Contact Commenters WordPress Plugin Released!

Okay! Enough is enough! Here is my first WP plugin – the Contact Commenters WordPress Plugin – which has been just approved by WordPress extend team and available for download now. I have been exploring the WordPress platform and its extensibility aspects lately and this little baby is the first visible outcome of my experiments.

How can Contact Commenters plugin help you?

Well, it is a very small plugin that provides you a simple interface from your WordPress Admin Panel Manage tab through which you can:

  • Search and filter for your top commenters, new commenters, those who have been inactive for the past few days, commenters of a particular post, commenters during a date range etc
  • Send personalized emails (no auto responders) to selected commenters either in BCC mode or as individual mails
  • Send quick mails to your contacts not just commenters (e.g. send greetings, inform them about your new services, blog contests etc)
  • Reminds you of your last 10 commenters’ blog URLs, which probably you should be visiting and commenting as well

Installation and Usage

The plugin is so easy to install. Just like any other WordPress plugin, you may Download Contact Commenters, copy the contents of the zip file into your WordPress plugin directory and activate the plugin from your Admin panel. No painful settings to be done, no changes done to your WordPress DB and most importantly absolutely no performance issues on your host or your blog. It uses minimal resources only while sending the mails.

As I mentioned earlier, you can access the plugin features via the Manage tab and this is how the screens look like.

Contact Commenters Plugin - Screen 1
Contact Commenters Plugin – Screen 1

Contact Commenters Plugin - Screen 2
Contact Commenters Plugin – Screen 2

(The third step actually send the emails)


I would like to thank Kim for helping me with the beta testing of this plugin. I also appreciate Chetan’s twitter help on how to upload the plugin to the SVN repository.

Feedback & Support

I request all of you to provide your valuable feedback on my first plugin. You may also log your support requests here which will be taken up as time permits.

Please bookmark this post if you find it interesting! Any members may take a moment to rate the plugin as well!

Update on 01-June-2009

  • On WordPress 2.7 and above, the plugin features can be accessed via the Tools tab on the Admin panel (instead of the Manage tab in older releases)
  • A bug related to the input box heights (being too short) has been fixed without changing the release version. Please download the latest plugin zip file

Update on 14-October-2009

  • Tested for WordPress 2.8.2
  • A bug related to slashes appearing in mail content has been fixed. Please download the latest plugin zip file
  • Another bug of sending multiple mails in certain situations – if the commenter used multiple names but same email ID to comment – has been fixed as well

Update on 29-April-2010

Update on 08-October-2010

  • Message text length issue fixed. There was a bug whereby the message text length was restricted to 100 characters reported in newer versions of WordPress


  1. Julie :

    does not work for me at all :( i’m on 2.9.2, it installs fine, i fill everything out, but it wont send emails at all.

    just says, “Your email message was sent to 0 commenter(s).”

    this is for various selections, and even the option of entering your own “quick email” of up to 5.

    any ideas?

    i’m able to send emails otherwise.

    • @Julie, are your other mail enabled plugins (subscribe to comments etc) working fine? Usually, there will not be any issue at all with this Plugin below WP 3.0

    • Is your email set up properly in your WordPress installation? (I know, it’s one of those “Is your PC plugged into the wall” type questions, but I have to ask. I recently had to reinstall everything, and mine’s NOT, and I would have thought it would be – it’s just not something I thought to go back and check, you know?)

      • Julie :

        Yes, I think the email is fine – it works with other plugins, actually even with Contact Commenter, which is another similar plugin. I have smtp enabled (if that changes anything?).

        Unless you are referring to specific settings needed by this plugin? Let me know which ones, I’d be glad to check those specifically. I really like this plugin, and especially love the feature that gives you a list of all your commenters’ blogs. I’d be thrilled to be able to get this working. Thanks.

  2. Julie :

    Thanks for the quick reply, Ajith! Yes, all other mail plugins are just fine. And I have smtp enabled (if that changes anything?). Have you ever had this happen before? I’m not even sure where to start, any suggestions?

  3. Richard :

    This should be simple, I tried to highlight and copy/paste all the email IDs in the second stage window and paste them into a plain text file, as a list. It just does not work! Every thing gets pasted except that all important list of the commenters I’ve emailed.

    Creating this list is important… any advice how to do this please??

  4. Richard :

    Another thought … some basic HTML formatting would be really nice and the abiulity to add an image to the mail content.

  5. This is very useful plugin as It will make it very easy for me to contact the regular readers of my blog and I hope it will open up many JV opportunities.

  6. johno :

    Hi thanks for the easy to use plug in.

    I have just used it to send a newsletter to 2500 subscribers.
    The system took about 5 mins to complete.

    What confirmation dop i have that the emails have actually gone?

    Many thanks.

  7. johno :

    I have just answered my own question,
    I sent one e mail to myself and the system HAS NOT worked. Any ideas?

  8. Great plugin, worked perfectly, but it misses an opt out feature…
    I mean, when the user click in the opt out link in the message he will never be added to the contact list inside the plugin again.

  9. mourad :

    Great plugin, worked perfectly, but it misses an opt out feature…
    I mean, when the user click in the opt out link in the message he will never be added to the contact list inside the plugin again

  10. I tried to send an e mail to 500 people using the plugin.

    I got “Error while sending email(s). Please make sure that your server is set up to handle PHP mails”

    I am on Blue Host. What should I do?

    • @Yoram, check if your normal WordPress notifications (like when someone posts a comment and if held for moderation) are coming through. If so, this plugin should work as well.

      Usually on most shared hosting, you don’t need to do anything to setup your PHP mail. Just in case it doesn’t still work, try setting up your PHP.ini file from cPanel. There’s something like quickconfig or so… If you don’t know how to do it, please contact the support. Before that, make sure that the from address entered in contact commenters forms is valid.

  11. Noticing a bug with this plugin shortly after upgrading to WP 3.1.2.

    The message text box won’t let me write more than 100 characters. It hangs at 100.


    • @Ari,
      This was reported in October last year by a couple of people and was fixed. You can download the new sources from the download link in the post.

      I haven’t changed the plugin version yet and hence no upgrade option from your WP Admin panel.

  12. ferry :

    Hi I am not able to input text anymore with the latest wordpress update
    please help I love the plug in

    • Ferry, could you tell me where exactly it’s broken? Like which edit fields/selection fields having issues?

      (I am on a short vacation and will have to look into the issue a little later – may be next week. First I need to myself move to WP 3.4.2 to test)

      • Ferry :

        Hi Ajith
        Sorry was abroad also
        I can not put text in the text field, I can delete but not input text or paste text
        everything else seem to work

        • Ferry,
          I just upgraded to 3.4.2 on one of my blogs and tested the plugin. It worked perfectly on Firefox and IE. I am not sure what’s causing the problem for you…

        • ferry :

          Hi Ajith
          Thank for your reply
          I re-installed the plug in (after removing it completely) and now it works great as it always did, do not know what caused the problem, probably installing the a new wp version…
          Thank you I love the plug in


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