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A few posts ago I had featured some free online tools to find your blog’s worth. Blog pricing – for that matter even domain name website appraisal – is not something that can be done easily and realistically. But considering the ongoing trends like blog flipping, the time has arrived to come up with innovative mechanisms to appraise blogs and websites.

Blog Pricing AppraisalWhile going through the SitePoint marketplace (where most blogs/webiste sale happens) I found some interesting bids for some blogs and websites. Also I took a look at the price tags and bids on recently sold blogs and this kind of urged me to find out the worth of some of the popular blogs and the blogs that I know/read. The current blog worth of the 10 popular Make-Money-Online blogs are given below (I used dnScoop to evaluate and DPR Top MMO blogs to get the Top 10):

Top MMO Blogs and their worth

ProBlogger: $21,283,660 (USD 21 Millions)
John Chow: $223,040
ShoeMoney: $119,416
Blogsessive: $109,386
DailyBlogTips: $2,191,772
BlogStorm: $38,368
Garry Conn: $30,464
BlueVerse: $13,080
SugarRae: $15,180
eXtra For Every Publisher: $61,692

…and as per dnScoop:

This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web

Okay now, back to the topic… I am planning to do another project – mostly a tool to be part of this blog – that can most realistically analyze the worth of blogs (not other types of websites) and I need ideas from your side to implement this project. This will be taken up only after the completion of my ongoing plugin developments, blog competition etc.

You need to provide inputs on…
1. What parameters should be used assess a blog’s worth?
2. Which of the current set of metrics should not be used? (e.g. page rank, traffic rank…)
3. Do you see the value of having such an online tool for blogs? (There are half a dozen tools out there some specific to blogs, but do people use them?)

I appreciate your feedback. And do not forget to sign up with the SEO Challenge ’09! The last day to sign up is today!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Domain Marvelous :

    Wow, Problogger at 21 million!!! Darren, what are you doing mate. Sell your blog and live your life a millionaire. Hehe… Ok, on a more serious note, this analysis shows the worth, or rather lack of it, for the online free appraisal tools. With all due respects to Darren Rowse, I personally think that that price tag for Problogger is overrated. it should come down to somewhere near the $500,000 mark.

    Looking at your development plans, I think you need to take into account the Technorati popularity, page rank and Alexa traffic rank (though its far from accurate, it is the only traffic tool viewable to the public that comes close to the real figures). Maybe you can also incorporate the SERP position for the blogs targeted keywords (and keyphrases) in this tool.

    Some other factors to take into consideration may be the age of the blog (not the domain :p ), feed subscribers and comments made per day relative to visits per day.

    This is all I can think of today, but I will post more suggestions as it comes to mind. Good luck in your project. 🙂

  2. The parameters I think are:

    Domain age, Domain name extension, Domain registration period…that for how many years it is registered, Comment ratio if it is a blog, Blog post ratio… that is amount of post per day or week, Pagerank, amount of page listed on google and yahoo.

    Else I dont think alexa is a good way to estimate a site value as many site dont use the alexa plugin.

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  3. I guess Blog/Website Appraisal depends on many factors. I also think that the way a site is evaluated should depend on it niche rather than a common way for all the types of sites.. But in most of the cases it depends on the seller and the buyer….. to make a price..

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  4. As crazy as these appraisals are, they are usually accurate with brand new unknown domain names – showing they are worth nothing. So, one can the appraisals as rough estimates to the real value of a blog.

  5. i agree with Technosamrat. depends mainly on content niche and keywords that comes top in search engines

  6. I dont see much use of that websites which will tell you a blog worth.even the result depends on so many factors-some we know and some we don’t know.

    I see most of the tools show the wrong price 🙂

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  7. Hmmm. Blog worth…

    Well, according to the tool, my blog is worth a measly $4370. Clearly it is off by at least a factor of 10! lol.

    Ok, some factors that should be included are:
    -pagerank or both home and interior pages
    -domain age
    -number of pages (as all content is sold too)
    -subject matter
    -number of subscribers
    -traffic as determined by statistics (unique and page views)
    -inbound links
    -degree of SEO (ie. how well-optimized each post is)
    -ability to monetize website (ie. monthly income)
    -look of site (it saves a lot of work and money to buy a site with a nice custom theme. I recently billed out almost 60 hours to completely overhaul a huge website which was bought by a client.)

    I doubt that any tool will be able to accurately determine the value of a website, but the first few items on the list should be included in the tool to get a nice ballpark estimate.

  8. Hi Guys…

    Coming in at the low end here with $30k for me is fine… because I would be torn to see my domain valued any higher, but I know that I could never sell it regardless of the amount. Heck man… that’s my name. If you sell your own personal domain name, isn’t that like selling your soul to rock and roll? lol


  9. lol. Something like that. Congrats with your appraisal. It’s pretty respectable, but still I think we’d all need to be offered MUCH more to sell out. 🙂

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  10. Blog for Bloggers :

    Some of the tools you gave are more realistic than the others but none of them can truly estimate your blogs worth.
    You need solid and true statistics like
    -Actual traffic and where that traffic is coming from.
    -Number of subscribers.
    -Ad revenue from private ads and revenue from things like adsense.
    -Where the site ranks in search engines for certian keywords.
    -PR of the domain.

    I would stay away from things like alexa & compete cause they are extremely unreliable. Technically my site should begetting hundreds of hits aday with my alexa rank but it honestly doesnt.

    Ok in short, you need real statistics to properly appraise a site, not just a bunch of manipulated ranks.
    Hope it helps?

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  11. Wow, that’s a lot of money, well, my .com blog is worth $1k only, lol, 🙂 Does website value really a big deal?

    Anyway, Hi, this is my new site, blogging tips based on my experiences LoL 🙂

  12. LOL.. Mine is just worth $2000… if it has a pr then maybe its up for $5000

  13. Note: I am highlighting the important points from your comments in bold so that I can quickly take the summary in the future

    @Forsaken, 21mn is definitely hype… but on second thoughts, I hope you remember the banking blog that got sold for 15 mn three months ago.

    So according to you: Technorati popularity, page rank, Alexa traffic rank, SERPs keyword position, Age of the blog (not the domain), Feed subscribers

    and Comments per day relative to visits per day are the parameters to be considered… Great list 😀 Thanks

    @Kurt, Thanks for your parameters ie. Domain age, Domain name extension, Domain registration period, Comment ratio, Blog post ratio

    (post per day or week), Pagerank, Page indexed on Google and Yahoo

    @Samrat, So you feel that it’s niche specific and probably demand driven? (as per the interest of the buyers)

    @Fred, thanks for your views. Of course these are only indicators and not necessarily actuals

    @Arun, thanks… keywords are one of the parameters for sure but I also feel that they are not timeless.

    @Lax, haha… I know why you feel that these tool mostly assess blogs wrongly 😆

    @Shirley, hmm… you are making my project as big as that of Windows Vista development 😆 Noted your points viz PR or both home and interior pages, domain age, number of pages, subject matter, number of subscribers, traffic as determined by statistics (unique and page views), inbound links, degree of SEO (ie. how well-optimized each post is), ability to monetize website (ie. monthly income), look of site (theme)

    @Garry, why would somebody making $4000 a month from AdSense alone, sell his blog? I understand your point that blogs named after self cannot be easily flipped or sold but if it’s a strong brand, why even think about it. After all you have 20 or 25 other blogs right 🙂 On a personal take, I guess you deserve the rating that you have at 45n5.

    @Shirley, I am rated at around 9.5K I guess, but I would sell this blog only if it’s offered something like 25K because monetization potential is very high 🙂 I am not a good marketing person so…

    @Ardit, thanks bud for your points Actual traffic and its origin, Number of subscribers, Ad revenue (private ads + adsense etc), keyword ranking, PR of the domain

    @qarla, don’t worry you will get there my friend… after all you are into entertainment niche and that sells anytime. Add more spice when revenue or traffic goes down. There’s no other niche like entertainment and dating that you have so much control over (ie. upwards, it’s hard to bring down such blogs)

    @Melvin, yep… Looks like it’s PR that is hurting your blog worth.

    Thanks everyone… I am keeping a note of the major points. I am not fully convinced about all of them in terms of automating the rating system. I guess, certain things need to be input by the users. Let me see…

    Btw, anybody wants to buy this blog for $25,000… All tools, plugins, source code etc included… hehe…

  14. Alltough blog worth so high, but if no one want to buy, that means nothing…

  15. @Ardi, that’s the main point. Who cares if the tool shows the worth as a million and actually it get sold for hardly 10K? This has also happened with Domain names in the past. People used to go crazy and get the domain names appraised – but appraised values were nowhere near reality 🙂

  16. OMG none of my sites are doing that well but i am affraid that who will buy the blog in 21 million dollars. It is better to make a blog/website worth of 1000 dollar and flip it. i am sure this is the very quick revenue generation way.

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  17. @Sky, I am not sure if flipping is always the right approach. If you have spent (in total) only 30 or 40 hours on a blog it may make sense to flip it for the price tag you mentioned.

  18. I guess the recent Alexa update should push the price tag of most blogs much more higher. My blog is now worth more than $2,000. yippie!!!

  19. @Richael, That’s a possibility though in recession nobody knows whether there’s any good assessement will result in selling 🙂 I moved into 50,000 zone wrt Alexa ranks last week.

    I see that you are at 163K now 🙂

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