Bidvertiser Secrets – Optimize your Bidvertiser ads for better CPC and CTR

Bidvertiser has been the main PPC ad program on this blog ever since my Google account started misbehaving. Initially, my Bidvertiser ads were giving only 7 or 8 cents per click and the click through rate (CTR) was very poor as well when compared to my Google AdSense experience. Bidvertiser PPCWith a couple month long experiments, though, now I have reached a point where the average CPC is as high as 21 (individual clicks up to $0.48 so far). In this post, I would like to share some tips based on what I did to optimize my Bidvertiser ads.

Improving the CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

It is true that the bidvertiser ads do not look as elegant as their AdSense counter parts. I always thought that the Google AdSense ads somehow entice the readers to click on them where as Bidvertiser stock templates are a little bit repulsive. So our first aim is to fix this problem.

Fortunately, Bidvertiser ads can be customized in terms of font face and size and not just colors as in the case of AdSense. For the best results, you need to make sure that your Bidvertiser ads blend so nicely with your content by picking the right fonts and sizes [Bidvertiser tip].

The next step is to select the right ad size. The beauty with Bidvertiser, again, is that they allow ad blocks or random sizes to make them fit the best possible way. So always choose the Free Design template option [Bidvertiser tip] and specify the ad block’s width and height in a way that it just fits your ad requirements and available space. Even if you want to choose stock sizes, designing them in the Free Design mode may give you better fitting ads. The dimension I have chosen for my square ad block is 200×180 and that for the mini-tower being 160×300.

Bidvertiser Freedesign The popular wide skyscraper block (160×600) – at least for me – has not yielded the same results for me as my 160×300 custom block. Remember, this is one of the highest yielding ad block size for Google AdSense. Another reason not to go for a wide skyscraper for Bidvertiser [Bidvertiser tip] ads is that, sometimes when the fill-rate is low, it shows a bunch of “Your Ad Here For Free” blocks which is really ugly looking.

Improving the earnings per click (CPC)

One of the campaigns against Bidvertiser is that the earnings per click or CPC rate is very low. This is a definite issue as long as you are not properly customizing your ads. Let me explain to you what I did in this regard which boosted my average CPC from 7, in the initial stages, to 21 cents per click as of today.

Choosing the right categories: When you add a domain under your Bidvertiser publisher account choosing the right main and sub categories is a very important step [Bidvertiser tip]. For example, under the Computer & Internet main category, there are subcategories such as Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read, Advertising, Marketing & SEO, Webmasters & Blogging Resources etc. Unfortunately, you can only pick one of those sub-categories although your blog must be dealing with a mix of all. In my case, I chose Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read which is working well as far as the ads go, though, I deal with other sub topics as well in this blog. Once the main category and subcategory are selected, there is no way a publisher can change this without deleting the domain and getting it approved again. So as a publisher you have to be careful here.

Ad filtering mode: Using the Preferences option there is a possibility to manually approve ads. For the best results, you should choose the manual approval option [Bidvertiser tip]. This option comes with the additional burden of having to approve new ads manually, but it’s worth that effort.

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  1. hey i have added.. bidvertiser on my blog…
    but now its not showing adds…
    please help….
    it always shows your add here for free
    but last week it was fine showing propper adds
    now i am screwed
    plx help

  2. My experience with bidvertiser too has been a bad one…..using them from around 1 mnth nw……will try modifying the way you mentioned……
    thnks a lot…..:)….

  3. hello
    I use bigvertiser on my blog but i didnt get clicks as per my expectation .so can i use trffic exchange to increase the traffic.kindly guide us

  4. @Folks, many times the ad fill rate in countries like India will be low due to low targetted bidding and hence ‘Your Ad Here’. Even otherwise, probably bidvertiser may not be doing all that great at the moment as compared to the time of writing this post.

    @m, traffic exchange is not anything good to increase your earnings. You need to get search engine traffic for any kind of conversions.

  5. I have a new account of Bidvertiser. But I always see Bidvertiser show “your ad here for free” ads in my site. Is it really like that for new account? thank you so much…

    • That’s pretty much the scene initially though it should start filling in. In bidvertiser, however, it shows ‘Your ad here’ at least in one or two ad slots within a group.

  6. I just realize that I made a mistake with bidvertiser

  7. Guys,
    Clearly Adsense is annoying due to the fact that they cannot approve my account for 4 weeks. With Bidvertiser, within minutes Iam able to use the code… but with “Place Your Ad Here”. Reason why Im not seeing any Bidvertisement on this website.

  8. No comparision between adsense and bidvertiser. Adsense is best. Bidvertiser is very poor network and they don’t count of 90% clicks. Ads also no good like adsense.

  9. Hi,

    What is this free design? When i select that tab all i see (next to the small button ad i already selected) is one that says “free design” (200 x250) size with “customise colors” next to that .

    I thoght we could select different sizes ?


    • Yes…but free design provides exact sizing for example if you have a 300 x 150 space left, you could utilize that with a free design. I hope the feature is still available.

  10. Kindly let me know ..

    how to select ads manually!! I am unable to find that option!!

  11. how can i place ads between posts

  12. i used to bidvertiser but how i go to adstatus please send to me

  13. hi,

    Revenue $10.79 is this field that indicates how much you make on bidvertiser?

    I already went over the minimum payment to paypal. What i need to do to raise money to paypal?

    Enyone help please


    • @Pedro,
      I do not use it any more. This was way back in 2008 when I started this blog. I had made around $250 or 260 from Bidvertiser when I stopped it so it’s not $10.79 🙂 Not sure how good are they now.

      Aren’t you able to get money to PayPal? Usually they send it on NET 30 basis (30 days after) – you don’t need to request for it.

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