Blogging objectives for 2011 and Achievements during 2010

At the outset, here’s wishing you all a very happy new year! I am still in the hangover of the party last night at my new home and I hope all of you had a lot of fun as well.

New year is a very good time to set resolutions, continue the good jobs that one did in the past year and probably learn from mistakes and improve. Since, I have been writing this kind of blogging objective posts for a couple of years now, I thought of starting this new year with a similar post as well. Let me get started with the achievements part first and then some of those improvement areas from the past one year.

Highlights of 2010

2010 was a very good year for me on the Internet marketing front, if not exactly for blogging. In fact, I learned ways of effectively doing affiliate marketing via multiple channels and how to make very good income out of it. Now, as I have maintained before, blogging is not really my first priority in life and hence I didn’t quite utilize the opportunities well in a way that I could have gone to a higher four-figure income per month as against the lower four figures. Despite, I now know ways to leverage it greater scales.

Another good thing, that happened in 2010 was the revamp of my personal blog to write about a lot of things that I like in life. However, maintaining two public blogs and two niche blogs would mean that the post frequency on those individual blogs come down drastically.

I tried a little bit of site flipping this year as well, though not to high success. Another important thing that happened was the moving into BuySellAds whereby the fill rate is quite good though I reduced my ad slot prices recently.

I wrote about 60 posts on DollarShower in 2010 and that’s only half of what I did in 2009. As I mentioned, maintaining the post frequency was a major challenge and there wasn’t significant improvement in traffic due to the same problem. Overall it was a good year for Internet marketing and not so for blogging.

On the bad side, I had a couple of bans from Google and HostGator affiliate program. Fortunately, both the companies responded positively to my customer support requests and things are fine for the time being. Another bad part was the still pending projects from last year such as a couple of plugin projects.

What’s for 2011?

To be frank, I do not have a major plan in mind for 2011 at least in terms of newer projects. However, I would like to improve my ways of doing Internet marketing during this new year, with an enhanced marketing budget. One of the areas where I did some investment but never got any returns, is social network marketing. I would like to give it a second try this year.

As for DollarShower, I might rebrand it this year with a new skin (which was in fact, under development until recently). Instead of launching new niche blogs, I plan to take the search and social marketing route, in order to raise more income this year.

Over to you…

Have you set any objectives for 2011 when it comes to blogging or Internet marketing? If so, please share the same here.

Happy blogging!


  1. Wishing all the success to Ajith and Dollorshower. Hope 2011 will be a good year for you.

  2. good luck with 2011 and look forward to seeing some great stuff from you!

  3. Did I set objectives? Heck, wrote an entire post on it, then wrote a second one on my other blog. I didn’t know until reading this post that you had a personal blog; I’m heading there after I post this comment to check it out.

    But you made good money I assume; I hope it was enough to live on. I wish you more success in 2011.

    • @Mitch, thank you. I read your post on objectives. I wish you all the best for achieving the same. The money I made was reasonably good, I would say – especially considering the time I got to spend on it.

  4. I wish a great success dude

  5. Hi Ajith,

    Wish you a very Happy New Year.

    Hope you succeed in your plans!

  6. I have a few goals for 1011, the major one is to spend more time on my blogs and less time on Facebook. Man has that site hurt my income over the past year or so.

    • @Dean, you have a very valid point there. There’s no real need to spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter if you are going to write good content on your blog. I hate this whole hype around social media 🙂

  7. I am running with huge plans. I am expanding at massive scale. Possibly no other blogger and internet marketer from india will do or imagine that.

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