DoFollow Blogs List – (soft) launch

In the past two years or so, I have been accumulating a list of dofollow blogs mainly with the link building interest in mind. However, due to pressure from my regular job and also from blogging, I wasn’t getting enough time to update this document on a regular basis nor use it effectively for commenting. Hence I thought of moving this list to a database based web application and the result is my new little project – The DoFollow Blogs List.

dofollow blogsIn a nutshell this Do Follow list is a directory of blogs that follow. However, in the long term, I want to make it slightly different and more appealing.

DoFollow Blogs List – Features

At the moment this new blog directory has the following features:

  • 200 dofollow blogs out of the existing 1800 (in the database) have been made public
  • Users can browse the listed blogs via categories or custom search
  • With the short listed blogs, one can enter ‘Comment mode’ whereby blogs can be browsed one by one within a frame
  • Users can submit their dofollow blogs, request to de-list existing entries, report NoFollow or PR mismatch etc.

The blog entries come via submissions, manual entries and a Google crawling process that I am building right now.

Future enhancements

In the mid term future, I want to completely automate the process of sourcing, updating (PR / NoFollow detection) etc. Also, more and more blogs will be added in bulk under various categories and filters (e.g. Users can search only for a particular type – e.g. blogger, Drupal, WordPress etc – of dofollow blog). To detect the PR change, I am trying to setup a cron job but the problem is that periodic pinging of Google APIs can attract a ban.

Another aspect to be improved is the design of the website. I am a pathetic web designer though reasonably good at programming. If you have any suggestion to improve the look and feel, please let me know.

Need your help

Though it’s not a priority project for me, I still need inputs on how this site can be made useful for people. So, please provide your feedback. You may also go ahead submit DoFollow blogs that you know. No issues with duplicates, the system will be automatically filtering out the duplicates and invalid entries.

I hope to make it a directory of 2000 do follow blogs in another three months!


  1. Great tool.

    I’ve just used it and it’s very handy for searching for do follow blogs.

    Keep it up.

  2. I liked the total concept. Some good programming behind it.

    I can completely agree to “I am a pathetic web designer”, just kidding 😀

    The design makes the site look spammy. And on the first look the sites look more like Adsense Ads, Site looks like an Adsense asbetos.

    Here are some good color combos that might appeal you, –

    Dont ask me to pick one, am like you too, ask Adi 😛

  3. Great start and a great IDEA.

    Hope it changes your life.

    I will check it and give suggestions if i have any.

  4. Thanks for creating the list.

    Will definitely come in handy for a lot of people.

  5. Thanks for this resource, looks pretty good. Not a huge fan of the green though!

    Perhaps provide language filter? I don’t really need to see the non-English ones for example.

  6. Congratulations on the launch Ajit. I agree with Arun that the site looked spammy when I went there. I came back to your posting to make sure I was at the right path. :o). I would probably would like to see different color combination there, more softer prbly.
    Had a question. How do you list the blogs there, how is the database updated? Do you do it or is it connected & filtered with some other tool in the background. I might be asking some silly questions, was just curious. Also what do I need to make my site available there.?

  7. I can see quite a lot of programming skills behind this project. Well done! But, with my limited knowledge and inputs from different SEO guys, I believe Google has unofficially done away with PR and doFollow/noFollow stuff. In that case, the whole project might turn futile. Good that it is not a high priority one from your side.

  8. Good luck in getting the full 200! 🙂

  9. @Gary, thanks for using the tool. A number of things to be done yet…

    @Arun, thanks for the detailed feedback. 😆 I know, even I didn’t like that green… I am changing it. Thanks for the color match link

    @Nihar, thanks… well, it’s not a life changing stuff nor a major innovation 🙂 However, if I have 1000+ entries there, it might attract a lot of traffic and hence has some ‘potential’

    @WP Themes, thanks for your feedback.

    @Wil, thanks for the suggestions… Let me see if Lang filter is possible. If the number of non-English blogs is less than 20 or 30 I might as well take them out. A number of other things to be done…

    @Sumee, thanks for checking it out. LOL spammy! I know, may be due to that stupid green.. As for the data management, I have a set of management scripts behind it – to crawl and check for dofollow blogs, to approve, filter out etc – also for basic, add/delete/modify. As for your blog (or even DollarShower), it’s not a do follow blog and hence won’t be listed there. I hope you know what’s a dofollow blog, if not I have explained it there on the site (

    @Raju, I think, dofollow still holds value – my recent link building efforts at least show that 🙂

    @Make Money UK, Thanks… in fact, it’s 2000!

    • holds value in what sense? higher PR or higher traffic?

      • PR doesn’t mean traffic and I guess only text-link-ads worry about toolbar PR these days. However the following facts still hold true.

        . Do follow links still leaks PR to target pages
        . PR (not necessarily toolbar PR alone) is one of the components to calculate relevance and ranking on SERPs
        . Better ranking on SERPs is more traffic

        And hence linking (with relevant anchor texts and context) with DoFollow links still matter. I did some paid SEO recently for one of my sites and they went with dofollow links. I guess, SEOs (I must say Google SEOs) still believe in this.

        However, there are cases when a natural search phrase within your content, description or title can get you on top of SERPs without having even a single backlinks. Similarly, if your domain name is a natural search phrase you can get traffic without backlinks (nofollow or dofollow)

  10. Sweet idea man; I got a few hundred high pr sites (pr3-7) plus a few gov / edu links…i’ll send you a couple later to add on…otherwise email me if I forget 😉

  11. It is nice to see finally one of your dream comes true.Definitely this will help many bloggers who are interested to build backlinks through commenting.Wish you all the best and looking forward firm launch.

  12. Thanks for sharing such a nice project with all of us, i was in search of do follow blogs for link building, and i am glad that i have landed to the right page.
    Does it includes PR’s also for those do follow blogs?

  13. gratitude for distribution such a pleasant mission with all of us, i was in look for of do follow blogs for link building, and i am happy that i have landed to the correct piece of paper.Does it comprise PR’s as well for persons do follow blogs?

  14. Hey ajith
    thanks a lot for such a useful resources as I started some new Project and for quick link building I need such resource. Kudos for such magnificent work.
    Hope you will take care of it, and will not let it die in future.

    • Thanks Harsh. I intend to keep it updated… but you know the challenges of keeping data manually updated and incremented 🙂 At the moment, I am approving 2 to 10 blog submissions per day.

  15. Here is dofollow blog with PR4 –
    You can post articles with your links

  16. this is a great launch…wish that this blog directory will grow rich

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