Bidvertiser Secrets – Optimize your Bidvertiser ads for better CPC and CTR

Bidvertiser has been the main PPC ad program on this blog ever since my Google account started misbehaving. Initially, my Bidvertiser ads were giving only 7 or 8 cents per click and the click through rate (CTR) was very poor as well when compared to my Google AdSense experience. Bidvertiser PPCWith a couple month long experiments, though, now I have reached a point where the average CPC is as high as 21 (individual clicks up to $0.48 so far). In this post, I would like to share some tips based on what I did to optimize my Bidvertiser ads.

Improving the CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

It is true that the bidvertiser ads do not look as elegant as their AdSense counter parts. I always thought that the Google AdSense ads somehow entice the readers to click on them where as Bidvertiser stock templates are a little bit repulsive. So our first aim is to fix this problem.

Fortunately, Bidvertiser ads can be customized in terms of font face and size and not just colors as in the case of AdSense. For the best results, you need to make sure that your Bidvertiser ads blend so nicely with your content by picking the right fonts and sizes [Bidvertiser tip].

The next step is to select the right ad size. The beauty with Bidvertiser, again, is that they allow ad blocks or random sizes to make them fit the best possible way. So always choose the Free Design template option [Bidvertiser tip] and specify the ad block’s width and height in a way that it just fits your ad requirements and available space. Even if you want to choose stock sizes, designing them in the Free Design mode may give you better fitting ads. The dimension I have chosen for my square ad block is 200×180 and that for the mini-tower being 160×300.

Bidvertiser Freedesign The popular wide skyscraper block (160×600) – at least for me – has not yielded the same results for me as my 160×300 custom block. Remember, this is one of the highest yielding ad block size for Google AdSense. Another reason not to go for a wide skyscraper for Bidvertiser [Bidvertiser tip] ads is that, sometimes when the fill-rate is low, it shows a bunch of “Your Ad Here For Free” blocks which is really ugly looking.

Improving the earnings per click (CPC)

One of the campaigns against Bidvertiser is that the earnings per click or CPC rate is very low. This is a definite issue as long as you are not properly customizing your ads. Let me explain to you what I did in this regard which boosted my average CPC from 7, in the initial stages, to 21 cents per click as of today.

Choosing the right categories: When you add a domain under your Bidvertiser publisher account choosing the right main and sub categories is a very important step [Bidvertiser tip]. For example, under the Computer & Internet main category, there are subcategories such as Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read, Advertising, Marketing & SEO, Webmasters & Blogging Resources etc. Unfortunately, you can only pick one of those sub-categories although your blog must be dealing with a mix of all. In my case, I chose Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read which is working well as far as the ads go, though, I deal with other sub topics as well in this blog. Once the main category and subcategory are selected, there is no way a publisher can change this without deleting the domain and getting it approved again. So as a publisher you have to be careful here.

Ad filtering mode: Using the Preferences option there is a possibility to manually approve ads. For the best results, you should choose the manual approval option [Bidvertiser tip]. This option comes with the additional burden of having to approve new ads manually, but it’s worth that effort.

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  1. @Pat, What did you mean by ‘getting more ad code’? Did you mean one more block of ads for your site? If so you have to use ‘Add new BidVertiser’ option under the tab PUBLISHER CENTER -> Manage BidVertisers. You have to select your domain and then add the block.

    Hope this helps

  2. Thanks for the tips.. I just now registered with bidvertiser.. let me give it a try.

    Ferry’s last blog post… U.K. Media Offer UFO Theories for Wind-Turbine Attack

  3. Thanks It s great info for my website I am using both the ads but on different pages. I hope thats ok.

  4. My experience with :
    – Adsense : got banned (invalid clicks),too strict
    – Adbrite : less than $ 1 after 1 year πŸ™
    – Bidvertiser : problem with fill rate.All websites approved
    – Clicksor : they have pop up ads,but they filter the websites.

    Please visit My Website, anjinghybrid that tell about dogs, i put bidvertiser ads on it and removed another ads

    I hope the informations may help.

  5. @temmy, well good summary πŸ™‚ As I maintained, the best option is always AdSense and the second best Bidvertiser, considering referral income as well, if you use it judiciously.

  6. SCAM WARNING!!!!! Do not give Bidvertiser your bank account details, they have taken large amounts of money from my bank without notice or permission. Their phone support goes unanswered and no e-mail response. If you have given Bidvertiser your bank card details then I strongly suggest that you cancel that card immediately! Bidvertiser are nothing more than a common thief!!!!

  7. @voodoo, if you have opted for PPC advertising with Bidvertiser and if you don’t fix and follow up on your daily spending, they will definitely keep charging for the service. But nobody will withdraw money from your bank account or card or PayPal if you are having only a publisher account.

    It would have been great if you provided your contact details (URL) etc where you used Bidvertiser and lost money. Defaming a service or person publicly without having any grounds will not do any good to anybody. On the other hand it can only adversely affect you, if you are a competitor πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the information, I have just started using bidvertiser, i will try the tricks the suggested above.

  9. Nice Information, Will give it a shot, However highest for a click 0.48 is not impressive as Adsesne Pays a $ Generally Many a times, have heard some Guys getting 40 $ for a click too (In Adsense) , still i’ll give it a shot

    • @Priyank, definitely AdSense pays a lot more πŸ™‚ These days their approval process is very strict and the earnings per click has gone down drastically as well.

  10. hello,
    This comment to all let you know, if your beginner eager to earn money online, I recommend only adsense & adbrite.

    Never bidvertiser at all.They are cheating & fraud. Here is my experience.

    I open bidvertiser publisher acccount, the ads doesn’t show at all expect few days.There is no good clicks.

    They have given me 20$ free credit in advertiser account. So I used that free credit, after started using advertiser account, ads were showing up in my website. So I thought I will get good click through rate in publisher account.

    When it reached around $10,I paused my ads in advertiser account.After that I got automated mails from them everyday,that you paused your ads .So I once again activated my ads in advertiser account.

    But they never send me any single mail, that my free credit in advertiser account is finished and I will be charged.So they charged me around $187 without my knowledge. They charged me $42 every week. If you dont look at the advertiser account very detail, you cannot able find out, because you may think it is free credit still there.

    So in summary, no single mail from them when your are charged. But they send mail, when you pause or delete ad.

    Bidvertiser is really big scam company!!!!

  11. @Suresh, any advertiser accounts (even Google AdWords) will rip you off if you are not careful and monitor the daily outflow. And you are right about the automdated mail that shows that your ads are on pause.

    However, I disagree with you on the statement that it’s a scam company. It’s a properly run online ad company and is placed next to AdSense – not in size and business volume. As for AdBrite, I have used it and haven’t seen it to be more effective than Bidvertiser…moreover, you never know what kind of rated ads they will push to your blog.

    During recession times, what I have noticed is that even AdSense clicks are not earning as much as they used to. However, I must emphasize on my previous statement that AdSense is still the leader and the automatic first choice…

  12. gud post dude!!

    not working gud for me……always showing me “Your ad here” ..i experienced a day gud for me. got some ads on that day ..after that same problem repeating….can anybody suggest me ..??

  13. Hey.. i am using bidvertiser & adbrite both but on both of them ads are not showing here in india.. what should i do.. Please help me its very urgent

  14. @Jayz, @Pushkar, with the recession on almost everyone is seeing more and more of those ‘Your Ad Here’ stuff…especially countries other than US/Canada. Hope things will improve soon.

  15. can I monitize my blog with both adbrite and bidvertiser…..?

    • You can… as long as the ad blocks look slightly different frome each other in terms of font, color etc. Most ad network ToS only talk about how can they be used with other networks via change in appearance.

  16. First I use adbrite but after 3rd and 4th days same msg display Your ad here….I did contant to support but no solution and after that I use Bidvertiser but in my home page I use three block which is totally different in view means a vertical, a horizental, and a free design by 240*190 the problem is that are all show same adds. Is this by same colour…or if u have any sol. then please reply me? chek it…..

  17. Bidvertiser shows ads on my site occasionally! what to do!

  18. I am currently experimenting with Bidvertiser, because adsense stopped working. I have a rather large number of visitors a day, but CPC and CTR is extremely low.

  19. Dear All\

    Please help me. I am new to bitvertiser… I have many visitors and conatcts who dies impressions and clicks for my ads and the click do not update. Impressions are updated… When they click on the ads I am not paid? Can anyone help me please


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