Comment Policy

Though I believe in promoting as much topic relevant discussions as possible, those who intend to comment on DollarShower may please abide by the following comment policy before attempting to do so:

1. All comments are strictly moderated by the blogger himself. Your comment may be edited for spelling errors or for removing any competitor content.

2. As a commenter, you may not post any obscene, unlawful and defamatory content that may hurt the feelings of fellow readers or any particular community.

3. You are not supposed to republish copyright protected material or something that violates the intellectual property, trademarks etc as part of your comment.

4. You may respect the opinions of fellow commenters even while disagreeing with their views and absolutely no personal attacks will be entertained.

5. Comments should be relevant to the topic and any out of context comments will be deleted.

6. Short comments such as ‘great post’, ‘thanks a lot’ etc will not be entertained.

7. Just in case a submitted topic-relevant comment does not appear a day after publishing it, you may contact me and inform about the same. However, I do clear the spam folder every other day or so and hence there is no guarantee of getting those comments back.

8. Keywords in the ‘Name’ field is allowed as long as it also contains some kind of information related to the identity – either actual name or blog name – so that I can recognize the commenter.

9. This site used to be a DoFollow blog in the comments area but not any longer due to increased spam. Just in case, I decide to switch back to no ‘nofollow’ status in the future, at least 5 approved comments on this blog would be a minimum criteria for taking out the ‘nofollow’ for a particular commenter.

10. Links in the comment body will be disallowed in most cases. However, highly relevant references may be allowed on a case to case basis.

11. At any point of time, I may decide to delete your existing comments or disallow further comments on selected posts.

12. I keep getting a lot of requests to remove certain comments following Google algorithm updates that might have affected certain commenters. However, I do not entertain any backlink removal requests as comments posted on this website is integral part of our content. Also, as long as we do not know how our pages may be affected due to such link removals.

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– Ajith Prasad Edassery