Blog Search Engine Optimization – Simple Tricks via Reorganizing Content

Onsite SEO has always been my favorite topic (as compared to offsite SEO or link building activities). This is mainly because I get to do things over which I have greater control in comparison with some of the things that I canโ€™t change in life. Also, off site SEO can be damn expensive, at times, if you are looking for dramatic results.

During the last three four days, I did several changes to this blog – some visible changes and some not so. In this post, I would like to summarize the SEO related changes that I did and how I hope they will be of help to increase my search traffic.

Simple Blog SEO tips

The motives behind the change was to stop PR leak, improve internal linking, allow some of the selected posts to receive more PR juice, get more homepage search hits and stop PR leakage to external sites.

The following are the recent changes I made to achieve the above mentioned goals:

Top 50 posts linked from homepage

It is long since I had a recent posts list in my sidebar but I had a popular posts section for about four months now. I noticed that the search hits to those popular posts started increasing after I included them in the homepage. This gave me the idea to link more posts/pages from the home page. So I picked the top 50, categorized them (to help humans as well, not just bots) and linked them on the sidebar after cleaning up their long titles a bit. I will keep you updated on the results in a few weeks time.

Increased post count on homepage

Somehow, I have been stuck on to this idea of reducing the homepage length and always kept only 4 or 5 posts by default on the homepage. I, however, found out that increasing the number of posts to 10 or 12 actually improves your homepage keyword relevancy and hence improved search hits. For the time being, I have kept this count as 7 but hope to increase it to 10 soon. The keyword relevancy looks great now as projected by the meta analyzer tool. I hope this will increase the homepage search hits in the coming days.

Internal linking using the right permalink URLs

I had the habit of linking to my own posts via the WordPress default link structure (ie. I edited almost 150 posts recently to make use of the permalink URL for this internal linking purpose. I also edited the anchor text for many cases. This technic hopefully will yield better internal linking and also even better offsite value as well (when the blog feed is scrapped or when RSS directories pick up my feed)

More keywords

I have added a couple more keywords to the header hoping that I will rank better in some of them in the coming weeks/months. However, there is a little more to do here as I guess, I need to add some of the handpicked keywords from homepage posts need to be added (and periodically updated on fresh posting) as well. Hopefully, I can find or tweak some plugins to achieve this.

Removed commentluv and Top commenters plugins

I had removed the commentluv plugin a couple of weeks ago and now it is the turn of the Top commentators plugin. Of course, this was attracting some good comments but also the comments were getting a little wayward with a lot of keyword stuffing.

What is next?

In addition to the above, I have decided not to do any paid reviews (I hardly used to do 2-3 per year, anyhow) on this blog and not to use text link ads as well. I would like to stick with my blogroll that is dedicated for friends and will continue to evolve them for link building purpose. These will be moved to the footer soon once my footer widgetizing task is completed.

Deep linking is the route I am going to continue for link building and everone is free to contact me on potential deep link building activities as mentioned in a recent post.

Happy SEO!

PS: Please let me know if any of you have other points to improve on the Onsite SEO aspects of blogs.


  1. Good points,I hope even some of this points can be implemented on my blog too.

  2. Luckily I have been using these tips on binaryday without realizing their importance. I was thinking of removing some of the links from my homepage and reducing the number of posts on homepage.

    Thanks for the timely and useful posts

  3. I enjoy putting theories to test also and may as well comment on your new ‘steps’

    Linking to more posts from your hompeage yes that will help boost rankings; the main reason being these posts are then linked internally from each post/page etc and therefore the number of increased (internal) links to that page allows it to be crawled more regularly and more emphasis is added to its value.

    So yes it will work and does work well though have to also consider dilution of link value as the number increases.

    In regards to increased post count on the homepage in regards to keyword density etc is it arguable by adding more posts to your front page you will have more of those keywords and therefore rank better. Though I myself am of the opinion that one post pages work better as they are better ‘targeted’ (useful for adsense and preventing keyword dilution if your post topic varies like mine does).

    Will be interesting to see the out come of this experiment.

    In regards to internal linking I use ‘seo smart links’ what this essentially does is allows you to link to the post automatically if a keyword or the post title is mentioned….saves me having to look up permalinks a lot :p

    In regards to keywords in the meta it may help I haven’t been able to quantify any change when I did it due to other growth strategies at the time, again the outcome would be interesting to see.

    Lastly about TC/Cl I have actually restricted TC to my front page only as it works better in my opinion; they get a nice PR5 back and I dont lose any valuable ‘focus’ from internal pages and posts.

    I have also recently implemented ‘seo smart comments’ this creates a separate page for each comments providing the commenter with a do-follow link while minimising dilution and increasing unique content as some times comments rank for keywords the post doesnt :p

    Though will keep an eye on your seo efforts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Interesting post Ajith. I would rather wait to see the results of your experiment. I somehow miss the Recent Posts section in the sidebar. believe it is one of the most important sections for a blog. Can you please get it back?
    Also, more posts on homepage will not dilute the PR of the homepage?

  5. @George, Our discussion over the mail is also an inspiration for this post (and the one on AdSense category filter as well)

    @Sita, You are welcome. I hope the points work out well for me as you are experiencing it yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Donace, thanks a lot for your detailed view on this topic. I should try out the SEO smart links but I wouldn’t want to separate comments to a new page. This may increase one page hits (but also need to be rewarded accordingly for the pain). I expect the # of comments go down drastically as well when this approach is taken. I already lost some commenters who were targetting top commenter slot :lol:.

    Btw, the idea behind increased number of posts on homepage was to optimize the content relevancy with respect to the header title and description. Also, the beginning of each post has some SEO done at times and they will hopefully contribute to some home hits.

    @Raju, I know…recent posts are always useful but when I show 7 posts on the homepage already, I was wondering whether I need recents posts. But you are right, it has to be concise and visible somewhere above the folder. I should work towards finding the best real estate area for the same.

    Hompe page PR may be diluted but spread internally. Since inner pages in turn contribute to the homepage PR as well, I don’t think it will be a huge dilution. After all, we need more post hits than home hits right?

    Thank you all for your detailed comments and the value addition to the discussion thread!

  6. I think you told few great points. If we link post from home pages then SERP for our internal pages increase.

  7. I agree with Raju,

    Having recent posts is important. The visitor wont be in home page. he may hit your site from SE and then Recent posts will give them a other posts to look for.

  8. Good stuff, Ajith, and I remember we talked about some of these things before.

    However, I’m still keeping my CommentLuv, though I haven’t fully decided on the top commenter plugin just yet. I mean, our friend Sire is way ahead of everyone else, and the other four people in the list haven’t visited or written anything in, well, months.

    • Yep mitch, we did talk about various blog SEO possibilities in the past. As for the Top commenter thingie, it’s very difficult to take it overnight if there are some commenters with huge numbers there in. However, I was using a 10-day floating approach and hence it wasn’t a big issue.

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