Bulk PageRank Checker

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had developed a page rank checker tool that can check PR of a single page at a time along with double checking if the PR is faked or masked. However, a few of the readers asked for a PageRank checking tool that can check the URLs of several pages in one submit. I thought of working on it as my weekend project and voila our Bulk PR checker tool is born!

Google Bulk PR CheckerI decided to move the tool into a separate domain altogether due to worries of Google banning the fixed IP of this blog. If I had implemented it under DollarShower tools, that would have been riskier when Google PR queries are overused from this IP.

Bulk PR Checker features & limitations

The tool is capable of checking PR of up to 25 domains (or internal pages) in one go. I think, that’s pretty much sufficient for most people who own multiple domains.

It’s a captcha-free multiple URL checking tool and that’s a relief for most people, I guess.

The tool tries to detect if the PR is fake, but there are certain scenarios where it fails to detect fake PRs. You can see it from the screenshot below relatively new domain name (even if it’s live with fresh content) is marked as fake – including our own PR Checker domain name.

The PR checking has some minor issues with URLs with trailing slashes. You can see that in the screenshot as well.

bulk pr checker

The other irritations include IE related problems with the status icon. The animated gif that shows busy status works fine in Firefox but not so in Chrome and IE when the URLs are submitted.

What’s next?

I will monitor the usage of this tool and its search rankings in the next few months and if it’s really useful, I would probably enhance it with more stats about domain URLs being checked. Also, I intent to provide features like ‘export’ to comma separated file or Excel, import of large set of URLs as a text file etc.

In the meantime, please check out the the (Bulk) Google PR Checker tool and let me know if there are any bugs.


  1. I was one of the people to ask for a multiple PR checker tool and I am so pleased that you took the timen to throw one my way. It will save me so much time as I have almost 20 blogs now. 🙂

  2. That sounds cool Ajith! I used to check my pagerank for websites and blogs but the tool that I usually use only allow me to check 1 site a time (required captca), it takes time to update all the pagerank status for all my blogs. I tried your pagerank checker, it works nice for me!

    Well done Ajith!

  3. This is great, but one feature I really need is exporting to excel, can you add this feature? I use that for filtering pagerank-checked backlinks,


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