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Blogging is not only a great hobby but also an opportunity for making money online via advertisement, affiliate product marketing etc. WordPress is the World’s leading Blogging Platform and HostGator, undoubtedly, is the Best Shared Hosting Service to run your Blog. A few ‘non-technical’ wannabe bloggers had emailed me on how to quickly create a blog and hence I thought of putting this tutorial together (Originally, I wanted to write an eBook on How to make your blog on HostGator but lack of time limits me to this post which is not a bad idea either)

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THREE Steps to Make Your Blog on HostGator

Creating a blog is no rocket science and even a non-techie can get started with your blogging on Hostgator today if you wish to do so. Here are the screen by screen instructions to become a Proud Blog owner today!

STEP 1: Register Your Domain Name

The very first step in creating your blog is to pick its identity or the Domain name. For example, if your name is Amy and you want to start a blog on Food, recipes and cooking, the following domain names may work for you.

Note: A .COM domain name is better than .NET or .ORG for anything else. Also, avoid names with dashes in them. E.g. is not recommended for search engine visibility reasons. If you are interested, you may read articles on Search Engine Optimization on this site

Please note that, you always have the option to Register your Domain name and Hosting Account separately with different vendors (e.g. for domain name registration and for hosting). Fortunately, HostGator provides an easy way to do both these steps together. I have all my domain names (blogs and generic websites) registered and hosted with HostGator under two accounts – one VPS account and another shared hosting account.

You can move to STEP 2 (Next page) now after picking the domain name for your blog or to do both the steps (domain registration + hosting) together.

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