Blog Commenting Checklist for Effective Link Building & Networking

Blog commenting – especially in the SEO context – has been one of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere. Whether it is for link building purpose or with genuine interest of networking and being part of the community, there are a few things that you need to remember while leaving a comment at somebody’s blog post. In my opinion, the following are the bullet point checklist on blog commenting.


#1 Always comment using your name if your blog is named after you (i.e. blog domain name = your name)

#2 If the blog domain name itself is the brand (e.g. ProBlogger), you could use that brand as the commenter’s name. Alternatively, if you still want to use your actual name to comment, you may use the commenter’s URL point to your about page.

#3 Never leave comments under fake identity


#4 Be relevant to the topic while commenting

#5 Never comment on things that you don’t understand

#6 Make sure that the blog post that’s being commented and the link to your blog’s target page have related contexts

#7 Ask relevant questions in comments. This will improve the response and respect in return

#8 Relate to your personal experience on the topic to improve relevancy and add value to the discussion

Behavioral ethics

#9 Read the post thoroughly before commenting

#10 Never leave short and stingy comments such as ‘Excellent post’, ‘thanks for this’ etc. Nobody really wants to see them

#11 Mind your language, it’s easy to offend the blogger and the other readers but it takes pains to establish trust

#12 Don’t behave like you are the perfect authority on the topic under discussion

#13 Discuss the topic and not the persons behind the opinions

#14 Avoid all-bold or capitalized comments that shows frustration and disrespect

#15 Avoid SMS lingo and short forms while commenting – be crisp and clear

#16 Post your comment in the same language as the blog post

Networking ethics

#17 Read the other comments first before voicing your opinion – probably your point and queries are already covered

#18 Try to involve with other commenters and not just the blog author. Most bloggers appreciate this approach and the value addition to the overall discussion

#19 Try to find commenters who have the similar opinion as yours – probably they could be your future blog-business partners.

#20 Never mess around with your good blog network friends via wrong commenting

#21 Apologize and correct if you made a wrong point

#22 Always subscribe to comments and follow up – especially when you are commenting on a blog for the first time

#23 Be choosy with the threaded comments (reply to relevant person or the author himself as needed) Don’t use threads just to get visibility

Internet Safety

#24 Do not disclose your contact details (email, phone number) publicly

#25 Do not buy into the offers of anonymous friends or other commenters whom you don’t know well

#26 If the blog author misuses the email addresses, collected via comments, inform him, protest immediately before your email address is sold to spammers

#27 Do not include rated site URLs, warez information, image links from relatively unknown or suspicious sites in your comments. You never know what content that link will be pointed to in the future (Even harmless images can be changed later)

Keywords, Link building and SEO aspects

#28 Have a good link building strategy and plan for commenting. Once built comment-based backlinks are hard or impossible to remove

#29 Always maintain a good list of DoFollow blogs that you want to comment on

#30 Use important and relevant static pages (about page, services, sitemap) in comment (URL field) – and not just the homepage

#31 Use relevant keywords in the author/Name field whenever Keywordluv is supported

#32 Make sure that comment link love actually reach your target post and not Feedburner

#33 Deep linking from DoFollow blogs’ internal pages is better than the rat race for the top commentator spot

#34 Always deep link to your posts – Use at least two or three deep links using different key phrases per post (read: comment policy tip)

#35 Wherever AJAX editing is allowed immediately after posting, edit the defautlt post title (of commentluv) to shorten the same or to include keywords before final submit

Other tips

#36 Read the comment policy of a particular blog (especially if you are new to a blog) before stuffing keywords into the author name

#37 If you are at a new blog, familiarize yourself with a couple of posts, and the blogger’s profile before making a comment

#38 Avoid pasting your own links directly into the comment body. Trust on the URL field and commentluv/keywordluv (if supported) for that

#39 Always read your comment once again before posting. If you happen to submit a comment twice or made a mistake, contact the author immediately to correct it

#40 If you subscribed to the RSS or tweeted the post, there’s nothing wrong in letting the author know about it via the comment. You might get the favor back

Please add if you have more points…

Happy Blogging!


  1. Carl Coddington :

    Sometimes there are no posts present to read because the blog author has not approved them. Then when all the comments are approved you look like any idiot because you said the same thing a previous post said.

    Thank you for the tips.

  2. This is one of the great post ever written about blog commenting strategy.Commenting is vital as the blog comment will directly show how good the blog commenter is.Thanks for sharing your great insights.

  3. @Ajith – you answered one of my long standing questions on what to do – whether to keep using my name and email and blog address or to use my blog name instead of my own name :-). The CommentLuv point was also very interesting – didnt know till now – will have to check on it.

    @George – I think you are already practising most of the reccommendations :-).

    @Carl – also makes a good point – if the comment moderation takes too long to be done – new commentors may be hesitant to comment on the post.

  4. Comments are saved records. I always think like this: If I read my own comment after, say 5 years, when I have a better profile as a blogger, I shouldnt be shamed of myself.

    How would you feel if you see “Great post, Keep up the good work” comment by Darren?

    Good tips, I have used of your tip already here.

    (An image would have been sweeter!)

  5. Hey, my comments went to spam I guess, didnt see the “Awaiting moderation” message.

  6. Well long list, that probably most (of us) don’t really follow a lot. But anyway as I have said, comments is part of branding of your blog so if you’re comment is irrelevant then it speaks bad about the blog…

  7. These are the comment ethics that really come inside out from a blogger. I too don’t like comments like Good post” or “excellent sharing”. Maybe as an author we want to read more on what the reader actually feels about the article. You have really put a big effort to compile the points. It is easy to assimilate

  8. Another well compiled scribbling. Most of my less understood things are cleared now.

    Like I always wanted to know to which identity I should make comments.

    But I have a question for you ‘is it good to add my blogs name with my name ? like “Hami | MyBlogName| ??

  9. @Carl, that’s so true 😀 Sometimes, yours truly as well is a bit slow to moderate comments. I usually respond to comments on second or third day while moderation usually happens 5-6 hours after a post is published. Blame it on time zone differences as well.

    @George, thanks buddy for your kind words 🙂 I always wanted to create 1 or 2 pillar posts per month but sometimes I get lazy…

    @Sushil, thank you very much for immediately following the tips 🙂 You have set a great example and motivation for other commenters.

    @Arun, You are right! Comments leaves your trail on the blogosphere and web that are recorded proofs. So better watch our mouths. As for Darren leaving a two or three word comment, I guess I might approve them 😆 Even otherwise, once in a while I approve some of the first timer’s one line comments – just in case he wants to stay with me longer.

    As for the post images, I am too lazy buddy. Anyhow, let me try something in the future

    And wonder how your comment went to the spam queue.

    @Melvin, thanks for bringing in the branding angle. You are right, irrelevant comments are worse than having no comments at all.

    @Tejaswini, thank you very much for the visit and contribution to the discussion here.

    @Hami, I would avoid using both phrases (your name as well as blog name) in the same comment. I would rather post two comments with those two separate phrases. In fact, this is the ideal way of link building, as I understand it.

    Thank you all for your comments on a post about comments 🙂

  10. a very sweet list man; I think I do most of that but will keep it in mind a bit more now :p

    Also thanks for the mention 😉

  11. I liked this post very much. Yeah, I did know that writing comments is a good way of earning links to your own website, but this article aggregates everything about writing comments.

    The point that struck me well was about not able to change easily what you commented in some page 🙂

  12. You said:Always subscribe to comments and follow up – especially when you are commenting on a blog for the first time.

    Is it necessary, Well I don’t think so. I mean you can subscribe to post and articles you like the most. There is no need to subscribe in every new blog you comment for the first time. I hope this is my first comment in your blog and I really don’t have any need to subscribe, but I will because I like this post.

    • Thanks for your first comment and thanks also for subscribing to this comment 🙂 subscription helps you to follow up your own comment and track others’ and blogger’s reply to the same.

  13. Great posts…

    I like you have covered lots of points here. Now a days, i am getting 2-3 commentators who are just saying thanks. great post, etc.,

    One commentator is exactly copying the previous comment and pasting it 🙂

    I like Arun’s point here.

    • @Nihar, those who paste others comments as it is should be marked a spammer because he may be creating 100s of such comments for link building alone without adding any value to anybody. SEs might consider your post/page as something that provide duplicate content if such repetition occurs. So act now!

  14. Hi Ajith!
    Firstly, I think its a smart move to make a checklist & really significant subject itself.But what I appreciate th most is that:
    1. Sub categories
    2. Voice of experience
    3. Coverage of all aspects
    4. Reasoning input
    5. Quick & effective
    I am sure, any newbie is gonna avoid a lot of pit falls because you took the effort to make such a post.

  15. Perfect tips for link building and hosting. Well comments writing is as ABC by reading this article.

  16. Thanks a lot for the tips Ajit. Since my sites name is some what unique it shows up in the first, s i started commenting with my name and occasionally with my sites name.

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