified sites.

  14. Sunil :

    very usefull post…but sir do there any other affilate network for gadget or shopping sites??

    • I have flipkart affiliate program on my personal blog that’s India specific traffic. None other from India that I use.

      • Adi sen :

        dear Ajith Prasad Edassery can you please tell me that how much time flipkart takes to pay its affilates
        and when they are paid

        • Rs. 2500/- is the flipkart affiliate payment threshold. They pay at the end of every month for proceeds from previous month. You have to update your bank information (a/c number, name, IFSC code) in your affiliate page -. My account section.

  15. gyan :

    Hello Sir,
    I want to start my site and put paid (PPC) ads on it, and for each registered, logged in user’s click i want to give some commission to the end user also, to maximize the number of clicks.
    i m planning not to put any other information on it, just wanna make money and share it with others too.
    My networking is good, so getting members is not a problem.Is it possible? And which are the places from where i’ll get PPC Ads for my portal?
    Kindly help..

    • AdSense supports such a setup where by you can use your logged in user’s publisher ID to give them the benefit directly. However, if you want to take a share yourself and pay your visitors/logged in users the rest, you may need a bit complicated system in place. I am not aware of such a system or piece of script.

    • sanjay :

      i am sanjay kumar tiwari from We are selling educational products on our website about stock market. Our product has high demand and we sell 1 product per 200 visits. We are starting our own affiliate network to promote our products. The details about which is available at our website

  16. Chandan :

    The affiliate website does not pay anything for free profile so plz update. You can check their publisher page they say only when a free profile gets converted to paid membership, then you get paid.

  17. rainder singh :

    do u know any affiliate program for online movies tickets booking

  18. John :

    Which among Flipkart and Amazon is better for Indian onliners? I assume there are differences in their affiliate commissions as well as payouts. Can you please clarify? Thanks in advance.

  19. Anurag kumar :

    Great list friend. I wasn’t aware of those many websites offering affiliate program in India. I am going to try flipkart as it is very famous among Indians and anybody buys things. Thanks

  20. Sambhaji :

    It is very good information.


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