Comment Kahuna – comment away to glory!

Whether you are a professional blogger or a novice, your ultimate aim is to get more active readers (a small subset of visitors). And in most cases having more readers is a monetization matter rather than a question of pride. While active readers are mostly patrons, cross links or backlinks from other websites can fetch you a lot of accidental visitors as well. More than that, backlinks are actually backbones of any site’s popularity and credibility – and hence one of the major criteria for search engines to rank that site.

Creating backlinks is not something that happens at the click of a button. But there are tools and software available that can help you create backlinks via commenting on other websites or blogsComment Kahuna is one such tool, I must mention that it is a FREE software!

How does Comment Kahuna work?

Creating comments cannot be fully automated. So what can Comment Kahuna do? It can search the web for thousands of blogs based on your criteria on keywords and minimum Google page rank. Once it displays the sites with good page ranks, you can click them one by one and add the comments. The higher the site’s page rank, the better it works for you in the long run to improve your own search ranks.

What it simplifies is the searching process of finding high rank sites, opening the page and commenting right there within the tool and in most cases defaulting values for comments (your name, email address, website etc) – so it’s like you are spending hardly 20 secs to create one comment err…one back link. Needless to say, it’s expected that you read something on that particular post before commenting on the same as the blogs where you comment are not junk or outdated blogs – Mostly the comments there are moderated.

It’s no rocket science, but a win-win for both your site as well as the site where you comment.

You may now download your free copy of Comment Kahuna here.


  1. Good stuff, Vidya & Ajith! Nice theme as well, especially the useful sidebars. I also liked your software comparator.

    Comment Kahuna sounds interesting but all too often, you see comments that look like blatant self-promotion. That might get you a few clicks but not loyal readership. As you said in another post, the long route would be to comment develop real relationships within your community or eco-system.

  2. Suchi,
    In fact, getting patrons for longterm is the real goal 🙂 but to be ‘visible’ in the eyes of Google like search engines one needs to have a lot of backlinks or inbound links – that’s how their search ranking algorithms work.

    Best Regards,

  3. Aah, didn’t think of it that way. Didn’t realise Google counted links from comments as inbound links…

  4. Hey!…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts about nnial 2007 – salvatore iaconesi – poetry comin..holy Monday .

  5. Wow!..This is cool man, i can promote my site using this comment kahuna. I will receive backlinks. I love it, i will try to use this software and it is free. Thanks Vidya & Ajith, good article, good job. Can i post this article in my blog? With your permission first.

  6. Well, you could paste an excerpt from here and then link to this site. Pasting as it is on your blog is theft and IP violation man 😀


  7. Great man, I was searching for something like this, but I found it in your blog when I came to your blog for something else.

  8. I am having a poblem with Comment Kahuna I been using it but starting yesturday when I do a search for blogs with my keyword phrases the search progress box comes up like its doing a search but after a couple seconds it just disappears and no search results. I have tried uninstalling reinstalling regeistering and dowloading and reinstalling I tried all that but this keeps on happening. I submited a support ticket to them but they have not got back to me as of yet can anyone help? Thanks

    • Tom, I haven’t used it for a while now. It sounds like a proxy setting or connection issue to me. Are you using it from home or work place where a firewall is set up? It may also help to check with your antivirus program for potentially blocking it in the allowed list of apps.


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