turns 3 today

It’s been three years since we launched DollarShowerHappy Birthday Baby!


On this day of 2008, we officially made this blog public having created some minimum content during the month before. We abruptly decided to launch it on April 14th because it’s an auspicious festive day (New Year for many Indian states).

When we started this venture, I did not have any confidence that I would push it this far, having experienced several starts and stops with respect to website and blog creation in the past. However, now I am happy that the blog is still alive though the post frequency has come down drastically. But then, since my main profession is not exactly blogging, I don’t have any complaints on that front.

How did things go so far?

As I just mentioned, my commitment on blogging front has reduced as I started focusing on other online opportunities such as Internet marketing that doesn’t take a lot of time from my side. However, overall the blogging and make money blogging topics related content creation is something that’s close to my heart and I plan to reserve some of my time for this blog as much as I can.

The summary for the past three years is as follows:

  • Close to 350 posts and 6000 comments – no guest posts so far
  • The blog runs on a self developed theme and a couple of my own plugins
  • Released a WordPress plugin for public use
  • Conducted an awesome SEO competition the details of which can be found here
  • The blog generates 4-figure income per month on a consistent basis. This includes income from my online campaigns wherever lead separation is not possible
  • The traffic is not great yet but again, I couldn’t ask for more for the 4-5 hrs per week work that I am putting in here, I guess.

Some of the failures or improvement areas include:

– My inability to focus on social media marketing, in general, marketing has been bad anyhow.
– Not redesigning the blog professionally
– Not committing enough time (e.g. a post per day) so as to drive a lot of traffic and hence boost in income
– Not being able to network with a lot of like-minded people. For that matter, many times I had conflicts with the way, new generation bloggers think and act.

Regardless, it has been an amazing journey. A lot of learnings and now I know exactly what it takes to make the next project really big.

Happy Birthday once again and happy blogging!


  1. Hey congrats mate! 3 years of blogging is surely a marvelous thing! Best wishes. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Happy BirthDay DollarShower.
    I am a fan of this blog from past one year. Being frank, once I found your blog listed somewhere & the only thing I visited your blog that time was because your domain name impressed me a lot. It appeared to be the coolest among the list. After then, I am a constant user of your MMO blog.
    Keep up the good work !!

  3. Whew! Another milestone 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Dollar Shower! I know how much effort it takes to run a blog like this, so I hope to leave another message like this in another three years. 🙂

  5. many many happy returns of the day. best wishes ajith to ds.

  6. Ajith, Congratulations for turning 3 years !

    Hope it grows more and your earnings go up….

  7. happy birthday dollershower !
    you guyz r doing gr8…
    work keep rocking…….

  8. Congrats, I’m an RSS subscriber for a year now, thank you for all those great posts!

  9. Way to go, Ajith. I hadn’t realized we started our blogs this close to each other. Don’t beat yourself up on the “failures”; there’s only so much time to get to it all.

  10. Thank you all for your good wishes. It’s been really good to write for people like you whom I know for a while and that keeps me going 🙂

  11. Congrats Ajith for completing three years. My blog is just a few days old and i wish my blog will also complete huge milestones like this.

  12. Hey Congratz Ajith, Keep Up the Good Work!
    Wish you more success in future.

  13. Congratulations Ajith. Do continue writing excellent articles. All the best!

  14. Congrats dude, you have done a great job in just 3 years. I have a lot of things to do now to reach your success 🙂

  15. Ajit – This is a great accomplishment, and i wish DS has many more years to come. You are an inspiration to all your readers, keep up the great work.

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