Create Your WordPress BLOG on HostGator under 15 Minutes

LAST STEP: Updating Domain Name Servers (DNS)

This may sound complicated but it’s ridiculously SIMPLE to do.

DNS Server Names are two IP addresses that has been provided to you in your HostGator Welcome Mail. They are called Primary DNS and Secondary DNS addresses. They would be something like the following (usually two sequenced server numbers)

You have to enter these two addresses (i.e. the one in your Welcome Email) in your domain records to make sure that when someone types in in their browser window, they are taken to your blog that you just installed on your HostGator account space.

Here’s how you can update DNS entries for your new domain. (Please note that, if you don’t want to do this yourself, the HostGator support will do it for you for free if you contact them)

Go back to your cPanel using the ‘Back to cPanel‘ Option on your last screen (QuickInstall screen) or login to cPanel afresh.

Scroll down to the ‘HostGator Links‘ section and click on the ‘Domain Management‘ icon.

hostgator cpanel domain management section

In the new browser window resulted, click on the ‘Manage Domains’ link and log in using your HostGator account email address and password (as mentioned in the Welcome Email during signup)

hostgator domain management

All domain names that you own are listed in the screen after login. Click on ‘’ and the domain details are shown on a in-page popup.

Click on the ‘Name Servers’ option on the left and you will be shown the following screen.

hostgator changing dns entries

By default, there will be and mentioned there. Replace these entries with the Primary and Secondary DNS servers allocated to you and click on the ‘Save Name Servers’ button.

That is all! That took roughly 10 minutes OWN your First Blog (i.e. WordPress on HostGator) !

Please allow a few hours before a process called ‘DNS replication’ takes place and once that’s done, you will be able to manage and access your blog!

A few Tips on WordPress Blogging

WordPress is a blogging platform that is so easy to manage. Writing blog content as new posts or pages is done via the respective sections (Posts, Pages) in your WordPress admin area ( in your case). You can change the appearance of your blog using the ‘Appearance’ section where you can upload new colorful themes. You can also customize your blog by dragging and dropping new widgets or enhance the features of the blog using plugins. Now that you have installed your blog (, you may experiment creating posts and other static pages etc and see you blog content building.

So your, WordPress blog on HostGator is now live with the default theme as shown below! If you have any queries on the above steps, please feel free to contact me via the contact form on this website, should you have any problem.

amysfoodblog - sample blog preview

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