Characteristics of a Super Friendly Blog!

Blogging is all about a simple way of publishing online content that is characterized by unstructured thoughts or events in the blogger’s life. However, from simple web logging, it has now grown to a major stature whereby the niche, content, multimedia blogging, blog platforms etc have started influencing how the blogs are built, organized, branded and consumed.

Regardless of some of the variables mentioned above, there are some characteristics of a blog that make it friendly in the eyes of its target audiences. These traits are not any hard to implement technical features but those bare minimum dimensions that would make a blog complete, perfect and most importantly very friendly. The following are some of those adjectives that describe a friendly and successful blog:

#1 Identifiable

Regardless of whether you have a single author or multiple author blog, there needs to be an area (about page or profile description) in the blog where the author(s) or contributor(s) details are available. It is a matter of credibility and about giving the blog some personal touch. A blog without an About page does anonymous publishing which is not really desirable.

#2 Reachable

The author or authors of a blog should be reachable via some mechanisms like a contact page. One could also provide the contact information (email address, IM names etc) directly but a contact page would save the blogger from spam.

#3 Branded

The blog, based on its content, the personality of the blogger and style of writing, should be branded by means of the right color combination, logo, tagline etc so that it feels unique and fresh for its readers.

#4 Unique

A blog is successful when it has some unique content on it. Realistically speaking there will be usually some amount of duplicate or inspired ideas on any blog but there has to be a good amount of very unique information as well.

#5 Pleasing (tone)

The tone of the blogger should be positive, non-cynical and full of energy so that its audience feels comfortable and addicted to the blog. Nobody will come back to a blog that has negativity and pecimism in the blogger’s language. It would be an added advantage, if the blogger is able to add a touch of humour as a final ingredient.

#6 Interactive

The level of interaction between the blogger and its readers (and discussions among readers themselves) is paramount to a blog’s success. Highly interactive bloggers will find themselves in great demand always. The interaction is not only about blog comments but also in terms of following up on offline communication (emails, twitter messages etc)

#7 Unconditional

There are blogs that requires the readers to sign up before commenting. Such conditions would not do any good to a blog. Also annoying features such as sign up popups, flying & flashing content, background audio etc need to be avoided.

#8 Good-for-all

The best blogs are those which have a wide range when it comes to the reader types – in terms of age, sex, race, geographics etc. Well, there could be certain age group tagetted blogs but the broader the audience, the better.

#9 Colorful

A lof of pleasant colors and beautiful pictures would definitely add the much needed relaxing touch to any blog. Use them judiciously, though.


#10 A lot of smilies

Use those smilies liberally as long as they are not used totally out of context.

Would you like to add anymore traits or adjectives to this list?

Happy Blogging!


  1. Nicely written, Ajith, and I especially like the smilies part, though I have to admit that I really only know a few of them. Also, I’m one who’s not necessarily big on #9 unless it’s needed for the article, and most of the time I ignore the images. Well, except for this one post where someone has a spider at the beginning of the post; hate bugs! lol

    Mitch’s last blog post… My NCAA Tournament Picks

  2. Great article. You covered the important points

  3. I read the post twice and i am sure I would need to read it often. These are some things we bloggers tend to ignore in our day-to-day blogging. Having a pleasing tone in the posts is so damn important and so are other points. Usage of smilies is the only point I feel is debatable 🙂

    Raju’s last blog post… 8 Innovative Ways to Access Blocked Websites

  4. A blog can be clean i.e like Dollar Shower.I do agree with @Raju.Should we use smilies?.
    Smilies create an artificial smile(atleast I believe so).But smile should come while reading that post!

    George’s last blog post… Suzuki Launches 2010 SX4 Sedan and Hatch Back in China

  5. Nice observation post 🙂 IMO i think i follow except that i still don’t have an about page…(for reasons you might guess) and my tone is not pleasant at times when it comes to criticize the government lol. 😛

    Nice post.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… One Year For Me – 7 Years For Her Since She Is Gone!

  6. @Ajit
    All points you rised are very key points,I try to identify my self in the points,I hope my blog have some and this post will further help me to improve on remaining key points.

    venkat’s last blog post… Internet Explorer 8 Released

  7. Branding and Uniqueness are more important to get good followup in short time.

    TechZoomIn’s last blog post… SERPAnalytics: All in One SEO Environment For Bloggers

  8. Richael Neet :

    I had been a regular reader of one blog and recently, the author applied a strict policy about commenting to combat spam. Commentators were to use their name and nothing else (such as keyword, site name, etc) in the name field when commenting. If not, the comments will be deleted. While the author is free to do anything on his blog, if he/she is really concerned about visitors, the approach should be a bit friendly. Upon suggesting that blog dictatorship does not work, the reply was “I don’t care”!

    Guess what, I have not visited that blog since then (almost two weeks) and never intend to visit it. And I am pretty sure, I am not the only one to do this. Mitch is also an active member there.

  9. LOL, hahha Im not sure if all of those characteristics fit my blog well but I can say people think my blog is still friendly regardless.. On some of my posts, I do use slang terms and I dont think it harms my blog.. 🙂

    Melvin’s last blog post… Income Diary Review – How Pros Make Their Money

  10. @Richael: I think you are perfectly right about this. A blogger friendliness is very important for me too.

    As a blogger myself I tend to read many other blogs that interest me however I am very selective. I can leave some comment on a post and if the blogger make as if I am wasting my time and I dont even have a reply @ – I simple forget about it. No blog is so much the best. Thats my way of thinking. I agree that on blogs where there are lots of comments (more than 100) its at time hard to reply to each commentator… But atleast the blogger must reply to some of its commentator who asked a question.

    There are some blogs (I wont name any here) who are the well… among the top and popular as we say… So many time I find a post interesting and I ask questions ..but its like the blogger just spit the ash in my face and never ever reply. Simple I stop reading it. Coz the blogsphere is huge and there are many blogs and many source of info.

    A blogger friendliness toward its readers is very important. Lets take the dollar shower itself… it might not be the most popular blog with 20000 visits per day lol..but the blogger here atleast is friendly with its reader and that a point that keep me reading it.

    Also there are some bloggers who treat their readers as DOGS. Yea as you mentioned it above the certain blogger who is like a dictator.. I would never even talk of this type of blog. So the mentioned blog above does not even allow the commentator to use his blog url or keyword? He is an hypocrite and a shame in the name of blogging then.

    Blogging is about sharing if information but also friendly communication. Blogging is not another North Korea lol.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Ministry of Education Playing The Deaf About Delinquency At Phoenix SSS

  11. Cool post again Ajith, Man I missed so much piece of action from this blog due to my exams, atlast I am Back 🙂 keep up the good work ajith

    Nicholas Francis’s last blog post… Best wordpress design award

  12. Looks like I will score a zero on these points 🙁 Though I have never heard my users cribbing about it, yet. I shall try to follow some of these points from now on.

    binaryday’s last blog post… Remove stop words from your title to rank better

  13. Your blog fits in almost all above constraints… now its the time to work for me 🙂

    Chetan’s last blog post… Microsoft released Final version of Internet Explorer 8 – update your Browser.

  14. Richael Neet :

    Very true, Kurt Avish. Its up to the owner of the blog to implement his/her own rules and regulation…but for the sake of humanity, the reply could be like “Sorry to set such rigid rules but I have to implement them to prevent spam” rather than a blunt “I don’t care”.

    Well guess what, I don’t care to visit that blog again…hehe 😀

  15. I guess #4 and #8 are most important things to keep in mind. I am having a hard time with JS-Kit comments. Once I sort that out I’ll try and integrate smilies in the blog.

    Jhangora’s last blog post… Tata Nano To Launch On 23rd March 2009

  16. Covered all the important point Ajith. Great post. There are lots of blogs in this world but only few among them hold all the above characteristics.

  17. Hi Ajith Bhaiya i want to know some good affiliate marketing website .. as you have told me about pepperjam network but they rejected me …… i want to know some good affiliate marketing websites.

    sunil’s last blog post… SAI appearing as a Snake

  18. Good Points, i like the last one ” lot of smilies ” 🙂

  19. I need to make a huge improvement in #6 — Interactive.

    I couldn’t agree more with #10 – 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ramesh Natarajan’s last blog post… Get a Grip on the Grep! – 15 Practical Grep Command Examples

  20. Simon | Teenius :

    I highly agree with the Interaction point. Making a community is one of the most vital parts of any blog, and if you can do this then you’re sure to get loads of comments, RSS readers and just generally quality visitors.

    Regarding the smiley point, I’m not so sure. I think they’re good to some extent, but if they’re overused they look spammy 😉

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