Blogging is like…like what?

I have been reading a number of posts on ‘what blogging is like‘ for bloggers. There have been a number of disciplines and activities that people have been comparing blogging with – some being really crazy ideas though some make you believe that blogging is really what they are comparing it with.

For some bloggers, blogging is like sex and for some others it is like sporting activities such as golf, wrestling, football, working out at the gym. Yet another blogger feels that blogging is like being bad at math while a health conscious blogger feels that blogging is like dental hygiene. Hmmโ€ฆ most bloggers that I got to see in person are not really the health conscious lot.

Well, I do not want to mention here all those things that blogging is like for many bloggers. However, one thing is sure – the business aspect of blogging has made a lot of people who are not natural writers to get started with blogging, just like 1000s of programmers were born like mushrooms during the dotcom boom era. Eventually such people had to cope with a lot of technical stuff like SEO, upgrades, social media and even maintenance and coding and blogging started to become a burden for them. No wonder, why it is like body building or construction.

Blogging is JUST online publishing

For me, blogging is just writing and publishing what write into an online channel for the public to consume freely. How they consume (access channels, SEO) and how discussions or debating (comments, social media) on the topic take place or how can the content be potentially monetized are really secondary things. These aspects may be important from the business angle of blogging but first and foremost thing is writing.

The message I wanted to convey in this post, of course to young aspirant bloggers, is that do not start a blog unless you are a natural writer who enjoy writing. The frequency of blogging, community interactions, how rapidly you can get famous or even make money out of it are various repercussions of this medium for online publishing but at the end it is JUST WRITING!

Over to you…

Regardless of my reservations, whatโ€™s blogging for you? Please post your answers as comments here.

PS: I originally wanted to make this a link post as I have been busy with a few other things in life. But then I saw that Darren Rowse has already done it. Have you faced this situation where you wanted to cover something about blogging but Darren has already spoken about it long back? ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Blogging!


  1. for me Blogging is Passion.

    I have gained a lot knowledge

  2. I started blogging to study/learn SEO, in 2006 me entered into the computer world. in that time i don’t know how to shut down a system, but with the help of my friends me learned the basics. i created a blog at blogger and started the study. visited 100’s of blogs daily and learned the blogging basics. still me a student and visiting other blogs to learn more. known is a drop and unknown is an ocean.

    In my experience interest, hard work and patience are the key of success. in blogging you need patience a lot, don’t believe in luck or faith.

    For me blogging is beyond passion or interest bcz me now living with it. me very happy with this life. Thanks to Ajith for posting such an interesting subject. hope other will share experience here.

  3. I can say for certain that I would much prefer having sex. If blogging was like sex, I probably wouldn’t do anything else. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For me, blogging is a means to an end. One end could be more income, and another end could be to simply broadcast my thoughts to the world in a way that has the potential to be monetized.

    Good luck and (skill) all!

  4. :

    Blogging is a good hobby. At least you get to share what you have in my with the whole world. But now, the blog is seen under a different light. Now it’s mostly viewed as a money making instrument. Your blog can actually make you a lot of money if you only know how. Your blog’s design is key, but content is king if your in the blogging business.

  5. I think I can agree with what you wrote here. You’ve seen me say to people not to start blogging if they don’t believe they can sustain it, and if they want to try blogging then set up a free one somewhere and test themselves to see if they have enough to say. Sometimes we can’t stop people from doing some things, but maybe we can help save them some money and time.

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