DollarShower is a DoFollow blog

Finally, I decided to make this a DoFollow blog. Well, this is nothing to do with lack of comments or anything like that. As a matter of fact, I already receive a reasonable number of valuable and relevant comments per post. Being somebody who hates to moderate comments I am fine with the current situation.

However, by taking this step, I thought I may benefit from it in more than one ways. First of all, the traffic to the blog may slightly improve and more important the reach (number of page views per visit). Secondly, it is a good way to connect to other blogs in the same niche which I believe may widen the network neighborhood and hence help with the SEO aspects.

Benefits for you as a commenter

The SEO benefit mentioned above is just not for me but more for the commenters. By getting a direct dofollow link to your homepage directly from an inner page here, you are at the better side.

Further, though not in 100s of hits, you may receive some referral visitors from this blog as well. Overall it is a win-win.

I had this image of being less-friendly in the blogosphere mainly due to my bold speeches in the social media and hence I would love to attract more friendly discussions on the blog than outside of it. Hopefully, I can get more friendly.

New comment policy

We have a new comment policy now. Before trying to comment here, you may please go through it once so that there’s no misunderstanding – just in case your comment get deleted in the moderation process.

Basically, I would give weightage to relevancy to the topic, same or similar niche, comment quality etc before deciding to approve a comment. Well, I have been doing this for a while now but, henceforth, it’s going to be a bit stricter.

Over to you…

Though there are a lot of people who now argue that dofollow commenting do not have any benefits, I personally believe and see that dofollow blogs are still attracting a lot of interest.

What is your take on allowing dofollow commenting? Do you think it will be mutually beneficial for SEO and traffic? Do you think the commentluv will add further value to it (though for now I am not thinking of deep linking from comments section)?

Happy commenting!


  1. Not sure how much of a value add it will be with SEO, but I am sure it will drain out your time for moderation 😉 Yours is already a popular blog and now you have opened the flood gates 😉
    On a serious note, I would love to see your review/update a month from now!

  2. Love to be the first one to slurp this juice, Good move, was about to do the same with my blog, its good that i could see the test results here and then would make the decision, share the experience with us after one month.

  3. Regarding “image of being less-friendly in the blogosphere”.

    I’m not sure who is saying those. But, you’ve always been extremely friendly to me 🙂

    Good luck on your do-follow stuff. I hope you get good traffic because of this.

  4. It never occurred to me this wasn’t a dofollow blog. Glad to have you as part of the community now. lol

  5. Hi Ajith. You have a lot of loyal commentators, so making this blog no-follow or do-follow may not have a remarkable change as far as “valuable comments” are concerned. But yeah, spammers would have a field day 🙂

  6. HBB is also a dollow blog! 😀

    I didn’t care about the SEO, PR problem and blah blah when I converted my blog into do follow.

    Do they really affect PR and stuffs!? I didn’t care for them till now! 😀

    There is a plugin called Conditional CAPTCHA that shows captcha code for spammers.. need to try that. 🙂

  7. Whether a blog is dofollow or not has never really makde any difference to me. The crazy thing is I aint got a clue as to what mine is…I better go find out and if it aint dofollow it will be soon!

    And CAPTCHA is something I will look into…

  8. Well I’m still on the bandwagon that dofollow links are useless. I mean it doesn’t really make any difference and if someone abuses it, he would even get penalized.

  9. That’s a bold move Ajith. I would be interested to know if, say in a couple of months time, you’ve received a higher percentage of spammy comments than previously. I’ve always thought do-follow blogs would be more likely to receive them than no-follow ones.

    As for your image of being less friendly… seriously? Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I couldn’t say that’s been my experience at all.

  10. i also didnt know that this blog was no follow before now. i really dont know if do follow links are useless, but i know that it attracts more visitors to websites.

    Been trying to make my blogger blog do follow and its giving me lots of headache. googluck dollarshower. please keep us updated on how well it affected your traffic.


  11. Best of luck man but here’s my advice coming from my lil’ experience as a dofollow blogger. The amount of spam that’s about to hit you will be monumental. I suggest you set links to go dofollow only after a certain amount of comments that way you can weed out folks who ain’t the least interested in your blog and what you have to say.

    Welcome to the dofollow movement 😉

  12. @Raju, I know… it’s going to open flood gates. The only advantage I see is more comments per post and one more page view per visit 🙂 Good for ranks mainly…

    @Shanker, Will definitely update you in a month or two. I just want to see if there’s any spike in traffic at all before giving an update.

    @Ramesh, at a ‘mature’ level I am friendly for sure.. But the young blogosphere expect a lot on the social media, reciprocation at various levels etc. which I am not able to cope with lol

    @Mitch, I know you have been one. We are all there now 🙂

    @Nick, welcome back buddy. I know, it’s going to be a bit tough to moderate. I hope Akismet can do a good job and as for the quality of comments, the comment policy states it all 🙂

    @Pradeep, it’s not going to affect the homepage PR I think. And I shall try out the captcha thingie.

    @William, the whole idea behind the experiment is also to see if it makes any difference at this level.

    @Melvin, I hope I do not get penalized by the big daddy.

    @Chris, I do expect some spam but I hope people read the posts and make some relevant comments – even if getting the PR juice is their main agenda. If the spam gets too much, I need to do some kind of refinement with the policy (e.g. after 5 comments do follow etc). Thank you for your compliments 🙂

    @Jobs Nigeria, thank you for your comment. Let’s see if this move makes any sense at all.

    @Udegbunam, thank you… Let’s do follow 🙂 Spam hmm.. yes…

  13. Permit me to recommend Jennifer R’s Link Love Dofollow plug-in which allows you to set the amount of comments needed to go dofollow. It applies dofollow based on the email address of the commentator and it also allows you to blacklist some emails which you’d rather not dofollow.

  14. I think one of the best things I did was make my blogs do-follow, it might attract the spammers but it definitely attracts the honest commentators.

  15. If you can use some plugin that allows your link to be used with the keyword , it would be beneficial for us, as nobody wants to rank for their name , and we are not lucky enough to have keywords in our name ….:P

  16. ok , that is some thing like this name @ keyword …

    that is just fine . I think google will just look for the keyword on the whole text link …

    Thanks …

  17. Ajith, Good that your blog is also now dofollow blog.

    I wish that this gives a boost in your traffic curve 🙂

  18. In my browser say this page it is nofollow


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