Blogging Objectives for 2009

At the outset, I would like to wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009! (I just realized that I wished only my twitter followers). New Year is also the time to remind everyone of the resolutions and goals setting for the year. As for the personal resolutions I do not have any for this year – as two of my major resolutions were already fulfilled in 2007 and 2008 Dollarshower blog goals and objectives for 2009 respectively – i.e. paying off my home loan and quitting smoking (Probably learning how not to loose money in the stock market for several years in a row could be a personal objective)

My career goals – documented as SMART objectives by my employer every year – were almost always met expectations (or exceeded) and I had reasonable career growth, if not an explosive one. And this time around, I thought of setting an alternate career objective for what I consider now as a potential long term career option – i.e. blogging, in one form or the other

What are my blogging objectives for 2009?

My blogging objectives for the calendar year ’09 can be summarized in the following statement:

Establish myself as a professional blogger who will be considered one of the persons/brands to consult on tips related to blogging, blog optimization and monetization and who has reasonable acceptance and visibility in the blogosphere

Now, if that sounds more like a mission statement, please find the measurable goals that are to be reached until Dec 31, 2009, as part of the stated mission.

  • Maintain the current post frequency of 16 posts per month or improve on it, if possible
  • Provide innovative and unique blogging tips that you will not get to read elsewhere
  • Educate others and self-practice advanced SEO technics that result in upto 80% traffic from search engines
  • 2000 page views (~1200 unique and quality visits) per day. Quality of visits for me is measured by a bounce rate of < 60% and average time per visit > 1 minute
  • Invent/Discover and talk about monetization mechanisms that convert 1 reader per day into 2 dollars per month consistently
  • Improve and establish the brand Dollar$hower in the blogosphere (Technorati Top 10000, Moving on to a professional theme with new branding, $25,000 in brand value in case of a take over bid)

Stretched goals

Time permiting, I would like to contribute more towards the WordPress plugin development by adding at least two useful plugins. Also, I would like to move my other blog (my cricket blog) into a WordPress self-hosted blog with a lot more frequent updates and content.

I feel that if I am able to put at least two-three hours of focused effort in a day on my blogging activities, the above goals can be easily achieved.

What I do not care about?

Inflated RSS counts (ie. if that is not improving the reader quality), increased twitter follower count, writing an eBook etc are not part of my goals this year. Also, I believe that cleaning up and optimizing the content has to be given more importance (which I could not do in 2008) so that I can focus on the stretched goals in 2010 as shown in the picture. I expect 2009 to pave way for the long term bullseye hit is pretty much imminent!

Over to you…

What do you guys think about the above goals? Are they too stretched?
What are your blogging goals for the New Year 2009?

Have an exciting year ahead!


  1. Wow – reading this makes me feel like such a slacker. I didn’t make any personal or blogging goals. Well, a little weight loss but I just decided randomly to start that today. Are you planning on providing updates throughout the year?

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… Easy Comment: A Firefox Add-On for WordPress Blogs

  2. @Mitch, haha… I can only worry about my current audience, not somebody like Darren Rowse right? 🙂

    @Kim, thanks… yes, definitely there will be some interim milestones and follow ups.

  3. Exactly, Ajith. And your current audience loves what you do now.

  4. hey Ajith

    those are really promising objectives you have for 2009. its really gr8 that you grow step by step. best of luck to achieve these objectives.

    Sky Xavier’s last blog post… Twitter Myths : Interesting research about twitter


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