Create Your WordPress BLOG on HostGator under 15 Minutes

STEP 3: Install your Blog i.e. Install WordPress on HostGator

Now that you have a domain name and web space to host your blog, it is time to setup your blog based on the WordPress platform. By the way, HostGator support team can help you with installing your blog for FREE if you don’t want to do it yourself. But then, doing it yourself is more thrilling, right? After all, it’s not that difficult either!

To log into your HostGator account, please refer to the Welcome mail from the HostGator team.

Note: If you don’t find one, check your spam folder. If you still don’t find one, contact the support team via Email, Chat or Phone call

Login to the cPanel using the information in your Welcome email

hostgator cpanel login

You will be seeing the following screen now which is the HostGator cPanel or control panel home. You can do anything about your domain name and website from this cPanel. For example, adding email addresses for your domain (e.g., uploading/downloading files, installing applications such as WordPress etc.

hostgator cpanel home

IMPORTANT: At this point, if you have taken a multiple domain hosting package (i.e. anything other than Hatchling package), you may have to add an Addon Domain to your account using the following section in the cPanel. You can skip this step as is your only domain.

Coming back to installing WordPress… On your cPanel, scroll down to a section by name ‘Software/Services’ and CLICK the ‘QuickInstall’ icon as shown in the picture below.

hostgator - software services

In the QuickInstall screen, click on ‘WordPress‘ from the Left navigation bar.

quickinstall wordpress on hostgator

Further, Click on the ‘Continue‘ button on the screen.

hostgator quickinstall wordpress continue

In the next screen, Fill in all details such as your preferred Email Address to receive WordPress alerts, WordPress Admin Name (that you want to login to your blog admin area with) and other details and Click the ‘Install Now’ button (refer to the picture below).

quickinstall of wordpress from HostGator cpanel

For a few seconds, your installation progress will be shown and at the end of it the following message is shown indicating the Successful installation of your First blog on HostGator! You will also receive an Email (at the address provided during installation) providing the details of Your New WordPress Installation.

hostgator quickinstall wordpress completed screen

So far so good! There’s ONE LAST THING that you have to do now to access and your blog administration area and the following section completes that part.

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