Blogging Objectives : Update

Earlier this year I had set some ambitious goals for 2009 and later came down on those expectations big time. blogging-goalsAs you may know, I am neither a natural blogger nor a fulltime professional blogger. I work in the software industry and most software people are going through the toughest phase in their lives due to the ongoing recession. In my case as well, the current phase is more demanding in terms of the time spent at work (after office hours as well) and hence obviously the secondary activities like blogging needs to go slow.

Having said that, in the past three to four months, I managed to make good progress with respect to some of the goals for the year. At the same time I had to go reprioritize a few of them as well.

What was I up to?

I have the habit of launching new ideas. Most of these ideas are in the programming area but they do not necessarily reach their full potential or delivery quality due to laziness or lack of time. The same thing happened with some of my recent projects. At the moment my plate is full with the following activities:

  • Two WordPress plugins – in semi-finished condition, one might go out this year
  • A free WordPress theme (DS Premium or the current theme transformed for public usage) – 25% finished state
  • A generic website (with an innovative money making idea) – Almost finished
  • A superlight twitter client – dropped

In addition, I did launch a niche blog which I am not mentioning here as it is meant for search visitors alone. I am planning to launch a couple more this year.

Major positives from the past six months

The best thing that happened recently is the monetization aspect. Despite the traffic woes, I managed to cross $500 per month consistently for two months from all my blogs combined and the outlook going forward is bright as well.

Also, I managed to reduce the time spent on blogging drastically this year. This did not have any major impact on the goals (except for traffic)

DollarShower dressing up in a self developed WordPress theme was another highlight of the past quarter.

What did not work?

One thing that I did not quite focus on is the link building activities and hence the traffic and blog ranks went down a bit. I am not too much bothered about this part right now as a couple of services or free offers (like plugin, theme) can get this back on track.

Another thing that I totally ditched is my cricket blog. I did not create this blog with the intention of making money but it is more about my passion towards the game. Of late, though, I have been too busy that even cricket is sounding like redundant. Perhaps it is to do with the age? I will be still writing in that space as time and energy permits.

Next steps

Apart from launching a couple of the above mentioned projects, I plan to announce the DollarShower SEO Challenge 2010 by December. This time around it will be more innovative and interesting. Of couse, I had great time with the first edition of the competition that helped me to get introduced to many of you.

That is pretty much about the current outlook and I hope to complete the current backlogs and projects to help achieve my blogging goals for 2009.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Good update Ajith. You seems to be on track now…Good that you managed to cross $500 … I was on the same track as you were.. Co-incidentally we are going parallel

  2. Good luck with the blog and new projects, Ajith!

  3. Ajith,

    Good Luck on all your three projects.

    You’ve been consistently delivering high quality posts on an on-going basis that educate us on how to make money.

    I’m pretty sure that you’ll succeed on all your blogging objectives you’ve set out for yourself.

  4. Input and output is important. If you spend an hour per day on your blog and get $500 per month. That seems to be a good output. I am just waiting for DS free theme.

  5. The first competition was awesome, without which I would still be reading SEO articles and wouldnt apply any of them.

    The event gave me a chance to try them out first hand and learn a lot. The prizes were good too 🙂

    Good luck Ajith.

  6. I am so interested to know about the competition. Hope you’ll reveal the same in Dec-2009

  7. I could not participate in the DS challenge last year as I was not yet using the Google Analytic but this year am in 😛

    Waiting for it.

  8. WordPress plugins – awesome, can’t wait to see them! Contact commentors was plain awesome

    WordPress theme – again, can’t wait! will be a major boost for you in SEO terms

    generic website, nice blog – curiosity kills 🙁

    Being a software engineer myself, I know what you mean. It’s surely has become hell in the last couple of months. Working for 14 hours a day has become a routine 😐

    And Dollarshower SEO contest – I repeat myself, the previous contest changed my life for better. You know what I mean.

  9. Congrats Ajith.I know people like me also your time killer.You may have to spend lot of time for helping others otherthan through blogging.Whatever you could not make it nothing infront what you achieved.

    Wish you all the very best.

  10. @Lax, thanks… Right, probably trafficwise and earnings-wise, our blog must be similar.

    @Farrhad, thanks for your wishes buddy 🙂

    @Ramesh, thanks mate.. Yes, I thought the content delivery was pretty much at a decent frequency and relevancy. The traffic is a major challenge though 😛 I shall definitely keep up to the expectations on the small projects that I am taking up.

    @Rahul, you are right about the time spent. I forcibly brought down the amount of time spent due to other priorities in life. As for the theme, I will try my best to make it unique and roll it out sometime soon.

    @Arun, thanks… you must be one of the bloggers who is really looking forward to the second edition of the SEO Chellenge 😛

    @Kadir, the plan is to have it announced in December, if everything works out well – including the sponsorship part.

    @Kurt, this time, it may not be Google Analytics based 😛

    @Raju, I hope I can deliver most of the projects that I mentioned this year itself 🙂 And tell me about managing the software job and blogging together 🙁

    As for the contest, you have been at your best throughout the competition and even better – you maintained that acceleration till today…

  11. Congratulations for achieving some of the goals

    and All the best for the future projects.

    Waiting to know what the plugin would be

    and also about the generic site.

    Great to also hear that you have crossed 500$.

    • @Nihar, thanks… Last two months have been exceptionally good. Hope the trend continues. I am secretly launching one site and a couple of niche blogs purely for affiliate stuff.

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