Describe your blog in ONE word here!

Today I have been relatively free as I did not have too many comments to moderate or reply. The main reason for the lower number of comments has been the reduction in traffic for the past two days. I reckoned that the long festive weekend in India was causing the problem, as around 50% of my readers are from India (And the Google Analytics data proved my theory right!)

One word commentSince I was in no mood to write a new long post, I thought of putting up this little opinion post. There’s only one rule! You have to describe your blog in exactly one word and post that one word as a comment here. I plan to give link love or back links to top 10 interesting single word comments!

If you have multiple blogs, you may create separate comments for each blog. While doing so, please make sure that the URL used to comment is that of the blog being described.

The one word can be a noun, verb or a name of something or somebody! But keep it clean πŸ˜† and be innovative with your single words! As for Dollar$, I would like to use my single word as ‘monetize’. By the way, you could also post a detailed comment on what you think about others’ blog and the one word comment to describe them.

I will leave this open for the next two days and follow-up on this by Tuesday. Shoot your single words until then!

Have a great day!


  1. Finally My turn to explain “Fitiyal” commonly used Central Indian Cities (Mostly Nagpur, MH and Chindwada, MP and nearby area). This Word is derived from Hindi or Punjabi Not sure, Common meaning generally used is

    fitiyal’s are those peoples those who can do many things very well but never ever touch those task. They are master in there jobs. but they are lazy, They do best things, which is none of their use.

    I think I am a Fitiyal !!

    Abhishek’s last blog post…Happy Diwali !!

  2. creative!!

    meghna’s last blog post…What A Unique Way To Honor Students!

  3. @meghana, ‘creative’ is a very good description πŸ™‚ If you want an Indian touch, let me call it ‘bharati‘ – even your theme is emphasizes that with a saffron coloured flower in the banner in white, green tinge all over… I liked the way you write as well!

  4. adventuresome

    Suzanne’s last blog post…fiddling with the comments, yet again

  5. That’s a nice ‘word’ Suzanne – suits a thrilling life – both on and off the blogosphere πŸ™‚

  6. green

  7. Green = Envy, does that mean that your blog makes others green with envy? πŸ˜‰

  8. The most accurate one word description of my blog would be….. “blog”.

    However, that might be the least informative as well. Therefore, I choose the word….. “words”. Not only is it comprised of words, but I have a great deal of fun with the words I use.

    So there you go….. WORDS!

  9. simplelife


  1. […] this week I had requested my blogger readers to come up with catchy single words that describe their blogs. I got some very good response to this little opinion post and some answers were really intriguing, […]

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