D$ Tools

Due to my Software background, I have a tendency to experiment with coding (and sometimes even ship them when my first goal is achieved without any styling or beautification).

The following are some of the tools developed by me in the context of the Make Money, SEO and Blogging topics.

1. D$ Comparator

Use this tool to compare side-by-side up to three money maker (ad networks, affiliate programs, Get-Paid-To programs etc) products at a time. We have captured the most relevant features of leading moneymakers and I hope to keep the list updated!

Try D$ Comparator.

2. Google Pagerank Checker

Well, I had developed this quite some time back for internal purpose but made it open to public use only now. This can be used to check the Google Pagerank of any webiste or internal page and it will also alert you on fake or masked page ranks.

Check out our PR Checker and provide any feedback.

(At the moment, there is no captcha feature added to this tool. As you know, Google can penalize sites for numerous PR queries in a short span or if the number of queries per day grow beyond permissible limits. I may introduce captcha, if that situation arise. Please note that Google™ Search Engine and PageRank™ algorithm are trademarks of Google Inc.)

3. Bulk PageRank Checker

If you have large number of page ranks to be checked in one go, please check out my fun project Bulk PageRank Checker

4. D$ Product Finder

Need help in picking an ad program or affiliate program/network based on its category, compensation method, rating, features etc?

Please click here to check out D$ ProdFinder!

I shall keep adding more ad networks and money makers to our database.

If you have any feedback on these tools, please use the contact page on this blog to submit the same.

4. WordPress Plugins

I have been working on a number of plugin projects off which some are live on this blog and my other websites. Most of these plugins are used for various affiliate marketing purposes and hence not so visible on my blogs in terms of their ‘visual’ functionality.

A plugin that is of production quality is the Contact Commenters plugin that I released a couple of years back and it still works like a charm.

Download the Contact Commenters plugin from the WordPress Plugins directory.