Best Affiliate programs in India

Affiliate marketing is arguably the best online money making opportunity that bloggers, webmasters and other Internet marketers have at their disposal. The lack of good affiliate programs in India, however, force most Indian marketers to look up to popular foreign affiliate networks in order to carry out their campaigns and make money online. Many of them in fact target the US and Canada traffic alone to sell products relevant there and totally avoid marketing in India.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer of certain Indian products in the Indian market via your blog, website or email-social marketing, you are left with very few options when it comes to affiliate programs and networks. Here are some of the best affiliate programs in India that I could dig out.

Matrimonial affiliate programs

Thanks to our huge population and arranged marriage concepts, the matrimonial sites really thrive in India. Most of the matrimonial portals in India have good affiliate programs though the leading ones are the following:

1. affiliate program – Shaadi Rewards

Affiliate network: own managed
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger with personal blogs, news websites etc can apply. Rated/explicit/violent/stolen content cannot promote the brand (and that is the case with other affiliate programs mentioned below as well)
Referral commission: Rs. 10 to 25 per free profile. Revenue share of up to 40% for paid profiles.
Minimum payout: Rs. 990/- for Indian affiliates and Rs. 5000/- for foreign affiliates
Payment modes: Cheque for Indians and PayPal for foreign affiliates.
Payment schedule: Every month (i.e. Previous month’s earnings paid during current month subject to minimum balance)
Promotion channels support: Allows email marketing, PPC advertising etc but prefers website traffic and dedicated website page for matrimonial promotion in order to achieve 50% commission.

Read more about Shaadi Rewards

2. BharatMatrimony affiliate program – MatriMoney

Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger with personal blogs, news websites etc can apply.
Referral commission: An ‘undisclosed’ fixed amount per free profile signup. Revenue share of up to 25% for paid profiles from their first payment alone.
Minimum payout: Rs. 200/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Every month
Promotion channels support: Allows PPC advertising but with very strict copyright guidelines. Website traffic preferred.

Learn more about MatriMoney affiliate program

Travel affiliate programs

Tourism and hospitality industry is booming in India and there’s plenty of business travel as well – thanks to the fast developing economy. The following are the best travel affiliate programs in India.

3. MakeMyTrip affiliate program

Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger who write about with air, travel, hotel, holidays, packaged tour, cruise program, car rental content can apply. Must not have competitor content (, ClearTrip,…) on the promoted pages.
Referral commission: 3% to 5% of air fare base price for domestic flights. Rs 500/- flat on International flight bookings. Holiday packages and hotels 8% of the published tariff.
Minimum payout: Rs. 5000/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Every month (45 days from previous months earnings)
Promotion channels support: N/A.

Read more about MakeMyTrip affiliate program

4. Yatra affiliate program

Affiliate network: Shoogloo Network
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: Rs. 120/- to 600/- per booking
Minimum payout: Rs. 5000/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: N/A
Promotion channels support: N/A

Learn more about Yatra affiliate program
(Note: They have switched many affiliate platforms and networks and hence some information is still not available. Will provide more information if I get to hear from their affiliate manager)

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  1. in affiliate accounts, i personally will not suggest,, as they are not trustworhty, that’s what i think, um still waiting for my first cheque, and i don’t think so , it will come future.

    • They are more focussing on big channels and big accounts, I think, on top of their own PPC advertising. But if they are frauds and not paying money they should be exposed. And you can effectively do that by writing about the same – Let us see if a few more readers think so, in which case we will call it a scam for sure 🙂

    • I am interested in selling Health and Beauty products on a cpa basis in India, any suggestions of reliable/proven networks?

  2. Good to see that there are affliate programs even in India. But Alas! There payrate are too low as compared to international affliate programs.

    • India will provide tremendous Internet marketing opportunities in the coming years. At the moment, yes, they look on the lower side. However, the programs from MakeMyTrip, Flipkart etc are successfully used by many webmasters in India and they are not bad at all.

  3. Hi can you tell me if u have done a post how you market your affiliate programmes ..

    or give me a link of the post which u have successfully done

  4. Dont know which all pays. About, I too heard the same.

  5. Actually, it’s one of the great affiliate programs on here. At the time, don’t believe any matrimonial affiliate programs because it’s not worthy in it. Thank you so much for given great work on here 🙂

  6. It takes long to make to’s threshold..

    • I am getting my payment every month. The best part of is that they provide various size of banners and text ads. So we can use them anywhere on the site even if there is a small space.

      • You must be working for As most of us believe that affiliate program is not worth.

        Ashish is right ” It takes long to make to threshold”.

  7. It seems to me that India has great development on affiliate programs than my country. I am still looking for Vietnamese affiliate programs that really pay, but I found nothing 🙁

    BTW, international affiliate programs provide higher income in comparing with local ones

  8. In this List Rewards Program is Excellent. me using the same for last few years. for normal registrations 30 INR and for Paid 900 INR, They paying on time and communications and good. its highly recommended for entertainment sites/blogs. they proving a banners/ads in many formats and size.

  9. I’m also agreed with this development of affiliate programs in India. It is really true that, they are developing soon. But their rate is too low than the demand. It should be changed.

  10. i have joined shooglo and dmg i preffer dmg its best
    can you suggest me some top international affilate programes

  11. It will take quite some time before affiliate programs become popular in India and people like us get paid!! Till that time bank on google adsense!

  12. Great post dude.

    Thanks for sharing this. I know flipkart and matrimony sites but not the other ones.

    Thanks again for sharing these.

  13. Hello Ajith,

    I have started a matrimonial site called Do you think there is room for another matrimonial portal in the overcrowded market with clear giants ruling the scene..?

    Mangaliam is designed as an ad-supported site which is completely free for the users.

    What do you think I should do to make it a success.

    Thanks and best regards


    • @Manoj,
      Matrimonials is never a saturated market due to the very nature of Indian culture. However, you will have to take on those biggie matrimonial sites that have huge advertising budget. They have advertisements on Google ads, Indian ad networks, television, hoardings, news paper and on top of that SEO as well. You have to decide which of these routes you want to take based on your budget to build a database of a few thousand real candidates.

      I had a friend who started one of the first matrimonial sites in 1998 and closed that down in 2003 or so facing stiff competition. He used to make between 50K to 1 lakh per month via paid profiles then. It was closed down mainly because he had to employ two people to track, approve profiles and payments, scan photos received by post etc.

      Good luck!

  14. Thanks for clear review.
    Have you tried tyroo, Are they reliable i.e. Pay on time?

  15. I could not understand flipkart payment schedule. I have crossed the payment threshold previous month but still showing “Payment Thresold not reached”. They don’t respond my emails also their call center have no information on it.

    Would they pay or not?

  16. @vivek

    “They don’t respond my emails also their call center have no information on it.”

    Same here. Im a bit worried. Are they really genuine?

    and vivek, did you get your payment?

  17. @vamsi

    Not till now! still showing “Payment Thresold not reached” on flipkart acc. I think flipkart is using their affiliates as a free advertising. They are Not reliable. I have helped them for sells of 4 lack INR. but they have not given me even a single penny till yet 🙁

  18. They have not given any option to take a backup of affiliate sales reports. Should I take screen shots of my earning reports?

    • Better do that and keep. If they don’t pay, let us act. I had written to the affiliate manager for a different query on promotion methods and they responded in two-three days

  19. Thanks for Sharing Such a Nice list . But i think there should lists of Pay Per Visit (PPV) Programs. PPV is becoming new leader in market.
    From my side I am Sharing Websites Which are Best PPV Programs and I used :

    1. Clicksor ( – Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $5.20
    2. Shineads ( – Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $8.50
    3. Infinity ADS ( – Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $4.75


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