Bidvertiser Secrets – Optimize your Bidvertiser ads for better CPC and CTR

Bidvertiser has been the main PPC ad program on this blog ever since my Google account started misbehaving. Initially, my Bidvertiser ads were giving only 7 or 8 cents per click and the click through rate (CTR) was very poor as well when compared to my Google AdSense experience. Bidvertiser PPCWith a couple month long experiments, though, now I have reached a point where the average CPC is as high as 21 (individual clicks up to $0.48 so far). In this post, I would like to share some tips based on what I did to optimize my Bidvertiser ads.

Improving the CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

It is true that the bidvertiser ads do not look as elegant as their AdSense counter parts. I always thought that the Google AdSense ads somehow entice the readers to click on them where as Bidvertiser stock templates are a little bit repulsive. So our first aim is to fix this problem.

Fortunately, Bidvertiser ads can be customized in terms of font face and size and not just colors as in the case of AdSense. For the best results, you need to make sure that your Bidvertiser ads blend so nicely with your content by picking the right fonts and sizes [Bidvertiser tip].

The next step is to select the right ad size. The beauty with Bidvertiser, again, is that they allow ad blocks or random sizes to make them fit the best possible way. So always choose the Free Design template option [Bidvertiser tip] and specify the ad block’s width and height in a way that it just fits your ad requirements and available space. Even if you want to choose stock sizes, designing them in the Free Design mode may give you better fitting ads. The dimension I have chosen for my square ad block is 200×180 and that for the mini-tower being 160×300.

Bidvertiser Freedesign The popular wide skyscraper block (160×600) – at least for me – has not yielded the same results for me as my 160×300 custom block. Remember, this is one of the highest yielding ad block size for Google AdSense. Another reason not to go for a wide skyscraper for Bidvertiser [Bidvertiser tip] ads is that, sometimes when the fill-rate is low, it shows a bunch of “Your Ad Here For Free” blocks which is really ugly looking.

Improving the earnings per click (CPC)

One of the campaigns against Bidvertiser is that the earnings per click or CPC rate is very low. This is a definite issue as long as you are not properly customizing your ads. Let me explain to you what I did in this regard which boosted my average CPC from 7, in the initial stages, to 21 cents per click as of today.

Choosing the right categories: When you add a domain under your Bidvertiser publisher account choosing the right main and sub categories is a very important step [Bidvertiser tip]. For example, under the Computer & Internet main category, there are subcategories such as Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read, Advertising, Marketing & SEO, Webmasters & Blogging Resources etc. Unfortunately, you can only pick one of those sub-categories although your blog must be dealing with a mix of all. In my case, I chose Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read which is working well as far as the ads go, though, I deal with other sub topics as well in this blog. Once the main category and subcategory are selected, there is no way a publisher can change this without deleting the domain and getting it approved again. So as a publisher you have to be careful here.

Ad filtering mode: Using the Preferences option there is a possibility to manually approve ads. For the best results, you should choose the manual approval option [Bidvertiser tip]. This option comes with the additional burden of having to approve new ads manually, but it’s worth that effort.

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  1. Hey, I was using bidvertiser for one of my blog around one & half years ago. I had a really bad experiance with it interms of CPC. So, after that I never thought of experimenting it for other blogs. They might have done some improvements over time. But, Currently as I am running Adsense ads on my blog, It won’t be possible for me to test other content based ad networks as it will be a violation of the adsense publisher policy. This is the only bad thing about Adsense which I dont like. πŸ™‚

  2. Still its highly risky. Adsense is bit strict on their policies. They suspended one of my friends account for using adsense with some other content based ad network.

  3. Ajith.. Please clear it out, is that true, If we are using bitvertiser and adsense in same page will adsense suspend our account

    • Nav, this is what experts from AdSense help forums say:

      AdSense help link 1

      AdSense help link 2

      Basically, AdSense and Bidvertiser ads can appear on the same page but they must not look similar! Another thing, Google Adsense is a pure contextual network – which means that the contents of your page is crawled and according to that the ads are rendered. Bidvertiser is not purely contextual. They serve ads based on your category selection. So it’s completely safe to use both together as long as they are demarcated and look different.


  4. thanks for the tips, i am thinking to put bidvertiser on my blog. but i wonder will i make any with blogs such as mine

  5. Hey you should try Bidvertiser though it’s definitely not as appealing as AdSense. I am also planning to do an Adbrite experiment for a month and then AdSense once again to make a comparison of all these CPC programs for a 1 month period.


  6. Hahaha, I tried to deny all the ads under $.20 and apparently they have no other ads that fit my category because all i get now is the ugly, “You’re ad here free”

    Still, great guide, I’ll keep playing around with bidvertiser, its my only hope since being Adsense banned and YPN terminated

  7. @Andrew, it’s a trial and error thing. The following should be the aim.

    – For ads with only US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA targetted, choose your cut-off as something like $0.25
    – If nothing is mentioned as geographic target, you may even opt for a higher cut off like $0.50 or more as these ads will be more or less displayed everywhere
    – If you are not seeing enough ads from your access location, reduce your cut-off rate
    – Connect via a proxy server or WTS and check whether visit from different countries (as the proxy) are getting good fill rate. This check is required for many ad program to be successful
    – One problem with Bidvertiser is that even when ads are available to display, they show their stupid ad – that too not just in one ad line, but probably all lines in the particular slot πŸ™

    Hope this helps. I am taking a break from bidvertiser this month and put back Google AdSense. More than the immediate revenue, I am interested in comparing CPC programs with all optimizations done πŸ™‚ In another month, I would try Adbrite.


  8. Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I had forgotten that when I clicked “Manually approve all ads” it reset my settings, and that’s what caused them all to reset.

    Let me know how your research with other CPC companies goes. I’ve only had experience with Adsense, YPN, Chitika (hated it), and Bidvertiser (still bleh so far).

    I’ll post any updates here as I’ve subscribed for followup comments to be sent to my email πŸ™‚

  9. bidvertiser is a scam

  10. @Gabriel, Bidvertiser is not a scam – It’s one of the top three CPC networks after Google AdSense. Their auditing is strict but transparent. For example, Google bans you rightaway in case of fraud clicks/click bombing while Bidvertiser first sends you warning mail and only if issues persist they ban you. Also, there is a month end auditing of your clicks before approving them and to arrive at the final payment.

    Though AdSense still have the best CTR and earnings per click, Bidvertiser is not too bad either. I ran Bidvertiser for a couple of weeks July (at the time of this post) but got on an average of ~20 cents per click. I am attaching the payment proof for the same here. It’s not scam!

    Bidvertiser payment proof

  11. Hi Ajith! thanks for this nice post. sometimes google adsense displays the public service ads, and that is very annoying when they are not matching to your contents, however, bidvertiser ads give you the full control over the ads which are displayed on your blog or site. thanks again, and keep posting such stuff. I’ve subscribed your RSS feeds.

    Akhil’s last blog post…Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

  12. @Akhil, thanks for your visit and subscription. As you said, Bidvertiser provides greater control on what to display, but definitely AdSense CTR and earnings is a dash better. I keep switching between the two to continuously compare.

    As for the public service ads, sometimes if your content length (per post) is too high or the number of posts on the ad page is high, they display public service ads. Sometimes it is even due to a post with potentially foul language (one or two words may be). If the problem persists you could hide the posts one by one and verify that the public service ads go away.


  13. They didnt warn me but banned me immediatly, very unfriendly. I only ran bidvertiser for two days, 1million+ impressions. I am pretty sure I didnt do anything wrong, I do this for a living.

    Very unfriendly how they handle big publishers like they are nothing. I wouldnt recommend them at all, their CPC was very bad anyways. I wonder if I get paid…

  14. I still get the ad like “Your ad here for free”

  15. @LP, that’s strange… usually one should get the warning mails first and only if you continue doing mischief πŸ™‚ they will ban you…

    @Downloadic, it keeps happening with Bidvertiser. However, if you optimize the way I mentioned, the low fill rate can be still compensated with high rate clicks

  16. i want traffic to my site, please help me

  17. bidvertiser never worked for me but i gotta say after reading this post im going to try it again
    thanks alot

  18. @spidro, you are welcome and good luck… You can make more money from bidvertiser by signing up a few subscribers or advertisers under your account. Their affiliate program is decent as well

  19. Hi. Tnx for the info. I just signed up for Bidvertiser…gona find out what’s gona happen soon.

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  20. Hey there, I cannot figure out how to get more ad code into the area “Get Ad Code”? How can I get more code in there, instead of just the 1 bit of code that Bidvertiser gives you at the start?

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