Create Your WordPress BLOG on HostGator under 15 Minutes

STEP 2: Choosing HostGator Hosting & Domain Name Together

Let us see how to register a domain name and a hosting account together via HostGator (Yes, HostGator just simplified the life for you and got rid of STEP 1).

First CLICK HERE to Visit HostGator Shared Hosting Portal.

You will now see the following screen in a new browser window.

hostgator shared hosting

Click the relevant ORDER NOW button to proceed to the next screen.

Note: Hatchling Plan is ideal for beginners who want to create only one domain name and blog under your HostGator account. Please read below to see How YOU CAN EXPERIMENT WITH HOSTGATOR ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR A MONTH!

In the next screen, enter the domain name that you decided from STEP 1 without the .COM extension.

hostgagor - choose domain name

If the domain name of your choice is available for registration, you will see a confirmation immediately. Otherwise, choose a different domain name and scroll to the next section in the same screen as given below.

hostgator billing options

In the above screen you have to choose your billing cycle , a Username and PIN number to manage your account, and payment information. Please note that if you choose a longer term (i.e. 3 years) you get the best deal but increase your upfront investment. If you are in doubt, choose 6 months or 1 year cycle.

Moving on to the next section on the same screen…

hostgator addon options

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to uncheck all the options in the next section (as shown above). Otherwise, you will end up being over-billed. Basic hosting is very cheap but not with all their Hosting addons . We don’t really need these addons.

Moving on…

Here is where we offer you HUGE discounts in terms of the HostGator Coupon from us. You may enter our Max Discount Coupon code DOLLARSHOWER25 and ‘Validate’ the same immediately to get an INSTANT 25% off on your bill. Please remember to change the default low value coupon (e.g. SPRING, SNAPPY etc) to our coupon to reflect the Best possible Discount.

Note: HostGator provides you the opportunity to experiment with their Blog Hosting services for JUST 1 CENT for the First month. Use the Coupon Code WORDPRESS and billing cycle as 1 Month in the above screen(s) to effect the First month free option

dollarshower hostgator coupon

Once you have applied the coupon and agreed to terms and conditions, you may click the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button to complete your HostGator hosting account creation process.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a domain name and premium affordable hosting space to build your blog. You would have also received a Welcome mail from HostGator in your Email box.

You haven’t created the blog yet and that’s what STEP 3 on next page is all about.

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