Blogger – Blog Reader Engagement Models

The other day I was thinking about the various engagement models in which the blogs and bloggers are operating along with their audience. Just like any other actors – a term borrowed from my programming background – in life even bloggers vary in their interaction and engagement model with their readers. The following are some of the engagement models that I could find around.

Blogger – Reader models

#1 Preacher – Disciples model

Preacher - Disciples modelIn this model the preacher (blogger) keeps giving his sermons without bothering (or having the need to bother) what the readers might think. He doesn’t need to listen to his disciples because he’s a high profile blogger already. And the followers seem to understand that point and take privilege in commenting relentlessly on the blogger’s posts (mostly written by somebody else). The blogger neither bothers about the comments and the disciples never follow up either. In short, this model symbolizes fake patronage and money but the blogger is so big and successful that nobody really cribs.

#2 Leader – Followers model

Leader-Followers modelThis is a variation of the first model. The difference though is that the blogger is a true leader and subject matter expert here. He’s as popular as the blogger in the first case but also talk sense more often than not. These categories are the real pro-bloggers or those who have gone through (and can take us through) the entrepreneur’s journey.

#3 Coach-Each-Other model

Coach-Each-Other modelWell, this is where the wannabe bloggers who badly need a life in the blogosphere fall into. In this model most readers are bloggers themselves though there’s a small portion of non-blogger visitors. They keep on puking topics that’re already stale and addressed by the other person. Every reader has an opinion and the blogger and the reader-blogger together forms an ecosystem. The winning formula here is U-comment-I-comment-back policy. This model is exclusively developed for and by the MMO and Internet Marketing bloggers.

#4 Coach – Silent-Beneficiaries model

In this case model the blogger is a subject expert, he talks and writes sense almost always and he has a huge fanbase as well. However, due to the style of writing and seriousness of the matter the readers don’t actively take part in discussions. Only major clarifications result in break of silence and that happens at a solar eclipse frequency. Mostly this is also because the blogger is to the point and leaves no room for any open questions. In this model the blogger is a pro-blogger material but not as popular in the blogosphere.

#5 Preacher – No-takers model

This is the last category where the blogger religiously blogs very regularly as it has been the case for the last several years. He believes that he writes because he loves writing. Preacher-No-takers modelHowever, there are no takers for his ideas nor are there any visitors. It’s not like he’s a new blogger trying to build a community but pretty experienced person without any listeners or followers. Probably the blogger, in this case, doesn’t realize the need to have an audience as well.

Your assignment

Please provide one example each for bloggers belonging to the five categories mentioned above. Feel free to pick on each other and don’t be diplomatic. The comments on this post will not be moderated except for profanity!

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