DollarShower moved to HostGator!

I just completed moving my domains (including this blog) to HostGator. This move was imminent because my old hosting provider’s monthly rates were exorbitant for renewals while their server downtime and performance was not up to the mark.

The move was a bit time consuming mainly because of the sporadic bandwidth changes with my ISP (Airtel), the WordPress upgrade I had to do and also the need to update several scripts (other than the blog platform). Things are still not 100% fine but I should take a moment to appreciate the amazing customer support (mainly on chat) provided by the HostGator support staff.

Apologies for the interruption

The site has been performing pathetically slow during the nameserver changes and unfortunately I have lost some (very less though) data as well. If you have sent me any mail in the last two days via the contact form or otherwise chances are that has disappeared into thin air. I forgot to POP download some mails πŸ™ before nameserver changes. The mail data is still available on the old host folders in a format that I do not understand. Also, a couple of blog comments may have lost during this timeframe as well.

What’s next?

There are still a couple more pending tasks such as:

  • Need to get a fixed IP for DollarShower
  • Making changes to PHP mail settings to reflect proper communication addresses/names
  • A couple of plugins need to be upgraded and tested
  • Probably I need to install the super cache plugin for better blog performance
  • A couple of niche blogs that I am planning, need to be powered by HostGator now

I would like to thank Kim, Ramesh, Pavan and Arun for either supporting me with some tips via email/twitter or engaging in interesting discussions.

Are you moving to a new Hosting Service?

I received 20% off (on top of a referral) on my initial order by using the HostGator couponBEACH‘ (without quotes). This information is maintained on their site and the offer is valid till September 1st or so. Also, my 404 page reads that you can get started with your new blog for just one cent per day if you use the coupon code ‘404PAGE‘. Just give it a try!

I shall talk about tips on moving WordPress to a different hosting service in another post!

Happy Blogging!

PS: If you notice any major performance issues or broken links with this blog please do let me know.


  1. I somehow feel that the page loading time has decreased! Congrats for the move Ajith. Super cache plugin is a must I believe, atleast to handle sporadic traffic once in a while. what fixed IP you are talking about?

  2. Good luck buddy, happy hosting with hostgator. You did not say anything on which plan you are using and why it is recommended.

    • It’s only a Baby plan (7.95 per month) but I am trying to get a fixed IP as this will improve SEO aspects as many experts claim. I wanted to move to the business package but I thought next step would be a VPS hosting…may be once DollarShower grows πŸ™‚

  3. Chris Peterson :

    I think you have offered quite good suggestions for all of us, espcially newbies. Definitely some help for them & sorry for your loss………. Move on, man!

  4. Good to hear that now you are on Hostgator. My migration to Hostgator was smooth. As you rightly said their customer support over chat is their great asset.

  5. Super cool, HostGator is a better choice.

  6. Get the Super Cache plugin for sure. What a piece of code it is! Improves page load time noticeably.

  7. Hope things went off easily – you may want to document some tips on how to move hosts :-). I chickened out at the last minute from moving.

  8. Moving to Hostgator is a great move Ajith! I’ll be moving to Hostgator soon after my current hosting expire which is on October. I believe that most of you guys face the slow loading speed problem while visiting my blog, don’t you Ajith? πŸ™‚


  9. Gator has already established a good rep around the net and its a decision you’d never regret.. πŸ˜‰

  10. You’re not using Cache plugin till now? It is very helpful Ajith. You should be start using it immediately πŸ™‚

    And also if time permits, pls write a detailed post on your movement. I’m also planning to move, but its after couple of months.

  11. Congrats for the move Ajith. Even i feel that the loading time has decreased.

  12. Thank you all for your comments and support. I guess, moving to Host Gator has improved the overall performance of the blog. Next steps are about getting a permanent IP and installing the super cache plugin (though it has some issues to be sorted out wrt the OIO plugin)


  13. Moving is traumatic, but it seems that you’re dealing remarkably well with the whole situation. All the best with your new host and may your realtiuonship be long and mutually beneficial.

  14. I think your loading time reduced. before it was slow.

  15. Yes. Your blog loading time is changed dramatically now.
    I too love HostGator because of their perfect support system.

  16. Congrats on your move to HostGator. That is a good decision. I moved my blogs/sites to them about 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier.

    After having unsatisfactory hosting service from two other companies, I am finally satisfied with the uptime, speed and services HostGator provides.

    Recently I had undergone a hack attack and HostGator was extremely helpful in finding the location of the offending code. Their customer service team is second to none.

  17. @Jacques, @rahul, @BlogrPro, @Felicia, thanks for your comments.

    @Felicia, welcome to DollarShower and I am happy to hear about your good experience with hostgator in terms of sorting out the issues. Their technical staff is awesome.

  18. Congratulations for moving to the hostgator.

    HOpe now your site is faster than before.

  19. I am currently at Doreo. A bit expensive for the specs but I am quite satisfy with the service specially customer care till now. If they mess with me I’ll let you know lol. πŸ˜›

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