Bidvertiser Secrets – Optimize your Bidvertiser ads for better CPC and CTR

How to manually select the best paying ads?
Once you have set up your Bidvertiser for a new domain and manual approval option selected, you Bidvertiser Manual approval processcould go to the Ad Status tab and manually approve all the ads there that are above a particular Max bid value, say $0.25. This one time effort can take as long as 5-6 minutes. Subsequently, on a regular basis (say once in two days or so) you need to log on to your Bidvertiser account and approve any new ads [Bidvertiser tip] that are available based on your criteria.

The following is the strategy that I use to approve ads:

  • All ads with the highest bid of a minimum $0.25 is approved blindly regardless of the geographic regions
  • If there are ads specifically geo-targeting countries like India, Pakistan, China and certain East European or African nations, I approve them even if the highest bid is only $0.05. If you do not do this, the fill rate is going to be low for those regions [Bidvertiser tip]
  • However, if there are higher bids (than $0.05 covering the above geographic regions) then you donโ€™t need to necessarily choose ads with such low bids. Please note that, despite all these optimizations you might still fill-rate issues at times
  • Understand (from your Google Analytics or Alexa statistics) which all countries you get more traffic from and select the ads with best bids for those locations

It is only a matter of time, before you get used to this approval process and learn on the fly how CPC can be improved. Depending on the fill rate, you may choose not to approve ads on a daily basis but move towards a weekly cycle or so.

Other tips

  • Referral program: Bidvertiser has one of the best publisher & advertiser referral schemes among the CPC ad networks. Basically you will earn $5 when your referred publisher earns $10 and an additional $40 when he earns $50. The click through rate for their banners is pretty high as well and hence use referral banners for maximum returns [Bidvertiser tip]
  • Avoid putting more than one Bidvertiser ad block per page as there is a very high chance of repeated ads being displayed.
  • Avoid Bidvertiser for feed ads as my initial experiments did not yield much from the feed ads despite having a decent number of feed subscriptions

If you are not yet a Bidvertiser publisher, you might want to sign up now! Also consider the Bidvertiser FREE advertising options for your blog or website as mentioned in one of my older posts.

Hope these tips are useful to you to optimize your Bidvertiser returns. Please provide your comments on this post and feel free to bookmark the same so that it can be useful for others as well.

Happy money making with Bidvertiser!

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  1. hey i have added.. bidvertiser on my blog…
    but now its not showing adds…
    please help….
    it always shows your add here for free
    but last week it was fine showing propper adds
    now i am screwed
    plx help

  2. My experience with bidvertiser too has been a bad one…..using them from around 1 mnth nw……will try modifying the way you mentioned……
    thnks a lot…..:)….

  3. hello
    I use bigvertiser on my blog but i didnt get clicks as per my expectation .so can i use trffic exchange to increase the traffic.kindly guide us

  4. @Folks, many times the ad fill rate in countries like India will be low due to low targetted bidding and hence ‘Your Ad Here’. Even otherwise, probably bidvertiser may not be doing all that great at the moment as compared to the time of writing this post.

    @m, traffic exchange is not anything good to increase your earnings. You need to get search engine traffic for any kind of conversions.

  5. I have a new account of Bidvertiser. But I always see Bidvertiser show “your ad here for free” ads in my site. Is it really like that for new account? thank you so much…

    • That’s pretty much the scene initially though it should start filling in. In bidvertiser, however, it shows ‘Your ad here’ at least in one or two ad slots within a group.

  6. I just realize that I made a mistake with bidvertiser

  7. Guys,
    Clearly Adsense is annoying due to the fact that they cannot approve my account for 4 weeks. With Bidvertiser, within minutes Iam able to use the code… but with “Place Your Ad Here”. Reason why Im not seeing any Bidvertisement on this website.

  8. No comparision between adsense and bidvertiser. Adsense is best. Bidvertiser is very poor network and they don’t count of 90% clicks. Ads also no good like adsense.

  9. Hi,

    What is this free design? When i select that tab all i see (next to the small button ad i already selected) is one that says “free design” (200 x250) size with “customise colors” next to that .

    I thoght we could select different sizes ?


    • Yes…but free design provides exact sizing for example if you have a 300 x 150 space left, you could utilize that with a free design. I hope the feature is still available.

  10. Kindly let me know ..

    how to select ads manually!! I am unable to find that option!!

  11. how can i place ads between posts

  12. i used to bidvertiser but how i go to adstatus please send to me

  13. hi,

    Revenue $10.79 is this field that indicates how much you make on bidvertiser?

    I already went over the minimum payment to paypal. What i need to do to raise money to paypal?

    Enyone help please


    • @Pedro,
      I do not use it any more. This was way back in 2008 when I started this blog. I had made around $250 or 260 from Bidvertiser when I stopped it so it’s not $10.79 ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure how good are they now.

      Aren’t you able to get money to PayPal? Usually they send it on NET 30 basis (30 days after) – you don’t need to request for it.

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